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When smog descends on Beijing or other Asian cities, people rush to buy face masks.当雾霾降临到北京等亚洲城市的上空时,人们争相购买口罩。But how effective are the masks at filtering out tiny, harmful particles of pollution?可是,在过滤微小的有害颗粒物方面,这些口罩究竟有多少效果呢?The effectiveness varies tremendously, depending on factors like type, brand and fit. Simple, loosefitting masks do little to combat pollution, according to the ed States Food and Drug Administration, whereas more advanced, government-approved respirators that bind tightly to the wearer#39;s face can help but may be uncomfortable. More public education and research are urgently needed about face masks, health professionals say.基于类型、品牌和贴合度等因素,它们的有效性千差万别。美国食品与药品(ed States Food and Drug Administration)称,松垮地戴在脸上的简单口罩在对抗污染上起不到什么作用,而如果是获政府审批的更为先进的呼吸防护罩紧贴在面部,则能起到作用,但或许不太舒适。卫生领域的专业人士称,在口罩方面亟需加强公众教育与研究。;Consumers simply just don#39;t know which of those masks are the best,; Richard Saint Cyr, a physician in Beijing who writes a health column for the Chinese-language T Magazine once a month, said in an email. ;And some indeed may be worse than helpful if people are falsely reassured and spend more time outside using a mask which doesn#39;t work.;为纽约时报国际生活网站撰写月度健康专栏的圣西睿智医生(Richard Saint Cyr)在北京执业,他通过电子邮件接受采访称,“消费者对哪些口罩最好完全是一头雾水。有些的确是会帮倒忙,比如人们获得了错误的保,戴着不起作用的口罩在室外待更长的时间。”Many masks worn around Asia are simple surgical-type masks. But these are designed to prevent problems like splattering blood, not to block tiny particles, Benjamin Cowling, an associate professor of public health at the University of Hong Kong, said in an email. ;It is pretty common knowledge that surgical face masks have almost no filtration efficiency against pollutants,; he said.亚洲各地采用的许多口罩就是简单的医用口罩。香港大学公共卫生学副教授高本恩(Benjamin Cowling)在电子邮件中表示,这种口罩的设计用途是防止血液飞溅之类的问题,而不是阻挡细颗粒物。“医用口罩在过滤污染物方面几乎无效,这是很基本的常识,”他说。Surgical masks are made of polypropylene, according to Wallace Leung, director of the Research Institute of Innovative Products and Technologies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His tests found that at a standard airflow velocity, basic masks captured only 20 to 25 percent of tiny particles of 50 to 500 nanometers — a size common in diesel vehicles#39; exhaust. Such particles, less than 1 percent of the width of a human hair, are of particular concern because they can get buried deep in the lungs and end up in the bloodstream. The figures do not include any gap between the mask and the face that allows air to come in, further reducing efficiency香港理工大学创新产品与科技研究所所长梁焕方(Wallace Leung)称,医用口罩的材料是聚乙烯。他做的实验发现,在标准空气流速下,基本款的口罩只能过滤20%到25%直径在50到500纳米的细颗粒物。这种尺寸的颗粒物常见于柴油车尾气中,直径不到人体毛发的1%,因为能深入肺部进入血液循环而尤为令人担忧。这些数据还没有考虑口罩与面部之间漏气的情况,而这种空隙会进一步降低过滤效率。;What it means is, if you wear a face mask, you get 75 to 80 percent into the body,; Dr. Leung said. ;So that#39;s not good.;“这就意味着,如果戴的是一般口罩,就会有75%到80%进入人体,”梁士说。“所以情况不太妙。”A better bet, experts say, are respirators that guard against at least 95 percent of small particles. Sometimes known as N95 respirators, they use thick layers of polypropylene, according to Dr. Leung, and are designed to fit tightly to the face. In the ed States, such masks get tested by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and must be shown to keep out at least 95 percent of all tiny airborne particles to gain approval. They are often used by industrial workers and are generally disposable.专家们表示,更好的选择是能阻挡至少95%细颗粒物的呼吸防护罩。这种产品有时被命名为N95防护罩,梁士说它由厚厚的多层聚乙烯制成,采用紧贴面部的设计。在美国,此类面罩接受国家职业安全与卫生研究所(National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)的检测,要想过关必须明能过滤空气中至少95%的细颗粒物。它们常被工业工人使用,基本是一次性用品。One widely sought-after brand is 3M. The Minnesota-based company recently announced that it would invest million in a Singapore plant to increase production of its N95 respirators by 70 percent.一个广受欢迎的品牌叫3M,厂家的总部位于明尼苏达州。公司最近宣布,将投资1500万美元(约合9300万元人民币)在新加坡新建一座工厂,从而把N95防护罩的产量提升70%。;We definitely are seeing an increase in sales for respiratory protection; for use in China and elsewhere in Asia during hazy conditions, said Nikki McCullough, the technical manager for 3M#39;s personal safety division. The company said the price for its disposable respirators ranges from 30 cents to .70.3M个人安全部门的技术经理尼基·麦卡洛(Nikki McCullough)称,在中国等亚洲国家,由于人们在雾霾天气里要保护呼吸系统,“我们明显发现相关防护产品的销量增加了”。该公司称自己生产的一次性呼吸防护罩的价钱从30美分到6.7美元不等。The respirators block particles in a number of ways as the airflow encounters layered fibers. But respirators that guard against small particles can make it more challenging to breathe. That is especially true for people with heart or lung problems, said Tze-wai Wong, a research professor at the School of Public Health and Primary Care at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.随着气流经过层状纤维,呼吸防护罩会以多种方式阻挡颗粒物。不过,能阻挡细颗粒物的呼吸防护罩可能会让呼吸变得更困难。香港中文大学公共卫生及基层医疗学院(School of Public Health and Primary Care at the Chinese University of Hong Kong)的黄子惠(Tze-wai Wong)教授表示,对有心肺问题的人群尤其如此。To improve breathability and increase filtering efficiency at the same time, Dr. Leung of Hong Kong Polytechnic University wants to create masks and respirators that use multiple layers of nanofibers. He received a ed States patent last year, and ;a number of companies have approached us,; he said.