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宝山区中西医结合医院抽脂价格费用崇明县人民医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱上海玫瑰医院激光去红血丝多少钱 The Secret Service said it would investigate Donald J. Trump’s longtime butler over Facebook posts laced with vulgarities and epithets calling for President Obama to be killed.美国特勤局(Secret Service)表示,该机构将对一位为唐纳德·J·特朗Donald J. Trump)长年务的管家展开调查。后者此前在Facebook上发表了多篇包含粗俗言语和称谓的帖子,呼吁处死奥巴马总统。The racially tinged posts by the butler, Anthony Senecal, were unearthed by Mother Jones on Thursday, and referred to Mr. Obama as a “Kenyan fraudwho should be hanged for treason.《琼斯母亲Mother Jones)杂志发现了管家安东尼·塞内卡尔(Anthony Senecal)这些含有种族主义色的帖子,并在周四进行了报道。塞内卡尔在帖子里称奥巴马是个“肯尼亚骗子”,应该因叛国罪被绞死。“With the last breath I draw I will help rid this America of the scum infested in its government,Mr. Senecal wrote last May, saying that the president should be dragged from the “white mosqueand hanged “from the portico count me in !!!!!”“哪怕就剩最后一口气,我也要帮助美国除掉这个寄生在政府内的败类,”去月,塞内卡尔曾这样写道。他还表示,应该把奥巴马从“白色清真寺”里拖出来,绞死“在门廊上——算我一个!!!!!”In a statement Thursday, the Secret Service said it was “aware of this matter and will conduct the appropriate investigation.”周四,特勤局发布了一份声明,表示该机构已“获知此事,并将展开相应的调查。”Hope Hicks, a Trump campaign spokeswoman, said in an email about the posts by Mr. Senecal, “We totally and completely disavow the horrible statements made by him.Mr. Senecal did not immediately respond to a telephone call and Facebook message seeking comment.特朗普竞选团队的女发言人霍普·希克斯(Hope Hicks)在谈论塞内卡尔帖子的邮件中表示,“我们完完全全不知晓他所做的这些可怕声明。”塞内卡尔没有接听记者拨打的电话,也没有立即回应记者通过Facebook发出的置评请求。The posts were revealed as Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, has come under scrutiny for his associations with, and support from figures such as the former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. On Tuesday, Mr. Trump’s campaign aides said a technical glitch had included William Johnson, a self-proclaimed white nationalist, on a list of California delegates they submitted to the Secretary of State’s office.这些帖子的曝光,恰逢稳获共和党总统候选人提名资格的特朗普,因与前三KKu Klux Klan)头目戴维·杜克(David Duke)等人物有关联且得到他们持而受到密切关注之时。周二,特朗普的竞选助手表示,因为一项技术故障,自称为白人民族主义者的威廉·约翰William Johnson)被列入了他们提交给国务院办公室的加州代表名单中。Mr. Senecal had worked almost 30 years for Mr. Trump, and was the subject of a profile in The New York Times in March. He spoke of knowing Mr. Trump’s sleeping pattens, his culinary preferences and just the right ways to cheer him up when he was in a sour mood, once hiring a bugler to play “Hail to the Chief.”塞内卡尔已经为特朗普工作了将近30年。今月,《纽约时报》曾做过一篇有关他的人物特写。采访中,他说起自己熟悉特朗普的睡眠模式和饮食上的偏好,也知道在特朗普情绪不好时如何让他高兴起来,比如他曾经雇了一位号手给特朗普演奏《向统帅致敬Hail to the Chief)。When he tried to retire in , Mr. Trump deemed him irreplaceable and kept him on as an unofficial historian at the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, the article said. But in her statement, Ms. Hicks said, “Tony Senecal has not worked at Mar-a-Lago for years.”当他在年表示想要退休时,特朗普认为无人能够替代他,因此将他留了下来,充当自己位于佛罗里达州的马阿拉歌庄园的非正式历史专家。但希克斯在声明中表示,“托尼·塞内卡尔已经多年不在马阿拉歌工作。”Some of Mr. Senecal’s other Facebook posts aimed at Ferguson protesters and various public figures, including Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner for president, whom he called “Killery Clinton Beyoncé; and the Republican National Committee, which has quarreled with Mr. Trump through the nomination process. The committee members should be hanged for treason, he wrote in March.