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周庄人民医院做流产多少钱昆山治疗前列腺增生大概要多少钱A of several renowned singers perming the same song, A-mei’s Listen to the Sea, appeared on Weibo’s hot post rankings soon after South Korean artist The One delivered his version on the stage at Hunan TV’s I’m a Singer on March 6.3月6日,韩国歌手郑淳元在湖南卫视《我是歌手的舞台上演唱了张惠的《听海随后,一段由多位著名歌手演绎这首歌的视频迅速登上微热门榜Eighteen years after its initial release, Listen to the Sea still touched listeners’ hearts. But the question is what’s the latest song you can think of that reaches the same heights as Listen to the Sea - both commercially and critically?虽然《听海是一首18年前就问世的老歌,但如今听来却依旧动人心弦让人不禁要问,最近又有哪首新歌在商业性与专业性上均可与之媲美?An undeniable fact is we are indeed lacking good songs.好歌匮乏是不争的事实Now we can thank Sing My Song offering music fans more choices to add to their playlists.因为有了《中国好歌曲这档原创音乐真人秀节目,音乐爱好者们的播放列表里又多了不少好歌Since Super Girl started the craze in , over different singing competitions have aired in the time since. Among them is The Voice of China, which aims to find the singer with the strongest vocal abilities. Both powerhouse singers and professionally-trained vocalists dominate the show. I’m a Singer provides a platm veterans to rediscover their passion music and challenge themselves. Super Girl and Super Boy are intended to locate showbiz’s next super idol. The winners don’t need to be the best singer but they must have a distinct personality. Even those indifferent toward this m of entertainment know Li Yunchun, the Super Girl champion, is a short-haired “tough girl”, though they may be unable to name a single one of her songs.继年《超级女声拉开全国歌唱选秀节目热潮之后,十余档歌唱比赛类节目陆续与观众见面其中,《中国好声音力图挖掘最强音,参赛选手多是音域宽广的大嗓门或是受过专业训练的歌手;《我是歌手则为资深歌手提供了重拾热情、挑战自我的舞台;而《超男《超女更多是在寻找演艺圈的超级偶像,获胜者不一定拥有最棒的唱功,但必须具备独特的人格魅力比如李宇春,即使对此类节目毫无兴趣的人也都知道这位年的《超女冠军是个短头发的“女汉子”,尽管他们也许说不出李宇春到底唱过哪首歌Sing My Song is unique because it’s the only singing talent show that requires every contestant to come up with their own original compositions rather than covering other artists’ songs. (Most competitors are both the lyricists and composers their songs, and some write music classic poems or essays.) The five superstar judges and producers (four in the first season) narrow down their search to finding the best songs and songwriters in China. In Sing My Song, the ability to be a strong composer outweighs singing ability.与其他歌手选秀类节目不同的是,《中国好歌曲要求选手不能翻唱,必须使用原创歌曲参赛(许多选手既是词作者又是曲作者,还有的选手选择为古诗文谱曲)台下的五名巨星级评委和制作人(第一季时是四名)都在耐心寻找中国最佳歌曲与词曲作家这时,相比唱功而言,优秀的作曲功底更为重要According to the Hollywood Reporter, the UK’s ITV has created a British version of Sing My Song, marking the first time a Chinese mat talent show has been exported abroad.据《好莱坞报道称,英国ITV独立电视台将制作英国版的《好歌曲,而这也是中国选秀节目模式首次“走出国门”However successful Sing My Song has proven itself to be, it still faces the same problem all singing talent shows share: most contestants, their starting point at the show is also their career’s peak. We have to hope that some of these rookies will be able to hold on to their stardom and add something new to Chinese music.《中国好歌曲的成功显而易见,但它依然需要解决所有歌唱选秀节目都有的问题:对大多数参赛选手而言,选秀节目本应是他们音乐生涯的起点,却成了他们事业的巅峰但愿这些新人能在星途上一直坚持下去,并为中国音乐注入新的活力 36678花桥镇人民中心医院宫颈糜烂多少钱 Last week Relativity Media, a Hollywood film studio, filed bankruptcy protection. But even bee its fall from grace, Chinese companies including Alibaba Pictures,Baidu,Dalian Wanda,Tencent and Huayi Brothers Media Corp had been eyeing the business closely.上周,好莱坞制片公司相对论传媒(Relativity Media)提交了破产保护申请但在好莱坞电影失去曾经的荣耀之前,包括阿里影业(Alibaba Pictures)、百度(Baidu)、大连万达(Dalian Wanda)、腾讯(Tencent)和华谊兄弟(Huayi Brothers Media Corp)在内的中国公司一直密切关注着这一行业A lot of Chinese money has aly found its way into Calinia. In the past year Chinese investors have put billions into Silicon Valley companies including Uber, Airbnb and LinkedIn.大笔中国资金已经设法进入了加州在过去一年里,中国投资者斥巨资与包括优步(Uber)、Airbnb和领英(LinkedIn)在内的硅谷公司展开合作But of late China Inc has become increasingly focused on the US film industry — in a bid to crack how to make Hollywood blockbusters with Chinese characteristics. This relationship has a natural complementarity. US studios have the know-how but are cash-strapped and risk averse, while the Chinese have abundant capital and an appetite risk, which lends itself to financing films.但最近,中国公司日益聚焦于美国电影行业,以期弄明白如何制作出具有中国特色的好莱坞大片这种关系有一种天然的互补性美国电影公司拥有专业技能,但资金紧张且厌恶风险,而中国公司资本充足,愿意冒险,这对电影融资来说最合适不过了Hunan Television and Broadcast, a government-controlled company, has aly put 5m into Lions Gate Entertainment, the studio behind the blockbuster action film series The Hunger Games.