为了改善透气性,同时增强过滤效率,香港理工大学的梁士想发明出使用多层纳米纤维的口罩和呼吸防护罩。去年,他在美国获得了一项专利。“已经有多家公司跟我们接洽了,”他说。Another issue is that while N95 respirators guard against small particles, they do not combat another form of traffic-related pollution: gases like nitrogen oxides or volatile organic compounds.另一个问题是,尽管N95防护罩能阻挡细颗粒物,它们却无法抵御另一种与交通有关的污染:像氮氧化物这样的气体或挥发性有机化合物。Some companies have created cartridges that can connect to certain respirators to block some gases. But they are expensive and cumbersome — and, Dr. Leung said, not a good choice for the public in Asia.一些企业已经研制出了能和特定的呼吸防护罩相连以阻挡部分气体的滤芯。但它们很贵,而且很笨重。梁士说,对亚洲的民众而言,它们不是很好的选择。Dr. Leung hopes to create a system that uses sunlight and oxygen to turn nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds into ;harmless substances, like carbon dioxide or water.; Eventually, he hopes to be able to join it to a regular, particle-filtering respirator.梁士希望能制造一个用阳光和氧气,将氮氧化物和挥发性有机污染物变成“像二氧化碳或水那样的无害物质”的系统。他希望最终能把这个系统加进过滤颗粒物的常规呼吸防护罩中。More testing of existing brands of masks and respirators should be a priority, Dr. Saint Cyr said.圣西睿智表示,首要的应该是对现有的口罩和呼吸防护罩品牌进行更多的检测。Aided by his blog, Dr. Saint Cyr is trying to organize independent testing for 40 brands that are commonly available in China. But he recently put the project on hold, citing the need to gain academic and scientific backing for the project.通过自己的客,圣西睿智正试图组织对中国常见的40个品牌进行独立检验。但前不久,他搁置了这个项目,理由是必须让这个项目有学术依据和科学依据。;I feel it#39;s very important to warn people against masks that don#39;t work, as well as to tell them which work well,; Dr. Saint Cyr said, adding that research is also needed on household air-purifying machines.“我觉得提醒人们有些口罩不起作用,并告诉他们哪些口罩效果好很重要,”圣西睿智说。他还表示,也需要对家用空气净化器进行研究。Dr. Wong said that one low-tech method of combating air pollution might also be the most effective — encouraging people not to go jogging or engage in other strenuous activities during times of heavy smog. The goal, he said, is ;really to try to change the behavior of people on high-pollution days.”黄子惠表示,对付空气污染的一种科技含量很低的方法可能也是最有效的,那就是建议人们不要在烟雾浓重的时候跑步或进行其他剧烈运动。他说,目的“实际上是试着改变人们在高污染天气中的行为”。 /201410/335708If your dog looks pleased to see you – it is probably because it loves the particular way you smell.如果你的一见到你就显得很开心的话,有可能是因为它喜欢你散发出的独特气味。The odour of a familiar human apparently lingers like perfume in the animal’s brain – where it triggers an instinctive emotional response, research published yesterday reveals.根据近日公布的一份研究显示,熟悉的人所散发的气味会如同香水一般深深地存在于动物的脑海里。这些气味会触发大脑内部本能的情绪反应。Our scent acts on a part of the canine brain associated with reward and the strongest reactions are produced by humans that pets know best, say scientists in America.美国科学家声称,犬类的大脑中有一块负责“奖励”的区域,与宠物最亲密的人身上的气味能够激起该区最强烈的反应。Gregory Berns, of Emory University in Atlanta, said: ‘While we might expect that dogs should be highly tuned to the smell of other dogs, it seems that the “reward response” is reserved for their humans.埃默里大学的格里高利· 伯恩斯(Gregory Berns)说:“我们原以为这种反应是适用于之间的。目前看来这种‘奖励反应’只适用于的主人。”#39;When humans smell the perfume or cologne of someone they love, they may have an immediate, emotional reaction that#39;s not necessarily cognitive.“当人们嗅到爱人身上的香水或古龙水时,会立刻出现情绪上的反应,这种反应并不一定能被察觉到。”#39;Our experiment may be showing the same process in dogs. But since dogs are so much more olfactory than humans, their responses would likely be even more powerful than the ones we might have.“我们的实验或许可以表明,对气味的应激过程是相同的。不过鉴于的嗅觉比人类灵敏,因此它们对于气味的反应会比人类强烈得多。”#39;It#39;s one thing when you come home and your dog sees you and jumps on you and licks you and knows that good things are about to happen.“当你回到家时,你的一见到你就会扑到你怀里,不停地舔你,它知道有好事要降临了。”#39;In our experiment, however, the scent donors were not physically present.“但是在我们的实验中,气味样本的源体(主人)并不在场。”#39;That means the canine brain responses were being triggered by something distant in space and time. It shows that dogs#39; brains have these mental representations of us that persist when we#39;re not there.#39;“这意味着,犬类的大脑反应是由过去某处发生过的事所触发的。同时也表明,当我们不在身边的时候,我们的精神意识形态会留存在它们的大脑中。”The university’s experiment - the first of its type - involved 12 dogs of various breeds who underwent brain scans while five different scents were placed in front of them.埃默里大学这项开拓性的实验利用了十二只不同品种的作为实验对象,通过对这些的大脑进行扫描,来研究它们对五种气味的反应有何不同。The scent samples came from the subject itself, a dog the subject had never met, a dog that lived in the subject#39;s household, a human the dog had never met, and a human that lived in the subject#39;s household.气味样本有五个来源,分别是:被测自己、被测从未见过的另一只、居住在被测家中的另一只、被测从未见过的一个人,以及被测的家人。The familiar human scent samples were taken from someone else from the house other than the handlers during the experiment, so that none of the scent donors were physically present.在实验中,气味样本来自被测的家人,但他并不参与到实验中来。因此,所有气味样本的源体都没有出现在实验现场。The results showed that all five scents elicited a similar response in parts of the dogs#39; brains involved in detecting smells. Responses were significantly stronger for the scents of familiar humans, followed by that of familiar dogs.实验结果显示,脑内负责嗅觉的区域对这五种气味都产生了类似的反应。对于熟人的反应尤其强烈,对于熟悉的次之。The findings, which were published in the journal Behavioural Processes, showed that dogs reacted strongest to the scent of a familiar human even when they were not there.这项发现被刊登在《行为学过程》杂志上,文中写道,即使熟悉的人没在身边,他们的气味也会激发最强烈的反应。Pets trained as help or therapy dogs showed greater brain activity than the other dogs in the test.在实验中还发现,相比其他种类的而言,辅助犬和治疗犬的大脑对气味的反应更为明显。Researchers say the findings could improve the way animals who assist wounded veterans or disabled people are selected.研究者声称,这些发现对于如何为受伤老兵和残障人士选择合适的辅助犬大有裨益。 /201404/287797