在塞内卡尔其他的Facebook帖子中,还有一些是针对弗格森事件中的抗议者和各种公众人物,包括最有可能获得民主党总统候选人提名的希拉里·克林Hillary Clinton)、碧昂斯(Beyoncé),以及共和党全国委员Republican National Committee),后者在整个提名过程中曾与特朗普发生争执。塞内卡尔在今年3月写道,该委员会所有成员都应该因叛国罪被绞死。他在提到希拉里·克林顿时称其为杀人的克林Killery Clinton)。Although some of the posts, which dated to 2015, were written publicly while others were visible only to friends, Mother Jones said that Mr. Senecal had confirmed that they were his words: “I wrote that. I believe that.”这些帖子中最早的一些可以追溯到2015年,尽管其中有些是公开发布,但其他的都是只有朋友可见。《琼斯母亲》杂志表示,塞内卡尔已经承认这些帖子出自他之手:“我写了那些东西。我想是的。”来 /201605/443809The conversation between Donald Trump and the president of Taiwan was just a “courtesy call vice-president elect Mike Pence said on Sunday as he attempted to damp down a diplomatic firestorm that has the potential to upend US-China relations.美国候任副总统迈克.彭斯(Mike Pence)上周日表示,唐纳特朗Donald Trump)与台湾总统的对话只是一次“礼节性的通话”。彭斯试图以此化解一起可能造成美中关系大变天的外交风暴。The call between Mr Trump and Tsai Ing-wen was the first such contact since US diplomatic relations were cut in 1979 and has left the world guessing whether the president-elect ignored diplomatic protocol by accident or whether he was signalling that the status of Taiwan would be a central part of his administration’s China strategy.特朗普与蔡英Tsai Ing-wen)之间的通话,是1979年美国与台湾断绝外交关系以来双方领导人首次进行此类接触。世界各地的人们因此纷纷猜测,这位候任美国总统究竟是无意间忽视了外交礼节,还是在释放一种信号,表明台湾地位问题在他的对华战略中将是一个核心元素。The phone conversation, which stunned many China-watchers and diplomats in Washington, follows a series of calls with world leaders since the election where Mr Trump has appeared to improvise foreign policy positions, with little input from the government bureaucracy that handles such interactions.华盛顿许多中国问题观察家和外交官对这通电话大为震惊。自美国大选结果揭晓以来,世界各地的许多领导人都曾打来电话,在负责处理此类往来事务的政府部门几乎没有提供什么建议的情况下,特朗普展现出一种即兴发挥的外交政策立场。While some of Mr Trump’s supporters have welcomed his style as a refreshing break from establishment niceties, critics fear that the president-elect could blunder into a crisis through a mixture of lack of preparation and unwillingness to take advice.特朗普的部分持者对他这种风格表示欢迎,认为这是令人耳目一新的与建制派礼仪的切割,批评人士却担心这位候任总统会由于缺乏准备和不愿听取意见,稀里糊涂地引发危机。“What we need to realise is that we are entering into an era of shoot-from-the-lip foreign policy,said David Rothkopf, chief executive and editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy magazine. “All of these calls have demonstrated a combination of ignorance and some sort of nascent policy position.”《外交政策》杂Foreign Policy)首席执行官兼总编辑戴罗特科普David Rothkopf)表示:“我们需要认识到的是,我们正在进入一个口无遮拦的外交政策的时代。所有这些电话都显示了无知和某种不成熟政策立场的结合。”He added that Mr Trump “fails to realise that everything he does has a foreign policy consequence so that tweets about the New York Times are “seen by [president] Erdogan in Turkey as a sign that the US is less concerned about press freedom他还表示,特朗普“没有认识到他做的每件事都具有外交政策含义”,因此他在Twitter上发的有关《纽约时报New York Times)的言论会“被土耳其的(总统)埃尔多Erdogan)视为美国如今不那么重视新闻自由的明”。Speaking with the Taiwanese president is such a sensitive issue as China regards the island as a renegade province. For four decades, the US has enacted an uneasy compromise to help keep the peace, selling Taiwan arms to boost its defences, but refusing to have formal diplomatic relations that would anger Beijing.与台湾总统通电话就是这样一个敏感问题,因为中国将台湾视为一个叛离省什?0年来,美国采取一种不太安稳的折中路线来帮助维持和平局面:向台湾出售武器以增强其防务能力,但拒绝与台湾建立正式外交关系,因为那会激怒北京。With speculation mounting about the motives behind the call, Mr Pence said that the Taiwanese leader had called to offer her congratulations. “It’s a little mystifying to me that President Obama can reach out to a murdering dictator in Cuba in the last year and be hailed as a hero for doing it and President-elect Donald Trump takes a courtesy call from a democratically elected leader in Taiwan and it’s become something of a controversy,he said.