中国国有控股公司——湖南电广传媒(Hunan Television and Broadcast)已经斥资3.75亿美元,与曾制作发行系列动作大片《饥饿游戏(The Hunger Games)的狮门(Lions Gate Entertainment)开展合作Fosun, a privately held conglomerate, plans to spend up to m backing Studio 8, an independent studio founded by Jeff Robinov, mer head of Warner Brothers. And an arm of Citic, the Chinese state-owned group, has committed m to a venture run by Dick Cook, a mer Walt Disney executive.私人控股公司复星集团(Fosun)计划斥资至多亿美元投资于独立制片公司Studio 8,后者由华纳兄弟(Warner Brothers)前总裁杰夫圠宾诺夫(Jeff Robinov)创立中国国有集团公司中信集团(Citic)旗下子公司承诺拿出1.5亿美元投资于由华特迪士尼(Walt Disney)前高管迪克錠克(Dick Cook)运营的一家公司Certainly, the economic fundamentals make sense. China is aly the second-largest movie market after the US by value of tickets sold, and it is expected to become the largest by . If the country is to shift from a manufacturing-led, export-driven economy to one based on domestic demand and services, entertainment will become ever more important.当然,从经济基本面来说这也是合理的票房收入计算,中国现在已经是仅次于美国的全球第二大电影市场,并有望到年成为全球最大的电影市场如果中国经济从制造业占主导地位的出口驱动模式转向基于内需和务的模式,业将会变得前所未有的重要 non-Chinese companies seeking to profit from this growth market, local partnerships offer a way of keeping a greater share of revenues. Regulations restrict the number of entirely eign films that can be shown and the percentage of box revenues that eign studios may collect.对寻求从这种增长型市场获利的外资公司来说,与当地企业合作可以获得更大的收入份额中国监管机构对国内播放的外国电影数量以及外国电影公司获得的票房收入比例做出了限制It is these reasons that Chinese technology companies have been visiting Los Angeles in search of content, strategic investors and film distributors. A few months ago, Sequoia Capital China was part of a large contingent of Chinese entrepreneurs that spent days with executives at Fox,Sony Pictures Entertainment and STX Entertainment.正是出于这些原因,中国科技公司一直前往洛杉矶寻求内容、战略投资者和电影发行商几个月前,一个规模庞大的中国企业家代表团与福克斯(Fox)、索尼电影公司(Sony Pictures Entertainment)和STX(STX Entertainment)的高管进行了数天的接触,红杉中国(Sequoia Capital China)就在其中New companies are also looking at getting involved. Li Ruigang, mer president of Shanghai Media Group, is heading China Media Capital, a vehicle to invest in content on both sides of the Pacific. Some of the most successful technology entrepreneurs and investors in China want to take big stakes in CMC. In addition, some strategic players are considering partnering with online asset management firms in China to help crowdfund potential acquisitions.新公司也在考虑涉足其中上海文广新闻传媒集团(SMG)前总裁黎瑞刚执掌了华人文化产业投资基金(China Media Capital,简称CMC),后者是一家投资于太平洋两岸内容的机构中国一些最为成功的科技企业家和投资者希望大规模入股CMC此外,一些战略投资者正考虑与中国在线资产管理公司建立合作关系,以帮助众筹资金、执行潜在的收购Donald Tang, a mer Bear Stearns executive who shuttles between Los Angeles and Shanghai, has med a venture with backing from Tencent and others to capitalise on this trend. He has aly orchestrated two of the biggest marriages between Hollywood and China: he was deeply involved in Dalian Wanda’s $.6bn purchase of AMC, the US’s second-biggest cinema chain, and Huayi’s commitment to put hundreds of millions of dollars into STX (which also has money from China-based Hony Capital and the growth capital arm of TPG, the private equity firm).在腾讯和其他机构的持下,在洛杉矶和上海之间穿梭的贝尔斯登(Bear Stearns)前高管唐伟(Donald Tang)成立了一家合资企业以利用这种趋势在好莱坞与中国的最大规模的合作交易中,唐伟已经策划了其中两宗:他深度参与了大连万达斥资6亿美元收购美国第二大电影院线AMC,以及华谊兄弟承诺向STX投资数亿美元的交易,后者也获得了中国弘毅投资(Hony Capital)和私人股本公司TPG旗下增长资本部门的资金Of course, the Chinese are not the first to succumb to the lure of Hollywood. But whether they succeed will depend on their willingness to accept a reliance on intermediaries and co-investors, such as Mr Tang. “They have a lot of ambition but not a lot of knowledge,” says one mainlander familiar with the Chinese initiatives.当然,中国人并非是首批被好莱坞魅力征的投资者但他们能否成功,将取决于他们是否愿意依赖中介机构和唐伟等合作投资者一位熟悉中国举措的大陆人表示:“他们野心勃勃,但缺少深厚知识”Historically, Chinese companies have been reluctant to pay advice — or acknowledge their need it. Yet it is often not enough simply to pay the highest price. Sellers want certainty that a deal will be done, but all too often Chinese buyers fail, either because they cannot get approval or because they lack the financing. Still, one day it will probably be a Chinese dragon that roars out from American movie screens bee the opening titles roll.从历史上来看,中国公司一直不愿为咨询意见或者所需信息付费然而,仅仅付最高价通常还不够卖家当然希望达成协议,但中国买家一再失败,原因要么是无法获批,要么是它们缺少资金不过,总有一天,在片头字幕滚动之前,美国电影屏幕上很可能有一条中国龙呼啸而至 39昆山前列腺囊肿医院

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