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上海市第九人民医院做双眼皮多少钱上海长海医院口腔美容中心上海瑞金医院脱毛手术多少钱 Workers are starting to project personalities on to software programs by giving them female names, talking to them and even giving up the window seat as flesh-and-blood employees adjust to sharing the office with bots.企业员工开始赋予软件程序人格,给它们取女性名字,与它们交谈,甚至放弃靠窗的座位。有着血肉之躯的员工正在适应与机器人共享办公室。As artificial intelligence invades the workplace, people are learning to live with their new robot counterparts, even though their own jobs might be next for the chopping block.随着人工智能(AI)侵入工作场所,人们开始学习与新的机器人同事共处,即使他们自己的工作岗位也许下次就会被裁掉。Staff at back-office operations for ANZ bank in Bangalore have given their new colleagues softer female names such as Lakshmi, while employees at Nippon Life Insurance Company in Japan call them robomi-chan, or “pretty little robot”. In London, workers at insurance processing company Xchanging have named one of their bots Poppy.澳新(ANZ Bank)在印度班加罗尔后台部门的员工给他们的新同事取了比较柔和的女性名字,例如拉克希米(Lakshmi);而日本生命保险公司(Nippon Life Insurance)的员工把它们称为“美丽的小机器人”(robomi-chan)。在伦敦,保险处理公司Xchanging的员工把他们的机器人之一命名为波普伊(Poppy)。“I’ve heard Danis and Lakshmis,” said Pankajam Sridevi, a managing director at ANZ. “They talk to them, they’re like humans. Sometimes people are so fond of them they give them a window seat.”“我听说过达尼(Dani)和拉克西米,” 澳新董事总经理潘卡加姆?塞德里维(Pankajam Sridevi)说:“他们跟它们说话,它们就像人一样。有时人们是那么喜欢它们,甚至给它们一个靠窗的座位。”Using technology to take over information processing tasks is nothing new. But the latest manifestation of office automation — where software robots carry out tasks that a human worker would once have done on their PC — comes in a form that makes it ripe for anthropomorphisation.使用技术来执行信息处理任务并非新鲜事。但办公自动化的最新表现形式——由软件机器人执行人类员工曾在其PC上完成的任务——使其容易被人格化。Robots such as these work 24 hours a day and do not make mistakes, and their developers credit them with doing the work of two or three people.这些机器人每天24小时工作,不犯错误,它们的开发者称,它们能承担两、三个人的工作量。Giving names and personalities to the new robots has become common among people who find themselves working alongside the new programs, said Alastair Bathgate, chief executive of Blue Prism, one of the companies that develops the software. Ms Sridevi said that naming robots had helped workers accept the software and lessened the risk it would be seen as a job-destroyer.此类软件开发公司之一Blue Prism的首席执行官阿拉斯泰尔?巴思盖特(Alastair Bathgate)表示,在那些发现自己与新程序一起工作的员工当中,给新机器人取名、赋予其个性的现象已变得很常见。澳新的塞德里维说,给机器人取名帮助工人接受了软件,并减轻了机器人被视为工作岗位摧毁者的风险。The urge to name the robots has born out at least one familiar pattern: the projection of female personalities on to new “intelligent” software assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. Only Apple’s Siri offers a male voice as an alternative to the female-dominated line-up.给机器人取名的冲动至少印了人们熟悉的一种模式:将女性人格赋予亚马逊(Amazon)的Alexa和微软(Microsoft)的“小娜”(Cortana)等新款“智能”软件助手。只有苹果(Apple)的Siri在以女性声音为主的同类产品中提供了一种可选的男性声音。Entrepreneurs such as Chrissie Lightfoot, co-founder of Robot Lawyer Lisa, are in little doubt about why a female personality is the way to go.企业家们,例如Robot Lawyer Lisa联合创始人克里西?莱特富特(Chrissie Lightfoot),毫不怀疑为机器人赋予女性人格是明智做法的原因。“People do feel more comfortable dealing with females than males in tricky matters,” she said.她说:“人们确实感觉,在棘手的事情上,跟女性打交道比跟男性打交道更容易。” /201704/504550Nearly 96 percent of Chinese mobile Internet users have been exposed to information security risks, and over 40 percent of them have ;suffered losses,; according to a new report.根据一份最新报告显示,有将近96%的中国移动互联网用户已经面临信息安全风险,超过40%的用户已经“遭受了损失”。Of those suffering losses, some have had their private information or money stolen from their mobile accounts, while many have had to spend extra time dealing with security risks, according to the report released last Monday by China Internet Network Information Center.根据中国互联网络信息中心上周一发布的报告指出,在遭受的损失中,一些人的私人信息或资金被人从移动帐户中窃取,很多人不得不花费额外的时间来处理安全风险。