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Property prices in China fell at a record pace in February, underscoring the slowdown in the world#39;s second largest economy.中国2月房价跌幅达到创纪录水平,突显这个全球第二大经济体增速放缓。Prices fell 5.7 per cent year-on-year last month, based on calculations by Reuters from official data published by China#39;s National Bureau of Statistics. In January, they had deflated at a pace of 5.1 per cent.根据路透社(Reuters)对中国国家统计局(NBS)公布的官方数据的计算,中国2月房价同比下跌5.7%。1月跌幅为5.1%。Prices have cooled in recent months as the economy slows. Over the weekend Chinese policymakers set out a new GDP growth target of ;around 7 per cent; this year, but Premier Li Keqiang admitted ;it will by no means be easy for us to reach this target.; Many mid-sized Chinese cities also suffer from a glut of supply.由于中国经济放缓,近月来房价一直在降温。上周末,中国政策制定者将今年的国内生产总值(GDP)增速目标确定为“7%左右”,但国务院总理李克强承认,“要实现目标并不容易”。中国很多中等城市还出现供应过剩问题。Prices fell in 69 of the 70 cities tracked. In Beijing they fell 3.6 per cent year-on-year, versus a 3.2 per cent in January. In Shanghai prices slipped 4.7 per cent, from 4.2 per cent in January.在国家统计局跟踪的70个大中城市中,有69个城市的房价2月同比下跌。北京房价同比下跌3.6%,1月跌幅为3.2%。上海房价同比下跌4.7%,1月跌幅为4.2%。 /201503/364987

New Music Festival Just Large Empty Field To Do Drugs In新形式音乐节——在空地上吸毒MOUNT STERLING, KY-Declaring the event a rousing success so far, organizers confirmed more than 45,000 people turned out Wednesday for the first annual Cavalcade Folk and Roots Festival, a four-day gathering that consists solely of a big empty field to do drugs in.来自肯塔基州的报道。此次音乐节目前已取得激动人心的成功。主办方确认4.5万人之多于周三参加了首届年度Cavalcade Folk and Roots音乐节,四天聚会,主要内容就是参加的人在一块大空地上吸毒。Held on a farm in the foothills of eastern Kentucky, the festival, which continues through Friday and features no live performances of any kind, reportedly offers ;something for every type of music lover,; specifically a fenced-off, 300-acre pasture in which to consume a broad array of mind-altering substances.该音乐节举办于肯塔基东部一丘陵脚下的农场上,周五还在进行中,其特点是没有任何的现场表演。据报道主办方会给各种喜爱音乐的人士提供一些东西,具体地说就是在这个无围栏,300英亩的草坪上消耗掉大量的能够迷乱心智的药物。;We thought it#39;d be awesome to host a festival that would attract people from all over the country who just want to kick back and ingest narcotics for 96 hours straight,; festival organizer Randy Felder said of the event that takes place on a barren expanse of land with no stages, sound equipment, lighting, art, or vendors. ;Cavalcade is all about creating a venue where live music fans can come together, hang out, and do what they love most.我们觉得举办这种形式的音乐节去吸引全国各地的人是很棒的一件事。他们能通过吸食麻醉毒品来好好的休息96个小时。音乐节主办方Randy Felder这样描述这次聚会,一次举办在一片空旷土地上的音乐节,没有舞台音响设备,更别说灯光,美术,甚至连商贩都没有。Cavalcade纯粹就是为那些音乐迷的聚会提供一个场地,他们可以在那里闲逛,喜欢做什么都可以。;And you couldn#39;t ask for a better spot,; Felder added. ;I mean, it rained pretty hard yesterday, but people didn#39;t let it bring them down. A lot of them didn#39;t even seem to notice.;;但你不能去要求一个更好的场地;,Felder补充道。我的意思是昨天这里下了一场大雨,但他们的心情似乎丝毫没受什么影响,貌似很多人甚至都没注意到下雨了。Officials reported that while the festival grounds contain no tents or any other form of shelter against the elements, ticket holders nonetheless came out in droves to the vast, otherwise deserted meadow to enjoy a number of big-name drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, as well as a wide variety of less well-known substances and up-and-coming hallucinogens such as salvia, ayahuasca, ketamine, and several dozen improvised inhalants.官方报道此次音乐节场地没有任何应对恶劣天气的措施,没有帐篷,没有其他任何的遮蔽工具,尽管如此音乐迷们还是陆陆续续的走进这片荒芜的空地上去享受那些;大名鼎鼎;的毒品。包括大麻,可卡因,海洛因等。还包括其他大量不知名的毒品,以及那些即将变得受欢迎的迷幻剂如鼠尾草,死藤水,克他命和一些批量包装的临时准备的吸入剂。译文属 /201506/378695

