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松江区去除腋毛多少钱上海开内眼角的费用Air France is looking to China#39;s booming market for international travel for new sources of revenue, the company#39;s chief executive officer said Wednesday, as the carrier struggles to stem losses and slash costs globally.法国航空(Air France)董事长兼首席执行长加热(Frederic Gagey)周三表示,法国航空将目光投向了中国日益繁荣的国际旅游市场,将其视为新的收入来源之一。这家公司目前正忙于摆脱亏损并在全球削减成本。Air France Chairman and Chief Executive Frédéric Gagey said one measure will be to put bigger airplanes on key routes out of China. The company is targeting early 2015 for daily deployment of Airbus 380 aircraft on Shanghai to Paris flights, up from four a week currently. Air France introduced the superjumbos, which can carry more than 500 passengers, on the route last fall. A380 flights from Hong Kong will start May 27.加热说,该公司将采取的措施之一是在从中国起飞的关键航线上采用更大的飞机。该公司计划2015年初在上海飞巴黎的航线上每日都安排空客(Airbus) 380航班,而现阶段为一周四趟航班。法国航空去年秋季开始在该航线上安排这种超大型飞机,这种飞机可承载逾500名乘客。5月27日开始将在从香港起飞的航线上安排空客380航班。Air France said, Beijing also #39;could be a good candidate#39; for deployment, but gave no time frame, citing infrastructure considerations at the capital#39;s airport.法国航空表示,北京也是一个很好的备选航点,但考虑到首都机场的基础设施状况,目前还没有时间表。China is Air France#39;s second most important long-haul market after the U.S., accounting for around 10% of revenues from such flights.中国是法国航空一个重要的长途航空市场,重要性仅次于美国,在法国航空这类业务收入中,来自中国市场的收入占了约10%的比例。Brokerage CLSA estimates 200 million Chinese will venture abroad annually by 2020, double the 100 million in 2013. European capitals, including Paris and Amsterdam, are among the most popular destinations.里昂券(亚洲)(CLSA)预计,到2020年每年出境的中国人将达2亿人次,较2013年的1亿人次增加一倍。像巴黎和阿姆斯特丹等欧洲国家的首都都是最受欢迎的地方。Another possibility is to increase the frequency of flights from China#39;s secondary cities, many of which are located in the country#39;s interior.增加收入的另一个可能的办法就是增加中国二线城市的航班数,二线城市大多在中国内地。#39;There is a huge demand from all these provinces outside of big cities for a presence by European airlines,#39; said Mr. Gagey.加热说,大城市之外的这些省份存在着巨大的需求,有待欧洲的航空公司开发。In 2012, Air France began flying to Wuhan, a sprawling metropolis of more than eight million people and a hub of Sino-French investment. The capital of Hubei province is home to Dongfeng Motor Corp., which recently took a major stake in French struggling car maker Peugeot Citro#235;n.2012年,法国航空开设武汉航点,这是一个拥有超过800万人口的大都市,也是中法合作投资中心。作为湖北省的省会,这个城市还是东风汽车公司(Dongfeng Motor co.)所在地,这家汽车公司近期购买了法国标致雪铁龙(Peugeot Citroen)的股份。As a group, Air France-KLM SA, also flies to other emerging inland cities, such as Chengdu, and smaller coastal destinations, such as Hangzhou and Xiamen.作为一个集团,法国航空的母公司还在成都这样的内地其他新兴城市以及杭州和厦门这样的沿海城市开设航点。#39;Compared with big competitors out of Europe, development of their coverage of the Chinese market is far more limited,#39; he said.加热表示,与欧洲以外的大公司相比,法国航空对中国市场的开发远远不到位。The group operates 88 flights a week to Greater China--including Taipei and Hong Kong.法国航空的母公司每周飞往大中华区(包括台北和香港)的航班有88趟。Air France-KLM doesn#39;t serve all destinations daily and a goal was to increase frequency on these routes for optimized operations, he said.加热表示,法国航空的母公司并不是每天对所有的地点都开展务,其目标之一是提高航线的效率实现优化运营。