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make use of 利用make little use of 利用较少make full/good use of 充分利用make better use of 更好的利用例句:We should make good use of the chance.我们应该充分利用这次机会。We should make better use of our resources.我们应该更好的利用我们的资源。That makes two of us. 我也是,我也有同感A:Im tired.我累了B:That makes two of us.我也一样,我也累。末尾音乐:mad, sexy, cool girl更多英语资讯关注微信公众号:Emily_aiyingyu /201606/4489071. Where shall we set up our booth?我们要在哪里设摊位?还能这样说:Which place can we set up our booth?Where shall we keep a booth?应用:booth的意思是:小房间;公用电话亭;货摊;投票站。2. We will choose the best booth for the show in the meeting.我们会在开会时选出最合适的展场摊位。还能这样说:In the meeting, we will choose the best place to set the booth.We will select the best booth suitable for the show in the meeting.应用:for show 为了给人看而不是为了使用;good show 用以表示赞成或祝贺某事做得好3. How is the booth design going?我们的摊位设计得如何了?还能这样说:What is going on with the booth design?How about the booth design?应用:be designed for sb. or sth. 为某目的或用途而制造和计划;have designs on sb./sth. 企图伤害某人或某物;企图将某人或某物据为己有4. They have completed the design of the booth.他们已经设计好我们的摊位了。还能这样说:The design of the booth has been finished.They have aly designed the booth.应用:complete plant 成套工厂 /201501/353012《地道英文闲聊脱口秀》收录了经典的地道的英语口语内容,脱口秀中包含许多纯正的英语习惯用语及英语句型,是学习英语口语,练习英语发音的很好的英语学习材料。在轻松的氛围中,英语学习爱好者可以很快掌握英语口语知识,了解国外的风土人情,逐渐培养良好的英语语感,是提高英语水平的必备英语学习教程。Horror Movies:The ShinningThe Silence of the LambPsychoSaw (Franchise)The PurgeThe Nightmare Before Christmas /201501/350616

13. The contract comes into effect we cant go back on our word now.合同现在生效,我们不能反悔了。还能这样说:The contract is effective now, we cant regret.The contract begins to take effect and we cant go back on our promise.应用:in effect 正在实行,实际上;come into effect 实行,实施;put sth. into effect 使某物开始使用;give effect to sth. 使某事物实行起来,使实施;of no effect 没有预期或希望的结果,无效14. Is the contract acceptable now?合同现在可以接受了吗?还能这样说:Can you accept the contract now?Are you y for the contract?15. All we have to do is to sign the contract.我们要做的只是签订合同就行了。还能这样说:The only thing we need do is to sign the contract.Signing the contract is the only thing we should do.应用:a sign of the times 时尚,潮流;sign the petition 在请愿书上签字;sign ones own death-warrant 做出可能使自己致命或失败的事16. If the shipment cant be made within three months as stipulated, the contract will become void.如果不能按原规定3个月内交货,合同则作废。还能这样说:The contract will be of no effect if you cant ship the goods within three months as stipulated.If the shipment cant be made within three months according to the regulation, the contract will be to no avail.应用:void of sth. 没有某事物,缺乏某事物;null and void 无法律约束力的,无效的17. Once a contract is made, it must be strictly implemented.合同一旦确定就应严格执行。还能这样说:On signing the contract, we should carry out it.The signed contract must be executed strictly.应用:once for all 一劳永逸,永久地,彻底地;once or twice 几次,一两次;once upon a time 从前;just this once 仅此一次,作为例外 /201503/364135For:正方辩词:Love is love, wherever it happens.不管在什么地方发生,爱情就是爱情。I believe in cyber love because I am experiencing it now. I think if you really believe in the true love, you will not care too much about the way you meet it.我相信网络恋情是因为我正在网恋。我认为你如果真的相信真爱,就不会在乎两人的认识方式。These are modern times. Cyber love is popular and romantic. The key lies in the fact that there are so many choices available on the web.现在是登时代,网恋流行而浪漫。而且关键还在于网络上我们可以有如此多的选择。Many people stick to the idea that love online is virtual, and it is rather easy for a person to disguise his personality in the cyber world. However, Love is love, wherever it happens. You cannot cheat yourself and your true feelings, even if it is on the web.