You might think you have the figure of Marilyn Monroe but according to research the truth is likely to be far more prosaic.你可能以为你是玛丽莲·梦露的身材,不过据一项调查显示,现实可能没你想象的那么好。A study found nine in ten women didn’t know their body shape – with many mistakenly believing they have a wasp waist and hourglass curves.调查显示,十分之九的女性不知道自己的体型,很多人误以为自己有蜂腰和沙漏曲线。In fact, the majority have a straight up and down figure, known rather unflatteringly, as ‘the rectangle’. Rectangles – who include Kim Cattrall and Nicole Kidman – have bust, hips and shoulders of the same width. They also have no waist to speak of.实际上,大多数女性是笔直体型,说句大实话,就是矩形身材。矩形身材的代表女性包括金·凯特罗尔和妮可·基德曼,这种身材的特点是胸、臀部和肩部一样宽,没有腰可言。Some 240 women had body scans to obtain their measurements and proportions. These were then used to identify their body type. Options included hourglass, rectangle, pear and triangle – a woman with a big belly and hips.有240名女性接受身体扫描以获得体型测量和比例,这些数据就用来判别他们的体型。基本体型分为沙漏型、矩形、梨型和三角形(即即肚子和臀部较大)。The scans revealed 63 per cent of the women to be rectangular, with waists getting bigger and their curves becoming less defined with age.扫描结果显示63%的女性是矩形身材,他们的腰部越来越粗,腰部曲线随着年龄增长日趋减少。Just 38 per cent of 18- to 35-year-olds had the rectangular proportions but 80 per cent of those aged 56-plus met the criteria. Similarly, 30 per cent of young women had an hourglass shape, but the figure fell to 4 per cent in older women.在18-35岁人群中,只有38%的女性是矩形身材,而在56岁以上人群中,有80%的人符合此标准。同样地,30%的年轻女性符合沙漏型身材标准,而在年老女性中,只有4%的人符合此标准。The results, said shopping website isme.com, were even more telling when women were asked to pick their own shape. Whether they#39;re an hourglass, rectangle, triangle (a leaner version of a pear), bottom hourglass, inverted triangle or top hourglass - only one in ten women can identify their own body shape.据购物网站isme.com的调查,当女性被要求选出自己的体型时,对比结果更生动。无论他们是沙漏型、矩形、三角形(梨形身材的瘦弱版)、下半身沙漏型(肩部较窄,下身较宽)、倒三角型和上半身沙漏型(上身较大,臀部较小),只有十分之一的女性能准确选出来。On top of this, a quarter don’t believe their figure fits in with any of these traditional body shapes.此外,四分之一的女性认为自己不属于上述传统身材中的任意一种。A common frustration for women when buying clothes to fit their shape was spending money on adjusting a garment to get a more appropriate fit, according to nearly half (42 per cent) of those questioned.根据调查,有近一半(42%)的人需要花钱在改衣上,以便使它更合身。On the back of this, 63 per cent of those surveyed also stated they would like more help and advice from retailers when shopping to fit their size and shape.另外,63%的受访女性表示在店里买衣时会向店员寻求帮助和建议,以便买到合适的尺寸和版型。The report goes on to reveal that women are out of touch with their true shape because of the body’s tendency to change and shift with age.这份报告也显示女性对自己的真实身材不甚了解,因为体型会随着年龄不断变化。A spokesperson for Manchester Metropolitan University, who carried out the survey with isme.com, said: #39;The research so far has shown that a woman’s body size, shape and posture can change - sometimes substantially - as a result of the ageing process.一位与isme.com网站合作此调查的曼彻斯特城市大学发言人说道:“这项调查已经明女性的身材有时会随着年龄有很大程度的变化。”#39;The study confirmed this, and also highlighted that shape change occurs not only into terms of posture and body shape but also in terms of circumferential measurement differences between the front and back of the body in the waist region.#39;“这项调查实并强调了形体变化不仅表现在姿态和身体形状上,也表现在腰部前后测量的不同上。”Carol Vorderman, ambassador for isme.com, added: #39;It#39;s no surprise that women#39;s body shapes change so dramatically as they get older, with motherhood and a slowing metabolism taking its toll.isme.com的代表Carol Vorderman补充道:“随着成为母亲和新陈代谢缓慢的损害,女性年老以后体型变化巨大并不意外。”#39;My body shape has changed a lot over the years but the key is understanding what styles your body suits and then finding clothes that fit properly.#39;“我的体型这么些年来变化巨大,但关键是找到适合你体型的穿衣风格,然后挑选合适的衣。”#39;Size is just a number and varies from retailer to retailer, it#39;s important that shape is the main consideration when choosing items for your wardrobe.#39;“衣尺寸只是一个号码,而且不同的店里并不一样,所以购买衣时体型时是最主要的考虑因素。”ed that Gates had been her mystery gift giver, writing “I want to start by giving a HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Bill Gates for an amazing gift and secret santa experience. Bill—you ROCK (can I call you Bill?! I feel like we’re friends now!).”在一篇题为“注意:比尔·盖茨没有找你,是因为他找到我了”的帖子中,一位名叫蕾切尔的Reddit用户透露,盖茨是她神秘的礼物派送者,并写道,“首先,我非常感谢比尔·盖茨先生给我带来这么棒的礼物和神秘圣诞老人的经历。比尔——你好厉害(我能喊你比尔吗?!我想我们现在是朋友吧!)。”She goes on to describe Gates’ gift—which could have come from a particularly thoughtful uncle—of a stuffed cow, along with a donation in her name to the non-profit Heifer International她继续形容盖茨的这份礼物——本该是来自一位特别体贴的叔叔——填充奶牛玩偶,和以她的名义向非盈利组织国际小母牛组织(Heifer International)捐赠一头小牛(该组织贫困地区的家庭免费提供家畜)。该礼物中还包括一本《国家地理:一生必游的500经典路线》(National Geographic Journeys of a Lifetime)。Gates exposed his identity in a note explaining the donation, and included a picture of himself (above) holding the stuffed bovine and the note as confirmation. For anyone thinking this was a cheap gift from the country’s wealthiest man, the donation of one heifer to a family in need rings in at 0—well above the gift ceiling of your standard Secret Santa.