Success in China could help the airline become profitable. In the first quarter, parent Air France-KLM SA, had operating losses narrow to EUR445 million (9 million) from EUR 532 million a year earlier. Revenue was EUR5.55 billion.在中国市场如果取得成功将有助于公司实现盈利。今年第一季度,法国航空的母公司运营亏损降至4.45亿欧元(合6.19亿美元),而上年同期为5.32亿欧元。收入则为55.5亿欧元。Last September the company said it was speeding up job cuts and moving more of its European routes to its low-cost Transavia.该公司去年9月份表示将加速裁员并将更多的欧洲航线转移到旗下低成本的航空公司Transavia。The carrier is also exploring other new destinations in China but has no concrete plans at this stage.该公司还在中国开发其他新的航点,但现阶段还没有具体计划。Air France-KLM#39;s general manager for greater China, Bas Gerressen, said a recent crackdown by the Chinese government that discourages ostentatious consumption by officials has influenced its business. Such officials were making fewer trips and more had downgraded to cheaper travel classes, he said.法国航空母公司的大中华区总经理顾瑞新(Bas Gerressen)表示,近期中国政府反腐倡廉风暴对公司的业务有影响。官员们减少了旅行活动,并且更多人选择了较为廉价的舱位。Still, overall the company could compensate by tapping other kinds of travelers such as entrepreneurs and China#39;s growing number of individual travelers. The group#39;s flights between China and Europe typically flew with more than 90% of seats occupied, Mr. Gerressen said.不过总体而言,中国不断增加的个人旅客以及企业家等群体可以弥补业务上的影响。顾瑞新表示,该集团中欧航线的上座率一般都会超过90%。 /201405/296541上海交通大学医学院附属上海儿童医学中心切眼袋多少钱 “We kept MinecraftEdu very open-ended to be a platform that teachers could create their own content on top of,” said Levin. “The secret sauce has been early-adopter teachers coming up with ingenious lessons and then sharing their lesson plans and curriculums with other teachers. Educators can find, discover and download this content and get them running in their own classrooms.”莱文说,“我们将MinecraftEdu打造成一个高度开放的平台,这样一来,教师们就可以在其中创建自己的内容。该软件的秘密武器在于,早期使用该软件的教师会开发独具匠心的课程,然后将其教学计划和课程与其他老师分享。老师们可以寻找、发现和下载这一内容,并在自己的课堂上使用。”In the U.S., history teachers are recreating ancient worlds in the game and then having students go on virtual adventures, talking to historical characters, or having students create historical landmarks based on what they learned in class. In Australia, a science teacher created giant 3D models of cells and neurotransmitters and let the class explore them. Other teachers have used the simulation aspect of the game, having kids do experiments with MinecraftEdu gravity and then comparing that to the real world and coming up with a hypothesis and proving it.在美国,历史教师正利用游戏重建古代世界,然后让学生们开始其虚拟征程,与历史人物对话,或让学生根据课堂所学重建地标性历史建筑。在澳大利亚,科学老师创建了一个巨大的细胞和神经递质三维模型,并让学生们对其进行探索。其他老师则发挥了该游戏的模拟功能,让孩子们利用MinecraftEdu做重力实验,然后与真实世界的结果进行对比,从而提出假设并进行明。In Denmark, ESL teacher André Chercka used MinecraftEdu to help educate troubled teens. Kids can play the game in the classroom, but they have to speak only English. Because the game is so engaging, teachers find students pushing themselves and learning English.在丹麦,非母语英语课程教师安德鲁o查卡使用MinecraftEdu帮助教育问题少年。孩子们可以在课堂玩游戏,但前提是只能说英语。在该游戏的强烈吸引下,教师们发现学生们一个个都在努力地学习英语。“Book learning can only go so far,” said Levin. “You need to communicate to another person to solve problems and ultimately to succeed.”莱文说,“从书本上学到的东西总是有限的。要想解决问题并最终获得成功,人们得与其他人进行交流。”