在外界对这通电话背后的动机产生诸多猜测之际,彭斯声称,台湾领导人打来这个电话是想表示祝贺。他说:“去年奥巴马总统可以主动向古巴一个手上沾着鲜血的独裁者示好,还因此被誉为英雄,如今候任总统唐纳特朗普接了台湾民选领导人一个礼节性的电话,却成了一件有争议的事,这让我感到有点困惑。”However, there is a group of conservative foreign policy specialists, some of whom are being considered for senior positions in the Trump administration, who have long pushed for the US to provide a more vocal defence of Taiwan and its democracy.不过,美国还有一群持保守立场的对外政策专家,他们长期持美国更多地为台湾和台湾民主制度发声。他们中有一些人是可能在特朗普政府中担任高级职位的人选。John Bolton, former US ambassador to the UN, who visited Mr Trump in New York on Friday, told Fox News at the weekend: “Honestly, I think we should shake the relationship up [with China]#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Nobody in Beijing gets to dictate who we talk to. It’s ridiculous to think that the phone call upsets decades of anything.”前美国驻联合国大使约翰.尔John Bolton)上周五在纽约拜会了特朗普,他上周末向福克斯新Fox News)表示:“说实话,我认为我们应该好好调整(与中国的)关系……北京方面没人可以指定我们的谈话对象。那种认为这次电话颠覆了延续几十年的某种东西的看法很荒唐。”With diplomats from the region calling nervously to find out if the US is on the verge of a major policy shift, it was left to the Obama White House to make a clear statement that there was “no changein the so-called “One Chinapolicy. “Our fundamental interest is in peaceful and stable cross-Strait relations,said Ned Price, a White House spokesman.由于亚洲地区的外交官纷纷紧张地致电询问,希望了解美国是否即将进行重大政策转变,奥巴马政府不得不明确声明,“一个中国”政策“不会改变”。“和平稳定的台海关系符合我们的根本利益,”白宫发言人内普赖Ned Price)说。The potential for influential aides to nudge the president-elect into making sharp shifts in policy has been aggravated by the fact that Mr Trump has only received a small number of intelligence briefings since the election something that most president-elects received daily. At the same time, the state department has had little involvement in providing support for the president-elect ahead of his calls with world leaders.在当选后,特朗普接收的情报简报较少(大多数候任总统每天都会接收到情报简报),这使重要助手推动特朗普采取重大政策转变的可能性变大。同时,在特朗普与世界各国领袖通电话前,美国国务院为这位候任总统提供的持很少。Instead, what has emerged from the outs provided by other governments is an improvised, conversational style of engagement that at the minimum runs the risk of causing offence and at the extreme of creating new obligations for the US.相反,其他国家政府提供的通话记录反映出一种即兴式的、谈话风格的交往,这种交往在最低程度上有引起反感的风险,在极端情况下可能会导致美国承担新的义务。In a call with UK prime minister Theresa May, he said that “if you travel to the US, you should let me knowand in a call with Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan he said: “I am y and willing to play any role that you want me to play which some in the region interpreted as a willingness to mediate between Pakistan and India.在与英国首相特里Theresa May)通话时,他说“如果你来美国,要告诉我一声”。在与巴基斯坦总理纳瓦谢里Nawaz Sharif)通话时,他说:“我十分乐意扮演任何你希望我扮演的角色。”该地区的一些人士将这解读为他愿意在巴基斯坦和印度之间居中调解。“The White House and the state department are terrified about what this guy is going to do over the next six weeks,said a former senior official in the Obama administration. “That is one reason why Obama has tried to offer so much help to Trump for the transition, because he is worried that the president-elect is flying blind.”“这家伙在接下来6个星期会做什么让白宫和国务院提心吊胆,”一位曾在奥巴马政府中担任高级职位的人士说:“这就是奥巴马试图为特朗普的过渡提供如此之多的帮助的一个原因,因为他担心这位候任总统现在两眼一摸黑、只能凭感觉行事。”Even if Mr Trump decides not to make Taiwan a central issue, the mistrust that the call is likely to have generated in Beijing could become more important if the new administration adopts some of the tough trade measures on China that were promised on the campaign trail.