盖茨在一张解释这份圣诞礼物的便签中表明了自己的身份,并包括一张他拿着礼物和卡片的照片作为明。有些人会认为,美国首富的这份礼物太廉价了,但是要知道,向一个贫困家庭捐赠一头小母牛相当于500美元——这可比你最昂贵的圣诞礼物都值钱多了。Reddit Gifts is an annual gift exchange started in 2009 to connect “Redditors” around the world. Users enter their home address and information such as likes and dislikes, and Reddit matches gifters and recipients at random. After participants receive a gift, they’re encouraged to return to Reddit and post a public thank you.Reddit Gifts是一年一度的礼物交换活动,始于2009年,旨在将全球的“Redditors”联系起来。用户们输入他们的家庭住址和个人喜好,Reddit会随机对礼物赠送者和接收人进行配对,并鼓励他们在收到礼物之后回到网站发一封公开的感谢信。Rachel says in her post that it wasn’t until she saw the photo of Gates that she knew who had sent her loot, but she had an inkling it was somebody special when she received a notification email that said her gift was being overnighted and weighed in at 7 pounds.蕾切尔在她的帖子中写道,直到她看到盖茨的照片,她才知道送她礼物的神秘人是谁。但她事前她收到过一封通知邮件,告诉她有一份7磅重的礼物正连夜送达,因此她隐隐感觉到今年的圣诞老人会是个特别的人物。Gates has become an enthusiastic Reddit user over the past year, participating in an Ask Me Anything th in the spring and posting thoughts and questions periodically, such as “How much of the Earth are humans consuming?”, using the handle “thisisbillgates.”在过去一年,盖茨已经成为Reddit热情的用户,他不仅在今年春天参与该网站组织的“Ask Me Anything”问答活动,还定期以我是“我是比尔·盖茨”的句柄发表想法和问题,诸如,“地球有多少正在被人类消耗着?”A Gates spokesman told GeekWire he joined the gift exchange in part to raise awareness for Heifer International.盖茨的一位发言人告诉GeekWire说,他参与礼物交换活动,在某种程度上是为了提高对国际小母牛组织的意识。Gates hasn’t posted a response to Rachel’s public thank you just yet, but whoever drew the name “Bill Gates” from Reddit’s virtual hat better come up with something extra thoughtful for the man who truly has everything.盖茨尚未对蕾切尔的公开感谢做出回复,不过,无论是谁在Reddit的抽签游戏中抽中“比尔·盖茨”的名字,都想不到一个真正拥有一切的人会想得这么周到。 /201401/271644

  PARIS — One cloudy afternoon this month, the line to enter the Louvre stretched around the entrance pyramid, across one long courtyard and into the next. Inside the museum, a crowd more than a dozen deep faced the Mona Lisa, most taking cellphone pictures and selfies. Near the ;Winged Victory of Samothrace,; Jean-Michel Borda, visiting from Madrid, paused amid the crush. ;It#39;s like the Métro early in the morning,; he said.巴黎——本月的一个多云的下午,等待进入卢浮宫的长队在金字塔入口绕了一圈,穿过长长的天井,排到了下一个入口处。在物馆里,几十个人面对着《蒙娜丽莎》(Mona Lisa),大多在用手机拍照或自拍。在《萨莫色雷斯的胜利女神》(Winged Victory of Samothrace)附近,来自马德里的让-米切尔·尔达(Jean-Michel Borda)在拥挤的人群中停下了。“这像是早高峰时的地铁,”他说。It is the height of summer, and millions of visitors are flocking to the Louvre — the busiest art museum in the world, with 9.3 million visitors last year — and to other great museums across Europe. Every year the numbers grow as new middle classes emerge, especially in Asia and Eastern Europe. Last summer the British Museum had record attendance, and for 2013 as a whole it had 6.7 million visitors, making it the world#39;s second-most-visited art museum, according to The Art Newspaper. Attendance at the Uffizi in Florence for the first half of the year is up almost 5 percent over last year.这是夏季的高峰期,成百上千万游客涌入卢浮宫和欧洲的其他著名物馆。卢浮宫是世界上最繁忙的艺术物馆,去年接待游客930万人次。随着新中产阶级的涌现——特别是在亚洲和东欧——游客人数每年都在增加。据《艺术报》(The Art Newspaper)说,去年夏天大英物馆(British Museum)的游客人数打破了记录,2013年全年接待游客670万人次,成为世界上第二大被参观最多的艺术物馆。佛罗伦萨的乌菲齐美术馆(Uffizi)今年上半年的参观人数比去年增长了差不多5%。Seeing masterpieces may be a soul-nourishing cultural rite of passage, but soaring attendance has turned many museums into crowded, sauna-like spaces, forcing institutions to debate how to balance accessibility with art preservation.欣赏名作也许是能滋养灵魂的文化行为,但是急剧上涨的参观人数把很多物馆变成了拥挤的、桑拿室般的地方,迫使物馆开始讨论如何在保游客参观与保护艺术品之间达到平衡。In recent years, museums have started doing more to manage the crowds. Most offer timed tickets. Others are extending their hours. To protect the art, some are putting in new air-conditioning systems. Still, some critics say that they#39;re not doing enough.近些年,物馆开始更加注意控制游客人数。大多是发放限时门票。也有的是延长开放时间。为了保护艺术品,有些物馆安装了新的空调系统。不过,有些批评家说他们做得还不够。Last year, the Vatican Museums had a record 5.5 million visitors. This year, thanks to the popularity of Pope Francis, officials expect that to rise to 6 million. The Vatican is installing a new climate-control system in the Sistine Chapel to help spare Michelangelo#39;s frescoes the humidity generated by the 2,000 people who fill the space at any given time, recently as many as 22,000 a day. The Vatican hopes to have it finished by October.去年,梵蒂冈物馆(Vatican Museums)接待游客550万人次,打破了自己的记录。今年,由于方济各教皇(Pope Francis)很受欢迎,官方预测游客人数将上升至600万人次。梵蒂冈正在西斯廷教堂(Sistine Chapel)安装一个新的气候控制系统,以帮助化解游客带来的湿度,保护米开朗基罗(Michelangelo)的壁画。该教堂开放期间每时每刻都挤满了2000名游客,最近每天的游客达22000名。梵蒂冈希望能在10月底前完成这一系统的安装。In a telephone interview, Antonio Paolucci, the director of the Vatican Museums, said his institution was in a bind: To safeguard the frescoes, attendance should not be allowed to increase, he said, but ;the Sistine Chapel has a symbolic, religious value for Catholics and we can#39;t set a cap.;在电话采访中,梵蒂冈物馆的馆长安东尼奥·帕鲁奇(Antonio Paolucci)说他的机构陷入了两难境地:为了保护壁画,不能再增加参观人数了,但是“西斯廷教堂对天主教徒来说具有象征性的宗教意义,我们也不能设上限。”