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Helping to Send Parcels请求代邮寄物品Good morning.Can I help you?早上好,我能帮您吗?Yes.I would like to send parcel to China.Can I send it from here?是的,我想把这个包裹寄到中国,可以在这里邮寄吗?Certainly.How do you like to send your parcel?当然可以您希望以什么方式邮寄?By air,please.航空邮寄Let me weigh it you.You should pay $.我先称下包裹您得付美元Please charge it on my bill.请记在我的账单上 3793Catch a bus乘公交车Is this where I can catch a bus to the theater?我在这里可以等到去剧院的车吗?Yes, but you cant get there without a change.是的,但您不能直达剧院Which bus do I have to change?那我该换乘哪班车呢?You have to get off at the hospital and change bus .到医院下车换乘路公交I see. Thank you.知道了,谢谢 9185面试英语口语Lesson33:At a Job Center经典对话:636.Do you think you can get a job me?您能帮我找个工作吗?637.Will you please fill out this m?请填这张表638.What this m ?这张表是做什么用的?639.This is registration.作为登记用60.How long shall I wait?我要等多久?61.Check the job boards at the job center regularly and check the newspaper daily.经常来看职业介绍所的招工牌,每天去查报纸情景案例:Dialogue A(O Office Clerk办公室职员,A Applicant找工作者)O: Hello.May I help you?A: Yes,please.Ive been here nearly two months,but I still havent got a job.Do you think you can get one me?O: Dont you worry,well try to help you.Will you please fill out this m?A: What this m ?O: This is registration.After you have given us your person-al details,well match these against new jobs as they come in.And well contact you when there is a job that suits you.A: That great.But how long shall I wait?O: Maybe several weeks,maybe several months.It hard to tell.A: Oh,dear.How can I wait such a long time?O: Actually,many jobs are filled by people who select vacancies from the display boards there.A: Then,what do you think I should do?O: My advice is to keep looking jobs yourself.Check the job boards at the job center regularly and check the newspapers daily.If you have friends or relatives here,ask them help,too.A: I see.Thank you very much your advice.Bye.O: Keep in touch.Notes 注释:1.After you have given us your personal details,well match these against new jobs when they come in.你把你的个人资料留给我们,我们将把这些情况同收到新的招工信息进行比较.And well contact you when there is a job that suits you.一有适合你的工作我们将与你联系3.It hard to tell.很难说.Keep in touch.常联系Words and Expressions:Fill out 填,填写registration n.登记,记录suit v.适合,配合display n.陈列,展览display board 招工信息陈列牌check v.检查,核对,核查 737导购口语:Every detail of workmanship and material has been carefully checked.面料和手工的各个细节都非常考究This pair of sponge table tennis bats are very good. They are selling like hot cakes now.这种海绵乒乓球拍很不错,现在十分畅销We have a fresh stock of all kinds of swimming suits.我们刚进了一批各式各样的泳衣 语句:Sponge table tennis bats海绵乒乓球拍;sell like hot cakes销售的很快,畅销;fresh stock刚刚到货;all kinds of...各式各样的…… 情景再现:Would you please show me the dunbbell?你能给我看看这副哑铃吗?Can you show me some badminton rackets?能拿些羽毛球拍给我看看吗?Can you show me another smaller swimming cap?能再让我看一顶小一些游泳帽吗?Something si wrong with my wrists and knees. I want a pair of wrist protector and two pairs of kneepad.我的双腕和双膝不舒,我要一副护腕和两幅护膝 9518

第9期:Renting a Car 租车Y:Good afternoon.May I help you?Y:您好,请问有什么要我效劳的吗?X:Yes,Id like to rent a car.X:是的,我想租一部车Y:What kind of car do you have in mind?Y:你想要什么样的车呢?X:An automatic sedan.X:一部自动排档的房车Y:I see.How long will you need it?Y:我明白了,你要租多久呢?X:About a week.X:大约一个星期Y:Just a moment,please.Y:请等一下其他出国旅游英语句型:1.What kind of car do you have in mend?你要什么样的车呢?have...in mind 心中想着……例:Whatever I do,I have you in mind.不管我做什么,我心里想的都是你.Just a moment,please. 请稍候一下Just a minute,Please.Wait a minute,please.Wait a second,please.例:A:We had better start right away.B:Sorry.Wait a second,please.甲:我们最好立刻出发乙:对不起,请稍候一下 0

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