Even at younger grade levels, the game has been successfully integrated into education. In kindergarten classrooms, the game is used for play like LEGOs. Around the second-grade level, instructors are using the game to teach children about how communities work and the different roles in society. The game is good at modeling things like asking a group of kids to build a town and assigning different tasks like chopping wood and making tools. That concept was taken to another level at one high school, where a government teacher let kids form their own society. They wrote a town charter and had a great debate about how to govern and how to divide labor.即便是在较低的年级,这款游戏也已经被成功地整合到教学当中。在幼儿园教室里,孩子们像玩乐高积木一样玩这款游戏。在二年级,指导员利用游戏向孩子们介绍社区的运作方式,以及人们在社会上扮演的不同角色。将事物模块化是该游戏的专长,例如让一组孩子建设一座城镇,然后分配不同任务,例如锯木头和制作工具。这一理念在一所高中得到了进一步升华,一位公立学校教师让孩子们根据自己的想法来组建社会。他们撰写了城镇章程,而且就城镇管理方式和劳动分配方式进行了非常有意义的辩论。“At the meta level if you have some programming skills you can change the game to add whatever you want to it,” said Levin, who noted that the game is also being used to teach programming at some schools. “I’ve seen s from a calculus class where students were making shapes using MinecraftEdu blocks that conformed to the formulas they were studying. Other students built the Globe Theater and then stood on stage reciting Shakespeare.”莱文注意到一些学校在编程教学中也在使用该游戏,他说:“如果你拥有一些元级层次的编程技术,你可以对游戏进行更改,并按照自己的想法增加任何组件。在我看过的一段微积分课程视频中,学生们使用MinecraftEdu方块按照所学公式来拼凑各种形状。其他的学生则搭建了环球剧场(Globe Theater),然后站在台上朗诵莎士比亚的作品。”MinecraftEdu is helping debunk the stigma attached to games—generally that they’re a waste of time or lead to addictive or negative behavior. Levin said there’s enough research out there that disproves this idea, including a recent study in the ed Kingdom that tracked 13,000 kids over 10 years and was unable to show any negative effects from kids who played games when compared to those who did not.MinecraftEdu正在为视频游戏平反——人们过去普遍认为,玩视频游戏是浪费时间,而且容易上瘾或导致不良行为。莱文说,有足够多的研究表明,这一观点并不正确,其中包括英国近期对1.3万名儿童开展的长达10年的跟踪调查。该调查显示,与不玩游戏的孩子相比,玩游戏的孩子并未因为玩游戏而受到任何不良影响。“It’s about whether the school is willing to embrace new teaching methods and education in the classroom,” said Levin. “By and large, schools all over the world schools are really looking for teaching methods they can apply to 21st-century learning.”莱文说:“关键问题在于,学校是否愿意在课堂上使用新的教学方法和教育模式。总的来说,全世界的学校都在认真地寻找适用于21世纪教育的教学方法。”The cost of entry for educators is low at 1, which includes the software plus 25 licenses of the game. MinecraftEdu is only available for the PC, Mac and Linux, which fits in nicely with the classroom setting.对于教学人员来说,使用这款软件的成本低至391美元,其中包括软件及25项授权。MinecraftEdu仅适用于桌面电脑、苹果Mac电脑和Linux系统,而且可以很好地融入课堂环境中。 /201408/318933上海市华山医院激光祛太田痣多少钱

上海交通大学医学院附属新华医院祛除腋臭多少钱上海市第一人民医院疤痕多少钱 Drivers will soon see more Ferraris passing them by on the road – about 3,000 more over the coming years.很快,司机们就会在路上看到更多的法拉利跑车(Ferraris)从身边呼啸而过——在接下来几年中,每年大约增加3,000辆。That’s because Ferrari is ramping up production as demand grows among the growing class of super wealthy (the one’s who can splurge on .3 million cars without a second’s thought), according to Bloomberg.据彭社(Bloomberg)报道,法拉利之所以提高产量,是因为超级富豪(也就是那些可以毫不犹豫掏出130万美元买一辆车的有钱人)的队伍在不断壮大,对法拉利汽车的需求与日俱增。The increased production to 10,000 annually from about 7,000 comes at crossroads for the company, too. Next month, Sergio Marchionne, who led a turnaround of Fiat between 2004 to 2006, will take the helm of the luxury car company.