Museums generally don#39;t like keeping a lid on attendance. At the Hermitage, which had 3.1 million visitors last year, the only cap on the number of visitors is ;the physical limitations of the space itself, or the number of hangers in the coat room during the winter,; said Nina V. Silanteva, the head of the museum#39;s visitor services department.物馆一般不喜欢给参观人数设立上限。埃米塔日物馆(Hermitage)去年的参观人数达310万人次。该物馆游务部的主管尼娜·V·斯兰特瓦(Nina V. Silanteva)说,对游客人数的唯一限制是“物馆本身的空间或冬天衣帽间里衣架的个数”。Ms. Silanteva said the goal was to make the museum accessible to as many people as possible, but she conceded that the crowds pose problems. ;Such a colossal number of simultaneous viewers isn#39;t good for the art, and it can be uncomfortable and overwhelming for those who come to see the art,; she said. ;Thankfully nothing bad has happened, and God has saved us from any mishaps.;斯兰特瓦说目标是让尽可能多的人能参观物馆,但是她承认人多确实带来了一些问题。“这么多人同时参观不利于艺术品,来观看艺术品的人也会感觉不舒,受不了,”她说,“幸好没发生什么糟糕的事情,上帝保佑我们免于灾祸。”Sometimes, mishaps do occur. Because of crowds, the Townley Venus in the British Museum, a first- to second-century Roman statue with an outstretched arm, has had its fingers knocked off a few times in recent years.有时的确发生了灾祸。因为人多,大英物馆的汤利维纳斯(Townley Venus)的手指最近几年被撞掉了好几次。汤利维纳斯是1世纪至2世纪的罗马雕塑,有伸出来的手臂。Even when the art is secure, the experience can become irksome. Patricia Rucidlo, a guide in Florence for Context Travel, said that visiting the Accademia, famous for Michelangelo#39;s ;David,; had become ;a nightmare; this year because visitors are now allowed to take photos. ;People now swarm the paintings, step on anyone to get to them, push, shove, snap a photo, and move quickly on without looking at the painting,; she wrote in an email message.即使艺术品没有遭到破坏,参观体验也变得令人厌烦。帕特丽夏·卢西德罗(Patricia Rucidlo)是佛罗伦萨环境旅行社(Context Travel)的导游,她说今年参观学院美术馆(Accademia)简直是“做噩梦”,因为现在游客被允许拍照。该物馆因米开朗基罗的《大卫》(David)而闻名。“人们现在挤到所有绘画周围,不管踩着什么人都要往前挤,推推搡搡,拍一张照片,赶紧往前走,看都没看画作一眼,”她在电子邮件中说。Lines outside the Uffizi in Florence, which had 1.9 million visitors last year, are famed for their length, and the courtyard is filled with people scalping timed tickets. (A private company handles ticketing at the Uffizi and keeps 14 percent of the ticket price.) The museum says that it caps the number of visitors at 980 people at a time, to meet fire codes.佛罗伦萨乌菲齐美术馆去年接待游客190万人次,物馆外的队伍长得出了名,院子里挤满了倒卖限时门票的人(一家私人公司负责乌菲齐的票务,赚取门票费的14%)。物馆说为了达到防火规定,它限制同时参观的游客人数不超过980人。But earlier this year, some staff members warned that the museum had been letting in far more people than allowed, putting the artwork at risk. Tomaso Montanari, an art historian in Florence and professor at the Federico II University in Naples, has been strongly critical of crowding at the Uffizi, which is considerably smaller than other major museums. ;It seems like a tropical greenhouse — you can#39;t breathe,; he said in a telephone interview. ;If a cinema has 100 places, you can#39;t let in 300 people. If there#39;s a fire, it#39;s a tragedy.;但是今年早些时候,一些员工警告说,该物馆允许进入的游客人数远远超过了这个数字,置艺术品于险境。该物馆比其他主要物馆要小得多。佛罗伦萨的艺术史学家、那不勒斯费德里科二世大学(Federico II University)的教授托马索·蒙塔纳里(Tomaso Montanari)对乌菲齐物馆的拥挤强烈不满。“它像个热带温室——你在里面无法呼吸,”他在电话采访中说,“如果一个影院有100个座位,你就不应该让300个人进来。如果失火了,那就是灾难。”Marco Ferri, a spokesman for the Uffizi, said the museum has been under renovation since 2006 but that some rooms have not yet been upgraded with climate control. ;In the next two years, everything will be modernized,; he said.乌菲齐物馆的发言人马尔科·费里(Marco Ferri)说该物馆从2006年开始整修,但是有些房间没有升级安装气候控制系统。“未来两年,一切都将现代化,”他说。The Louvre, Uffizi, Vatican, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and Prado in Madrid all offer timed tickets for sale, allowing visitors to avoid lines. Even museums that don#39;t charge admission to their permanent collections, like the British Museum and the National Gallery in London, have special exhibitions that require paying tickets. During the National Gallery#39;s Leonardo da Vinci blockbuster in 2011, websites were reselling tickets for as much as 0.卢浮宫、乌菲齐物馆、梵蒂冈物馆、阿姆斯特丹国立物馆(Rijksmuseum)和马德里的普拉多物馆(Prado)都销售限时门票,让游客可以免于排队。甚至连那些对自己的永久藏品不收门票的物馆,比如大英物馆和伦敦的国家美术馆(National Gallery),也开设需要付门票的特别展览。2011年伦敦国家美术馆举办轰动的莱昂纳多·达芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci)展期间,有人在网上以400美元的价格转售25美元的门票。While most museums are closed at least one day a week, in 2012 the Prado moved to a seven-day-a-week schedule and extended its hours until 8 p.m. on weekdays. That followed a redesign in 2007 by the architect Rafael Moneo that improved the circulation at the museum, making it easier to see masterpieces by Velázquez and Goya.大多数物馆每周至少闭馆一天,但是普拉多物馆2012年起改为一周开放七天,工作日的开放时间延长至晚上8点。2007年建筑师拉斐尔·莫尼奥(Rafael Moneo)重新设计了该物馆,提高了人群的流动性,让人们更容易看到委拉斯开兹(Velázquez)和戈雅(Goya)的杰作。At every museum, people do find ways to circumvent the lines, going to the Louvre on Wednesday and Friday evenings when the museum is open until 9:45 p.m., finding less-trafficked entrances or even paying for an annual membership that allows priority access.在每个物馆,人们确实也找到一些避开长队的方法,例如,在周三和周五晚上去卢浮宫,因为那两天物馆开放至晚上9点45分;寻找人不太多的入口;甚至购买年度会员卡,以获得优先进入权。Last fall the Louvre closed for a day after guards went on strike to protest increasingly aggressive gangs of pickpockets in the galleries. Since then security has been increased and the number of pickpocketing incidents has dropped 75 percent, a museum spokeswoman said.去年秋天,卢浮宫闭馆一天,因为保安们罢工抗议展馆内越来越猖狂的扒窃团伙。该物馆的一位发言人说,从那以后,安保措施加强了,扒窃案件降低了75%。Standing in a long line next to I. M. Pei#39;s entrance pyramid, Manu Srivastan, 46, from Jabalpur, India, said he had come with his wife, father and daughters. They had been waiting for about 45 minutes, with 15 more to go, but they didn#39;t mind. ;It#39;s a wonderful learning experience,; he said of the Louvre. ;You#39;re always left wanting more.;来自印度贾巴尔普尔的46岁的马努·斯里瓦斯坦(Manu Srivastan)站在贝聿铭设计的金字塔入口的长队中,说他是和妻子、父亲和女儿们一起来的。他们已经等了大约45分钟,还得再等15分钟,但是他们不介意。“它是绝妙的学习体验,”他提到卢浮宫时说,“你总是想学习更多。” /201409/327064