Nestlé, the world’s biggest food company, has admitted to making a strategic error in India by ignoring more affluent consumers and pursuing buyers of cheaper sweets and noodles.世界最大食品公司雀巢公司(Nestlé)承认在印度犯下战略性错误,忽略了更富有的消费者而把主要目标对准了那些购买较廉价糖果和面条的顾客。“We made a mistake,” said Nandu Nandkishore, who heads Nestlé’s Asia business. “We basically focused on driving the mass market and we really ignored a little bit the emerging affluent segment.”雀巢亚洲业务主管南都#8226;南基绍尔(Nandu Nandkishore)表示:“我们犯了一个错误。我们基本上将精力集中于发展大众市场上,对正在兴起的富有人群确实有所忽略。”Like other consumer goods companies, the maker of KitKat chocolate bars and Maggi noodles has been increasing its focus on emerging markets, which now account for 43 per cent of its .2bn global sales.和其他消费品公司类似,这家奇巧(KitKat)巧克力棒和美极(Maggi)面条的制造商一直在加大对新兴市场的关注。如今,新兴市场销售额占雀巢全球982亿美元销售额的43%。But, like some of its peers, Nestlé is having to redraw its strategy in the face of depreciating local currencies, slower economic growth, higher input costs and rising domestic competition.然而,和部分同行类似,面对当地不断贬值的货币、放缓的经济增长、更高的投入成本以及日益加剧的竞争,雀巢不得不改变其经营战略。These factors have proved especially punishing for makers of cheaper, mass-market goods – as L#39;Oréal has aly discovered. Last week, the French cosmetics group halted sales of its mass-market Garnier brand in China.正如欧莱雅(L#39;Oréal)已然发现的,事实明上述因素对于廉价大众商品制造商的负面影响尤为严重。上周,这家法国化妆品集团停止了其大众市场品牌卡尼尔(Garnier)在中国的销售。Nestlé’s sales in India had been growing at about 20 per cent a year in the three years to 2011, but this growth decelerated sharply – to 8 per cent – in the third quarter of last year.在截至2011年的3年里,雀巢在印度的销售额保持着约20%的年增长率,但在去年第三季度,这一增速急剧下滑至8%。In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Nandkishore said that at the peak of its sales growth in India, Nestlé focused primarily on making its more mass-market products available to large numbers of new, cost-sensitive consumers, largely in the countryside – even though demand for premium products at the upper end of the market was also exploding. “We have realised this aly,” he said. “We’ve been working to plug that gap.”在接受英国《金融时报》采访时南基绍尔表示,在印度销售额增长最快的时候,雀巢主要关注的是,如何向大量对价格敏感的新顾客(多在农村地区)提供旗下那些更大众化的产品——尽管高端市场对高档产品的需求也在迅猛增长。他说:“我们已经意识到了这一点。近来我们一直在努力填补这一漏洞。”The Swiss manufacturer is now switching tack in India to cater to more affluent Indians, whose household budgets are more immune to the country’s rising inflation and faltering economy.这家瑞士制造商正在调整在印度的经营战略,以迎合印度更富有的人群。面对通胀的不断加剧和经济增长势头的减弱,这部分人群的家庭出预算受到的影响比较小。 /201401/273102

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