有很多人认为网恋是虚幻的,在网络世界里人们可以很容易地伪装自己。尽管如此,爱情就是爱情,不管在什么地方,以何种方式发生。即使是在虚拟的网络世界,自己也是欺骗不了自己真实的情感的。Against:反方辩词:Cyber love can be beautiful but nothing when it comes to real life.网恋是美好的,但来到现实世界就不复存在了。The cyber love is usually based on peoples imagination instead of reality. Consequently, it seems as beautiful and sweet as a red rose in peoples minds. However, it is quite frail without the nutritious earth around it. The rootless rose is likely to wither someday. So dont stake all your pure love on cyber love, which is uncertain and beyond your control at times.网络爱情脱离了现实而建立在人们的想象之中。在人们的心中,它就如同一朵美丽芬芳的红玫瑰。但是,没有土地滋养的玫瑰是脆弱的,终有一天会枯萎。所以,不要将自己的真感情押在虚无缭纱,琢磨不定的网恋上。I sincerely wish everyone can stay and live with their sweetheart forever, no matter how they meet at first. In addition, I want to suggest that it is not bad to make some worthwhile friends on the internet, but please look before you leap when confronted with cyber love.不管以何种方式相遇,我真心希望每个人都能够有情人终成眷属。另外,我认为通过网络结交一些知心朋友是非常不错的方式,但如果是谈恋爱,请三思而后行。 /201501/355031unit 18找电影院dialogue英语情景对话A:Excuse me. Could you please tell me how to get to the nearest cinema?A:对不起,请问能告诉我最近的电影院怎么走吗?B:Turn left at the second light. You cant miss it.B:在第二个红绿灯处左转。你会找到的。A:Will it take me long to get there?A:到那里需要很长时间吗?B:No. lts not far at all.B:不。一点也不远。A:Thank you very much.A:非常感谢。B:Thats all right. Have a good day.B:不客气,祝你度过愉快的一天。 /201504/368006

小咖实用英语口语 第30期:黑暗骑士the dark knight /201504/360503Adam: Hi Sarah.亚当:嗨,萨拉。Sarah: Hi.萨拉:嗨。Adam: Today were talking about do-overs. So if you had a time machine and you could go back to your college years, is there anything that you might change or do differently?亚当:今天我们来聊聊想重新来过的事情。如果你有一台时光机,你能回到大学时代,你有没有想改变的事情或用不同方法去做的事情?Sarah: I really wish that I would have had the chance to study abroad. I chose the wrong major initially. I was a nursing major for two years, and worked really hard at a major I was really bad at. And then after two years, I switched schools and switched majors. And because of that, I had so many credits to take that I couldnt study abroad or do really any extra classes that were fun.萨拉:我非常希望能有机会去留学。一开始我就选错专业了。我学习了两年的护理专业,而且我在我并不擅长的专业上非常努力。两年之后,我换了学校和专业。正因如此,我有许多学分要修,所以我没能出国留学,也没能参加有趣的兴趣班。Adam: Hmm, that must have been challenging. Where would you have liked to study abroad?亚当:嗯,那一定极具挑战。你想去哪里留学?Sarah: Really, anywhere. Ive always loved to travel, so I would have been open to going anywhere.萨拉:说实话,哪里都行。我一直热爱旅游,所以去任何地方都可以。Adam: So you said you studied nursing, what would you have studied otherwise?亚当:你说你学过护理,那你还学过什么?Sarah: Well, I first went into nursing because everyone since I was really little told me that I would be a good nurse. So I thought it was my calling in life. And then after taking lots and lots of science classes, which Im really bad at, I decided to switch majors to education. And then I ended up liking that major, so Im really happy that I switched.萨拉:一开始我学的是护理专业,因为在我很小的时候,所有人都跟我说我会成为一名优秀的护士。所以以前我以为那是我的天职。可是后来在上了很多科学课以后,我发现我非常不擅长这个专业,所以我决定换专业,改修教育学。我很喜欢教育学,所以我很高兴我换了专业。Adam: Was there any other major that you would find interesting that you might study if you went back or youre satisfied with education?亚当:回想一下,有没有其他专业是你想学习的,还是说你对教育学很满意?Sarah: Im glad I did education because I really liked that work wise. But if I had to go with things that Im interested in, I probably would have been some sort of art major. Both of my siblings are artists, so it kind of runs in the family a little bit.