  #39;I#39;M A CAPITALIST, I#39;m a CEO, I run a big business, I#39;m an employer,#39; says Sophia Amoruso, the 29-year-old head of Nasty Gal, the online fashion retail empire that she transformed from an eBay vintage store into a 0 million company in just seven years. #39;But it#39;s all secondary to the way it happened, because I could be anything.#39; 在线时装零售帝国Nasty Gal的29岁老板索菲娅?阿莫鲁索(Sophia Amoruso)说:“我是资本家,我是CEO,我开有一家大公司,我是雇主。但这一切都没有过程更重要,因为我感觉自己可以心想事成。”仅用七年时间,阿莫鲁索就把Nasty Gal从一家eBay上的旧衣网店打造成一家价值2.4亿美元(约合人民币14.7亿元)的公司。 Sitting in the back garden of New York#39;s Crosby Street Hotel dressed in a crocheted lace dress and a trench draped over her shoulders, Amoruso is reflecting on the period of her life between age 17-when she left home in Sacramento to dumpster dive, work in record stores and side with anarchism while she floated up and down the West Coast-and 22, when she started Nasty Gal. She named the company after the song by funk musician Betty Davis, the second wife of Miles Davis. #39;I#39;ve accepted what I have, and I feel like I#39;ve completely done it on my own terms,#39; says Amoruso, who is now based in Los Angeles. 阿莫鲁索坐在纽约克罗斯比街酒店(Crosby Street Hotel)的后花园里,身穿一件针织蕾丝裙,肩上披着一件风衣,回味着她从17岁到22岁间的那段人生。17岁时,她离开萨克拉门托(Sacramento)的老家,一边捡破烂、给唱片店打工、持无政府主义,一边在西海岸晃荡。22岁时,她创办了“Nasty Gal”(脏女孩)公司。公司名字取自放克乐艺人、迈尔斯?戴维斯(Miles Davis)第二任妻子贝蒂?戴维斯(Betty Davis)的同名歌曲。现在常驻洛杉矶的阿莫鲁索说:“我已经接受了自己所拥有的一切,而且感觉完全是按照我自己的想法来做的。” What Amoruso has created is a sizeable niche business in the high-margin fast-fashion space. Her company sells edgy, retro-inspired looks at reasonable prices- tops, dresses-and some actual vintage items to a rabidly loyal customer base of young women, frothed up by almost constant social media interaction. (Detractors might say the hemlines are too high and necklines too low.) Nasty Gal has been experiencing a growth spurt, with no advertising and little discounting. That its successes-and Amoruso-are difficult to characterize has made its ascent all the more enthralling. So what is Nasty Gal, exactly? 阿莫鲁索创办的是快速时尚这个高利润行业里一家规模可观的小众化公司。她的公司出售前卫、复古的衣装,价格适中,上衣50美元(约合人民币307元)一件,连衣裙70美元(约合人民币429元)一件,另外公司还出售一些真正有年头的衣。客户群体是一群越来越忠实、几乎不断与社交媒体互动的年轻女性。(批评者或许会说下摆太高、领口太低。)在不打广告、很少有折扣的情况下,Nasty Gal依然经历了急剧增长。这家公司以及阿莫鲁索本人的成功很难被特征化,这使得它的成长过程更加让人着迷。那么Nasty Gal究竟是什么呢? It began humbly. In 2006, Amoruso had just dropped out of photography school. She turned her passion for vintage clothes into a small business, run from her Mac laptop in her bedroom of her ex-boyfriend#39;s San Francisco apartment, reselling key finds on eBay and promoting them via Nasty Gal#39;s Myspace page. The entire looks Amoruso constructed, using models and her own styling, were far from the bad photos of an old rock T-shirt on a mannequin that comprises the majority of visual presentation on eBay. She#39;d sell a Chanel leather jacket she bought for at the Salvation Army for over ,000. These margins, matched with her careful eye, made for a booming cottage business. 它出身寒微。2006年,阿莫鲁索刚刚从摄影学校退学,她以自己对陈年衣的热爱创办了一家小公司,在前男友旧金山公寓的卧室里用一台Mac笔记本电脑运营。她倒卖eBay上淘到的重要物件,并通过Nasty Gal的Myspace页面推广。阿莫鲁索利用模板加上自己的风格设计制作了公司的Myspace页面,整个视觉效果完全不同于那种假人模特身穿一件旧摇滚T恤的劣质照片――eBay上的大多数图片广告都属于这种。她在宗教慈善组织“救世军”(Salvation Army)买到一件8美元(约合人民币49元)的香奈儿(Chanel)皮上衣,转手一卖就卖出了1,000美元(约合人民币6,130元)以上。这样的利润率加上她的慧眼形成了这个红红火火的作坊式企业。 #39;In the beginning, I was basically paying the models with hamburgers,#39; she says. #39;They were normal high school girls that you find on Myspace. I would buy them lunch and maybe give them a day.#39; Using approachable-looking models has persisted with Nasty Gal#39;s growth. #39;We#39;re cool, but we#39;re inclusive, which I think in fashion is not that common.#39; 她说:“刚开始时,我基本上只能请模特吃汉堡包。她们都是Myspace上的普通高中女生。我会请她们吃午饭,一天可能会给她们20美元(约合人民币123元)。”在Nasty Gal不断扩张的过程中,聘用平易近人的模特这一点一直没有改变。“我们很酷,但也很包容,这点我觉得在时装界就没那么常见了。” Eventually, the demand from her 60,000 Myspace friends outgrew what she could supply with vintage finds and her eBay store. She bought the site nastygalvintage.com (nastygal.com was, at the time, a pornography site; she#39;s since purchased the domain name) and began approaching labels with a provocative edge, like MinkPink and Jeffrey Campbell, to participate. 最终,由于六万个Myspace友邻的需求越来越大,阿莫鲁索淘到的陈年衣和她的eBay店已经供不应求,于是她买下了网站nastygalvintage.com(当时nastygal.com还是一个色情网站,她把域名买了下来),开始邀请MinkPink和Jeffrey Campbell等有着性感冲击力的大品牌参加。 By 2010, equity firms and venture capitalists were banging down her door, but Amoruso barely entertained them. #39;I built a huge profitable business with no debt,#39; she says. #39;I put every drop of profit from this business back into it. That#39;s why it#39;s successful.