年产量从大约7,000辆提高到1万辆的决策,是在该公司权杖交接之际做出的。下个月起,曾于2004年至2006年带领菲亚特公司(Fiat)扭亏为盈的塞尔吉奥o马尔乔内将执掌这家豪车生产商。Notably, Ferrari is one of Fiat Chrysler’s brands.值得一提的是,法拉利正是菲亚特-克莱斯勒公司(Fiat Chrysler)旗下的品牌之一。But the increased number of Ferraris isn’t coming all at once. It’ll happen gradually, ensuring that demand remains high for the premium automobile.不过,法拉利并不会立刻增加这么多产量。这一过程将逐步实现,以保市场对这一豪车品牌的需求维持在较高水平。“If that class increases, we should be able to follow them,” Marchionne said at an event in Balocco, Italy on Thursday, as ed by Bloomberg. He added that “the waiting list will become too long, and people get tired” as a result.据彭社报道,马尔乔内上周四在意大利巴洛科举行的一场活动上发言称:“如果富豪阶层不断壮大,我们也得跟上脚步。”他补充道,如果“等候购车的顾客太多,他们会不耐烦的”。Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Ferrari’s chairman, resigned Wednesday after 23 years on the job. In the past, he said he wanted to limit production to 7,000 per year in order to keep it exclusive. But Marchionne is reversing that strategy with his signature appetite for risk (as in the case for Fiat).担任法拉利公司董事长长达23年之久的卢卡o克劳德洛o迪o蒙特泽莫罗在上周三辞职。过去,他曾希望将汽车产量控制在每年7,000辆,以维系该品牌仅限富贵人士享用的尊崇地位。但一向以乐于冒险著称的马尔乔内(正如他在菲亚特汽车公司的表现),打算改变这一策略。The decision marks an especially significant turnaround from May 2013 when the company reduced annual production to 7,000 cars. That was down from 7,300 in 2012, according to the Telegraph.该决定是法拉利自2013年5月以来的一项重大转变,当时法拉利将年产量下调到7,000辆。据英国《每日电讯报》(Telegraph)报道,该公司在2012年的产量为7,300辆。In August, the Ferrari underscored super-luxury status when one of its cars became the most expensive sold at a public auction. A Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta, made between 1962-63, sold for .1 million in California.今年8月,一辆法拉利汽车在公开拍卖会上以史无前例的高价成交,凸显了其超豪华品牌的地位。那是一辆法拉利250 GTO Berlinetta,制造于1962年至1963年,在加利福尼亚州的拍卖成交价为3,810万美元。The move also comes as Fiat Chrysler prepares for an initial public offering that is expected in October and listing on the New York Stock Exchange.随着法拉利的增产,菲亚特-克莱斯勒公司预计将于10月进行首次公开募股,上市地点为纽约券交易所。 /201409/329603上海华东医院韩式隆鼻多少钱

上海注射玻尿酸丰胸哪家医院好Researchers have created a new keyboard layout which they claim makes ;thumb-typing; faster on touchscreen devices such as tablets and large smartphones.Dr Per Ola Kristensson, from St Andrews University, said traditional Qwerty keyboards had trapped users in ;suboptimal text entry interfaces;.The new design has been dubbed KALQ, after the order of keys on one line.来自英国、德国及美国的研究人员共同研发了一款适合双手拇指同时打字的虚拟键盘应用,能够将平板及智能手机用户的打字速度从现在的每分钟20个字提高到每分钟37个字,而且打字体验更加舒适自如。Its creators used ;computational optimisation techniques; to identify which gave the best performance.Researchers at St Andrews, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Germany and Montana Tech in the US joined together to create the virtual keyboard, which will be available as a free app for Android-based devices.According to the research team ;two-thumb typing is ergonomically very different; from typing on physical Qwerty keyboards, which were developed for typewriters in the late 19th Century.They claim normal users using a Qwerty keyboard on a touchscreen device were limited to typing at a rate of about 20 words per minute.