萨拉:我很高兴我修了教育学,因为我非常喜欢这个专业。如果要选择感兴趣的专业,那我可能会学艺术。我的兄弟都是艺术家,这有点像是家族传承。Adam: What kind of art do you like?亚当:你喜欢哪种艺术?Sarah: Mainly dance, but I also was really into music growing up, so musical instruments and singing.萨拉:主要是舞蹈,不过我在成长过程中也非常喜欢音乐,乐器和歌唱。Adam: So, do you have any friends that were interested in art or dance that you had in those times?亚当:当时你有朋友对艺术或是舞蹈感兴趣吗?Sarah: Not really. No, actually.萨拉:没有,没有。Adam: Do you wish that if you were in a group of people that like the similar things that you might have pursued different interests.亚当:你会不会希望周围有朋友和你喜欢类似的事情,但是追求不同的兴趣?Sarah: Hmm, definitely. I wish I would have done more with dance. I was a ballerina for 12 years. And I gave up on that when I was 14. So I got to the level where I either had to train professionally to do that for a job or stay in a class where the younger girls would keep moving up. And so at that time, I quit. And although I dont wish I was still doing ballet, I wish I would continued some kind of dance.萨拉:当然了。我希望我跳舞的时间再长一些。我跳了12年的芭蕾。但是,我在14岁时放弃了芭蕾。当时我的情况是,我要么选择接受职业训练,成为一名芭蕾舞演员,要么和不断进步的年轻女孩一起学芭蕾。所以我选择放弃。虽然我并不希望继续学习芭蕾,不过我希望我能继续跳舞。Adam: Interesting. So Sarah, any funny haircuts or anything like that?亚当:有意思。萨拉,你有没有留过奇怪的发型?Sarah: Actually, yes. One week before I moved away to college, I cut my hair boy-short. And then after that, like during my first semester, Id dyed it all different shades of red. And my hair has actually been pretty much every link and every natural-ish color.萨拉:实际上,有。进入大学的一周以前,我把头发剪得像男孩一样短。然后,我在大学第一个学期把头发染成了各种红色色系。基本上我的头发是非常自然的颜色。Adam: Wow. How did your friends and family respond to your red hair?亚当:哇哦。你的朋友和家人怎么看你的红发?Sarah: My mom didnt like it so much. She thought I was going to die like a natural red color, but it was more of fuchsia red color. So she didnt like it very much. But my friends and like siblings understood because Ive always been very different and didnt really care what other people thought about how I looked.萨拉:我妈妈非常不喜欢。她之前以为我会把头发染成自然的红色,不过我染的颜色更像是樱桃红。所以她非常不喜欢。不过我朋友和兄弟非常理解,因为我一直与众不同,而且并不在乎别人怎么看我的外表。Adam: How long did you like it?亚当:你的红发留了多长时间?Sarah: For a while until I wanted change. I love change, so Id always switch it to something else.萨拉:在我想改变颜色之前,我一直是红发。我喜欢改变,我经常改变发色。Adam: Well, thats great. Thanks, Sarah.亚当:嗯,这很好。谢谢你,萨拉。译文属 /201706/514759

19. Checking Smoke Detectors 19.检查烟雾探测器A: Have you checked your smoke detectors recently?A:你最近检查你的烟雾探测器了吗?B: No, I wasnt even aware we had smoke detectors.B:没有,我甚至没有意识到我们有烟雾探测器。A: All the apartments are equipped with them. Its an essential safety feature.A:所有的公寓都装有烟雾探测器。它是基本的安全保障。B: How do you check if theyre working?B:如果它们正在工作你怎么检查?A: Its real easy. If you like, I could show you.A:那很简单。如果你想看,我可以展示给你看。B: That would be nice of you.B:那你真是太好了。A: Are you doing anything right now?A:你现在正在做什么吗?B: No. Its my day off work.B:没有。今天是我的休息日。A: How about I come over and show you how to check them?A:我过来给你展示怎么检查怎么样?B: Sounds good. Come inside.B:听起来不错。进来吧。A: Its really easy to check them. Just grab one from the wall, and check the battery in the back.A:检查它们真的很容易。只有从墙上抓起一个,然后检查它后面的电池就好。B: What does this light mean?B:这个灯是什么意思?A: If you see the light, that means its functioning.A:如果你看到这个灯,那就意味着它功能正常。B: So I dont need to replace the battery. Thank you so much. B:所以我不需要换电池。非常感谢。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/414982

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