#39; 到2010年时,私募和风投已经在猛敲阿莫鲁索的房门,而她只是很勉强地接待了他们。她说:“我不背债就建立了一家利润丰厚的大公司。我把这家公司赚到的每一丁点利润又投入回去,这正是它成功的原因。” When she finally did need help expanding, in 2012, Amoruso took million from Danny Rimer of Index Ventures-an early investor in success stories like Asos, Net-A-Porter and Farfetch-and leased a 500,000-square-foot fulfillment center in Kentucky. Like most of Nasty Gal#39;s new endeavors, the decision to go with Rimer came from Amoruso#39;s gut. #39;I don#39;t really have any mercenary relationships in the business, and Danny is someone I really like as a person, who I#39;m friends with, who is like family,#39; she says. #39;No one was investing in Net-A-Porter, no one was investing in Asos [when Rimer approached them]. Index is contrarian in their thinking, which I am.#39; 2012年,阿莫鲁索终于需要有人来帮忙做扩张了,于是她从Index Ventures公司的丹尼?里默尔(Danny Rimer)――Asos、Net-A-Porter和Farfetch成功故事背后的早期投资者――那里拿了5,000万美元(约合人民币3亿元),在肯塔基州租了一个50万平方英尺(约合4.6万平方米)的配送中心。和Nasty Gal的大多数新尝试一样,与里默尔合作的决定也是出自阿莫鲁索的本性。“这里面几乎没什么惟利是图的关系,丹尼这个人是我真正喜欢的,他跟我是朋友,像家人一样。”她说:“当里默尔与前述几家公司接触的时候,还没人打算投资Net-A-Porter,也没人投资Asos。Index公司的思维是一种反向思维,我也是这样。” One way Nasty Gal has kept margins thick is through its approach to promotion. Until recently it didn#39;t advertise. The company has little to no overstock, thanks to the limited runs it offers to those customers eagerly awaiting Facebook updates-a rarity in a business that relies on discounting (though, more recently, discounting has been featured on the site). Since 2011, its number of Facebook fans has increased tenfold, to nearly 831,055. The company has even more Instagram followers. #39;Nasty Gal really emerged from a conversation,#39; says Amoruso. #39;I#39;ve probably spent more time than any other brand ing every last comment. To listen to people the way you#39;re able to online is very powerful. I think other companies are just starting to figure that out.#39; Nasty Gal保持丰厚利润率的一个窍门在于它的推广方法。它直到最近才开始打广告。公司存货很少,甚至没有存货,它向那些焦急等待Facebook更新的客户们提供小批量产品――在一个依靠打折生存的行业里,这是非常少见的(不过后来Nasty Gal网站上也推出了打折活动)。公司的Facebook粉丝数量已经增至831,055人,是2011年的10倍,Instagram上的粉丝比这还多。阿莫鲁索说:“Nasty Gal其实是在对话中产生的。我阅读每一条最新留言,在这上面花的时间估计比其他任何品牌都多。利用你在网上能够利用的途径听别人说话,是非常有用的。我觉得别的公司才刚刚开始明白这一点。” Rimer agrees: #39;What led us to Nasty Gal was the fact that Sophia had created something extremely special in terms of a connection between what she was doing and her customer base.#39; 里默尔也是这么认为的。他说:“吸引我们去找Nasty Gal的,是索菲娅创造了某种极其特殊的东西,其特殊之处就在于她所做的事情与她的客户群体之间的某种关联。” Sharon Langlotz, a 25-year-old producer at the ad firm Anomaly, found Nasty Gal when she was looking for a Cheap Monday dress. #39;I found it on Pinterest first,#39; she says. #39;I tracked it to the Nasty Gal site,#39; where her eye was caught by the #39;trendy#39; apparel that was #39;not too pricey#39; and reminded her of the stylish clothing she sees on street-style fashion blogs. She now follows Nasty Gal on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, checking in with the site twice a week. #39;I fill up my shopping cart and dream,#39; she says, adding that Nasty Gal has changed the way she views online shopping. Anomaly广告公司 25岁的制作人沙伦?朗洛茨(Sharon Langlotz)在找一件“Cheap Monday”(瑞典装品牌“廉价星期一”)裙子的时候发现了Nasty Gal。她说:“我先是在Pinterest上面看到了它,然后顺藤摸瓜找到了Nasty Gal网站。”在这个网站上,她被那些“不是很贵”、让她想起街拍时尚客上那些时髦着装的“潮流”衣吸引住了。现在她在Instagram、Pinterest和Facebook上都关注了Nasty Gal,并且一个星期两次登陆Nasty Gal网站签到。她说:“我装满了购物车,然后开始做梦。”她还说,Nasty Gal改变了她对网上购物的看法。 But the social media component would be nothing if the clothes themselves weren#39;t selling. #39;This is the embodiment of the high-low phenomena-women wearing a Chanel dress with the Banana Republic T-shirt underneath-in a way I#39;ve never seen before,#39; says Mortimer Singer, CEO of Marvin Traub Associates, which works in business development for top fashion brands. #39;They can keep a fashion edge by having something vintage, which is luxury by nature and, on the flip side, have a reaction to what is happening in the marketplace. They can have their cake and eat it-that#39;s the genius here.#39; 但如果衣本身卖不动,社交媒体部分就会一文不值。Marvin Traub Associates是一家为顶级时装品牌做业务开拓的公司,其CEO莫蒂默?辛格(Mortimer Singer)说:“这是‘高低混搭’现象的体现,也就是女士穿着香奈儿的裙子,里面再穿一件香蕉共和国(Banana Republic)的T恤――这种穿法我以前从未见过。”她说:“穿戴些复古装束,可以让她们走在时尚前列,因为穿陈年饰本身就很奢侈;而另一面,这样穿又是对市场流行的一种反动。鱼与熊掌就能兼得――这就是高明之处。” Amoruso is attempting another move: in-house designs; this season will mark the third collection by Nasty Gal. #39;Designing was the natural next step for us. It#39;s going on seven years for me that I#39;ve been selling clothing to the same awesome girl. And we#39;ve understood the kind of silhouettes and cuts that she likes over time,#39; says Amoruso. To spearhead the in-house label, she poached her vice president of design, Sarah Wilkinson, from Asos and hired a print designer, Lauren McCalmont, who had worked for Nicholas Kirkwood and Peter Pilotto. She restricts the majority of her input to final say over concepts. #39;I approve it or say it needs to be sexier.#39; Currently, the Nasty Gal label and collection comprise 30 percent of its sales. 阿莫鲁索又在做新的尝试了:自主设计。本季将有Nasty Gal设计的第三个系列推出。阿莫鲁索说:“设计是我们顺水推舟的下一步。七年来我一直是在向同一个了不起的女孩卖衣,随着时间的推移,我们理解了她所喜欢的轮廓与剪裁。”为给自主品牌开路,她从Asos挖来莎拉?威尔金森(Sarah Wilkinson)当设计副总裁,又聘请曾为Nicholas Kirkwood和Peter Pilotto效力的劳伦?