来自英国、德国及美国的研究人员共同研发了一款适合双手拇指同时打字的虚拟键盘应用,能够将平板及智能手机用户的打字速度从现在的每分钟20个字提高到每分钟37个字,而且打字体验更加舒适自如。This is much slower than the rate for normal physical keyboards on computers.Researchers said the key to optimising a keyboard for two thumbs was to minimise long typing sequences that only involved a single thumb.It was also important to place frequently used letter keys centrally close to each other.Finding the optimal layout involved minimising the moving time of the thumbs and enabling typing on alternating sides of the tablet.The results were said to be surprising with all the vowels placed in the area assigned to the right thumb, whereas the left thumb is given more keys.With the help of an error correction algorithm trained users were able to reach 37 words per minute, researchers said.参与研发的圣安德鲁斯大学一位士表示,传统Qwerty键盘将用户局限在“不够理想的文字输入界面”。新键盘的研发人员利用计算优化技术设置字母的排序,比如,使用频率较高的字母集中在键盘中区,以期让用户在打字时减少拇指移动的时间,从而提高打字速度。我们现在使用的标准键盘是以主键盘字母区左上角6个字母的连写Qwerty来命名的,此次新研发的键盘则以主键盘右下角的四个字母连写命名为KALQ。Dr Kristensson, lecturer in human computer interaction in the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews, said: ;We believe KALQ provides a large enough performance improvement to incentivise users to switch and benefit from faster and more comfortable typing.;The developers will present their work at the CHI 2013 conference (the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) in Paris on 1 May.研发人员将于今年5月1日在巴黎召开的美国计算机协会会议上展示该应用,之后该应用将免费供安卓用户下载使用。 /201304/236982 North Korea launched four Scud missilesinto the sea off its eastern coast Thursday, the South Korean Defense Ministrysaid.韩国国防部称,朝鲜周四在东部海岸发射的四枚飞毛腿导弹掉入了海里The missiles were fired in the direction ofRussiaand fell into the sea, according to the Pentagon, which described the launch asa very low-level matter.美国国防部称,导弹是朝俄罗斯的方向发射的,随后掉入了海中,美国还称这次发射的水平非常低The missiles were fired just days after thestart of annual joint military exercises between South Korea and the ed Statesthat North Koreaopposes. The joint military exercises routinely spark tension between North Korea, South Korea and the ed States.这次发射正好是发生在韩美每年联合军演开始之后几天。两国每年常规的军演总会引发韩国,美国和朝鲜的紧张局势For example, last year#39;s exercisestriggered weeks of heightened tensions between the nations and North Koreanthreats of nuclear war.比如,去年的军演引发了数周的紧张局势,当时朝鲜威胁核战争The South Korean and U.S. militaries have not beenspecific about where they are conducting their drills.韩国和美国军队没有提供进行军演的地点细节The South Korean Defense Ministry said thatthe North had fired the Scuds in a northeasterly direction and that theyprobably fell into North Korean waters of the East Sea, which is also known asthe Sea of Japan.韩国国防部称朝鲜是朝东北方向发射飞毛腿的,可能是掉入了东海的朝鲜海域,这也被称为日本海It was the first time North Korea had firedScud missiles, which have a range that covers the whole of the KoreanPeninsula, since 2009, South Korea said.韩国称,这是朝鲜自2009年以来首次发射飞毛腿导弹,这种导弹可以覆盖整个朝鲜半岛;We consider it to be threatening anda military provocation,; said South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman KimMing- seok, although he acknowledged the firings may have been a test launch orpart of military drills.韩国国防部发言人KimMing- seok说,“我们认为这是有威胁的军事挑衅”,虽然Kim Ming- seok也承认这次发射可能是一次测试或者是军演的一部分 /201403/277910上海妇幼保健医院祛疤多少钱上海长海医院祛疤手术多少钱



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