Mobile Internet users in the country numbered 620 million as of the end of 2015, accounting for more than 90 percent of all Chinese Internet users.截至2015年底,全国移动互联网用户人数达到了6.2亿,占中国互联网用户总数的90%以上。However, 38 percent of mobile Internet users still believe it is ;very safe; to surf the web via smartphone.然而,38%的移动互联网用户仍然认为通过智能手机上网“非常安全”。Nearly 45 percent of users are in the habit of connecting to WiFi networks without first confirming their safety, making them vulnerable to theft of private information, it said.报告指出,有近45%的用户没有先确认网络安全,就习惯性地连接WiFi网络,这就使得他们的私人信息很容易被窃取。About 19.6 percent of users said they make purchases or mobile payments while connected to public WiFi networks.大约19.6%的用户表示他们在连接公共WiFi网络时会进行购买或移动付。But Chinese mobile Internet users are more vigilant when scanning QR codes, with 67.5 percent of respondents saying the codes include unknown security risks.不过中国的移动互联网用户在扫描二维码时会更加警惕,67.5%的受访者表示,二维码可能包含未知的安全风险。 /201610/474098嘉定区妇幼保健医院冰点脱毛多少钱

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复旦大学附属浦东医院打瘦腿针价格费用 An ultra-realistic robot was unveiled last week by researchers from the University of Science and Technology in China (USTC).上周,由中国科技大学研究人员开发的高仿真机器人正式揭开面纱。Jia Jia, as the female robot has been named, is apparently capable of basic communication, interaction with nearby people, and natural facial expressions. Unfortunately, many of her pre-programmed interactions appear to be highly stereotypical.这一女性机器人被命名为佳佳,具备基本沟通能力,可以和周边的人交流互动,并且有很自然的面部表情。然而不幸地是,她很多的预编互动都似乎带有成见。For example, if Jia Jia detects that someone is taking a photo of her, she#39;ll warn the photographer to stand back or else the picture will make her face ;look fat.; Jia Jia can#39;t do much beyond that though. Essential human emotional responses like laughing and crying are not in the robot#39;s repertoire. Her hands have also been left lifeless. She does, however, speak super subserviently. The prompt, ;Hello,; elicits the reply, ;Yes my lord. What can I do for you?;比如,如果佳佳发现有人在给她拍照片,她会警告拍照者站远点儿拍,否则会让她的脸看起来很胖。不过,佳佳没办法做更多事情,像大笑以及哭泣这些反应她都还没有。她的双手也显得比较死板。不过,她可以非常恭顺地说话,如果你说,;你好;,她一定会回复,;在,主人,我能为你做什么呢?;We#39;ve seen a few other ultra-realistic female robots recently. A few weeks ago a 42-year-old product and graphic designer from Hong Kong revealed ;Mark 1,; a ,000 female robot. The project, which took a year and a half to complete, was supposedly the fulfillment of a childhood dream.最近,我们看到了多款仿真女机器人。几星期前,一名来自香港的42岁产品及平面设计师推出了一款名为;Mark 1;的价值5万美元的女性机器人。这个项目花了设计师一年半的时间,主要是为了完成其童年的梦想。Like Jia Jia, Mark 1 is capable of basic human-like interaction, command responses, and movement. Mark 1 actually outperforms Jia Jia in that the former can move its limbs, turn its head, bow, smirk, and wink.和佳佳类似,Mark 1也能做到基本的类人似交流,回应命令和动作。Mark 1比佳佳更棒的是,她可以活动四肢,转头,弯腰,微笑以及眨眼。And that#39;s just the most recent example. Last year researchers at the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University in Japan and Shanghai Shenqing Industry in China revealed Yangyang, a dynamic robot with an resemblance to Sarah Palin. Yangyang also seems to do more than Jia Jia with its abilities to hug and shake hands.这只是近期的例子,去年,上海申磬产业有限公司与大阪大学的研发人员合作,在中国推出了阳杨--一个很像萨拉·佩林的机器人,看起来也比佳佳更智能,她可以拥抱和握手。The USTC researchers spent three years developing Jia Jia, and they aren#39;t done yet. Team director Chen Xiaoping says he hopes to develop and refine their creation, equipping it with artificial intelligence through deep learning and the ability to recognize people#39;s facial expressions, according to Xinhua News. Chen hopes Jia Jia will become an intelligence ;robot goddess.; He added that the prototype was ;priceless; and would not yet consider mass production.中国科技大学的研究人员花费了3年时间开发佳佳,而且他们还没有完工。根据新华社报道,团队领导陈小平表示,希望能够发展和完善他的发明,并进一步搭载有深入学习以及辨认面部表情能力的人工智能。陈小平希望佳佳能变成智慧的;机器人女神;,他还补充说道,此原型是无价的,暂时不会量产。 /201604/439664徐汇去痤疮多少钱闵行区中医医院做双眼皮开眼角价格费用



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