麦卡尔蒙特(Lauren McCalmont)当平面设计师。她把自己的大多数精力都限定在对概念的定夺上。“我会来批准,或者会跟他们说,需要设计得更性感些。”目前Nasty Gal的自主品牌装占其销售额的30%。 In 2012, Nasty Gal claimed those sales hit almost 0 million, more than quadrupling revenue from two years before, though the company now calls those numbers speculative. Much of that success is owed to their customers#39; intense engagement: 550,000 shoppers check out the site for an average length of six minutes once a day. Nasty Gal claims that their top 10 percent of users look at the site more than 100 times a month. And yet half of its sales come from 20 percent of its customers. Nasty Gal girls might not be loyal to any one label, but they sure are loyal to Nasty Gal. Next up, the company is building 65,000 square feet of office space in Los Angeles. 2012年,Nasty Gal声称自主品牌的销售额接近1.3亿美元(约合人民币8亿元),超过两年之前的四倍。不过现在该公司说这些数字只是猜测。这样的成功,很大程度上归功于客户的深度参与:5.5万名顾客平均每天要花六分钟的时间在其网站上找东西。Nasty Gal声称,前10%的用户一个月登陆网站的次数超过100次,而半数销售额都来自前20%的顾客。“Nasty Gal女孩”或许不会忠于任何唯一的品牌,但她们肯定忠于Nasty Gal。接下来,该公司要在洛杉矶建设6.5万平方英尺(约合6万平方米)的办公场所。 In her personal life, Amoruso is making moves as well. She is dating a man she knew from when #39;I was a scruffy, grimy, little anarchist dumpster diver in Seattle,#39; and pitching a book about #39;the business world from an outsider#39;s view.#39; (She plans to title one chapter #39;Living the Rap Dream.#39;) While she retains her independence and attitude from those days, her personal aesthetic has taken a upmarket turn. She is remodeling her new home and recently bought a Porsche, though when doing so, she found her former life creating a small stumbling block: The dealership would not offer her financing (until recently, she had trouble even getting credit cards). #39;I was willing to put half down on a loan, and they wouldn#39;t let me finance the other half,#39; she says. #39;I had to pay cash.#39; 阿莫鲁索的个人生活也在不断取得进展。她正在同一个男人交往,两人相识于“我还是西雅图一个邋邋遢遢、脏兮兮、小小的无政府主义拾荒者”的时候。另外她还在推销一本“从局外人角度看商界”的书。(她打算将其中一章的标题写为“说唱之梦成为现实”。)虽然阿莫鲁索仍保留着她当年的独立与态度,但其个人审美还是在向上流靠拢。她正在改造新买的住宅,前不久她还买了一辆保时捷,不过在买车的时候,她才发现自己以前的人生造成了一个小小的绊脚石:经销商不给她提供贷款。(其实之前她连信用卡都很难办下来,直到最近才有所改善。)她说:“我都肯付五成首付了,他们就是不肯让我贷另外一半。我不得不付全款。” /201309/258343


  British RAF aircraft have completed their first combat mission against Islamist militants in northern Iraq, without carrying out any air strikes.英国皇家空军(RAF)战机已完成针对伊拉克北部伊斯兰主义武装分子的首个战斗任务,没有进行任何空中打击。Two Tornado GR4 bombers supported by a Voyager air-to-air refuelling aircraft were reported to have taken off from RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus on Saturday morning and returned to base in the afternoon.据报道,两架狂风(Tornado) GR4战斗轰炸机在一架航行者(Voyager)空中加油机的援下,周六早晨从位于塞浦路斯的皇家空军阿克罗蒂里基地(RAF Akrotiri)起飞,下午返回基地。The defence ministry said: “Although on this occasion no targets were identified as requiring immediate air attack by our aircraft, the intelligence gathered by the Tornados’ highly sophisticated surveillance equipment will be invaluable.”英国国防部(MoD)表示:“虽然此次任务期间没有目标被确定为需要我军战机立即遂行空袭,但狂风的尖端监视设备所收集的情报将是非常宝贵的。”The MoD made clear that the aircraft had been y to be used in an attack role if appropriate targets had been identified.国防部明确表示,这些战机准备好执行攻击任务——只要有合适的打击目标。“For operational security reasons we will not be providing a running commentary on movements; we will provide an update on activity when it is appropriate to do so.”“出于作战安全原因,我们将不对相关动态作实况报导;我们将在适当时候介绍最新消息。”British forces headed back into Iraq four years after ending their last mission there after MPs voted on Friday to back air strikes against Islamist militants .议员们周五投票通过空袭伊斯兰主义武装分子后,英军重返离开了四年的伊拉克。The Commons decided by 524 votes to 43 to support the move, a majority of 481, reflecting the consensus across the three main parties for action against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as Isis. In doing so, they ensured the UK joined a growing alliance of countries helping the US in its campaign against the militants, which includes five Arab states as well as several European countries.英国下议院以524票赞成,43票反对的结果持这项行动,赞成票超过反对票481张之多,反映英国三大政党在对“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”(ISIS)采取军事行动上形成共识。由此,他们保了英国加入帮助美国打击武装分子行动的国家联盟,这个越来越大的联盟包括5个阿拉伯国家和多个欧洲国家。The decision comes at the request of Haider al-Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister, which the government advice said gave the war a legal basis. The UK will launch missiles within days, according to government officials. However, it will for the time being only commit six Tornado warplanes to the fight, one fewer than the number of fighter jets being sent by Denmark.该决定是受了伊拉克总理海德尔#8226;阿巴迪(Haider al-Abadi)之邀,因此英国政府提供的法律建议是,这为战争提供了法律依据。根据英国政府官员表示,英国将在几天内发射导弹。但英国暂时只承诺出动6架狂风战机,比丹麦派出的战机数量还少1架。 /201410/332603Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan罗纳德#8226;里根致妻子南希Dear St. Valentine,亲爱的圣瓦伦丁:My request of you is—could you on this day whisper in her ear that someone loves her very much and more and more each day? Also tell her, this “Someone” would run down like a dollar clock without her so she must always stay where she is.”我对您的请求是:在今天这个特别的日子里,能否悄悄地靠在她耳边对她说,有一个人深爱着她,他的爱与日俱增?同时也请告诉她,如果没有她,这个人会像电子表一样停止运转,所以请她一直留在这个地方。”【这是罗根总统写在情人节的,聪明的你别忘了将St. Valentine换一下喔~~】 /201401/272103






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