即使特朗普决定不把台湾当做一个核心议题,如果他领导的政府对中国采取他在竞选阶段承诺的一些强硬贸易措施,这通电话在北京催生的不信任感也可能会升级。The Chinese foreign ministry issued a protest about the call, however experts said Beijing’s reaction has been comparatively restrained, reflecting a desire to “educateMr Trump, rather than humiliate him, according to academic Shi Yinhong, an expert on US-China relations at Beijing’s Renmin University.中国外交部对这通电话提出了抗议,但专家表示,北京方面的反应较为克制。中国人民大学中美关系专家、学者时殷弘认为,中方的回应反映出一种“教育”特朗普、而不是羞辱他的意思。Mr Shi added that the call would increase the anxiety in Beijing about the new administration. “The Chinese government is not assuming that Trump is ignorant of the Taiwan issues,he said.时殷弘补充说,这通电话会让北京方面对美国下届政府感到更加不安。他表示:“中国政府并不认为特朗普对台湾问题一无所知。来 /201612/481909上海曙光医院东院点痣多少钱

上海市东方医院南院祛疤多少钱上海面部抽脂哪家医院好 I posted a comment about 4 or 5 days ago saying. Richard its TPP not TTP. And I got about 70 likes. Some mofo removed it! Unbelievable. So Im gonna repeat it again. Richard its TPP not TTP我在四五天之前在另一个视频里说:Richard, (奥巴马他们谈的那个协叫TPP而不是TTP。那个被赞了70次,然后就给删掉了!难以置信。所以我要重复一次,Richard, (奥巴马他们谈的那个协叫TPP而不是TTPChina should be proud on how Lu Kang conducted himself in this interview.中国应该为陆慷在采访中的表现而骄傲。China has agreement in trade with USA. China has outsmart USA just the same way Lu Kang has done to Mr Engel. While USA has busy destroying, massacre in other countries, China being busy producing goods, cultivating good relation with other countries, and cooperating. China is a good example of enrichment as a nation while USA is in downward trend.中美之间已经有贸易协定了。中国在智商上碾压过美国,正如陆慷在采访里碾压了Engel先生。在美国忙于破坏和屠杀其他国家的时候,中国却忙于生产商品、构建良好的外交关系和团结协作之上。中国是个大国中兴的好例子,美国却在走下坡路了。This reporters intentions of getting Lu Kang to say negative things about Trump were disgustingly evident这个记者好几次撺掇陆慷说特朗普坏话,私货太多。Lu Kang deserves a medal for not bitch-slapping this insolent, uneducated, pathetic, pretender. I have not watched ANY television (including cable) news in over 30 years. This reinforces my decision.陆慷能忍住不扇这个粗鲁、无知、可悲的伪善者(记者),光是这一点就该给他一枚奖牌了。我都快30年没看电视新闻了,看完这个采访更明我是对的。with reporters like this, China must think Americans are the biggest dipshits in the world!有这样的记者,中国肯定觉得美国烂透了。Im envious of the wise and diplomatic leadership of China.还是挺羡慕中国有这种双商超高的领导人的。China is our neighbouring country....they r very peaceful with us ......China was very helpful during earthquake here in Nepal.......other country were just helping for political agenda but china is exceptional ..... Not able to use facebook n youtube is not oppression....Not able to elect good leader having those tools is real oppression....China economics helped more than half billion people out of poverty in their life time.....thats real government for people ......中国是我们的邻国...他们跟我们相处的很和..上次尼泊尔地震的时候中国特别热..别的国家只会干扰我们的内政,只有中国例外...(他们)用不了Facebook和YouTube不叫悲剧...倒是某些人用着这些app却选不出好领导人才是真的悲..中国经济让好几亿人在一代人时间里脱离贫..这才是真的为人民的政府This reporter is a joke. This is not journalism. He is an idiot and makes America look bad. Fire Him!!! Fake journalism. Idiot!!!!这个记者就是个笑话。这哪里是新闻报道。aside from this instigating reporter, anyone else notice this dudes name is lu kang? you know just like the mortal kombat character?先不提这个记者,有人注意到这个哥们儿的名字是lu kang吗?你懂的,跟《格斗之王》里那个角色一样?I finally witnessed what the fuss is about main stream media. They put their ideas in the heads of the viewer. China had nothing negative to say anout our prsident, so the repotor says it for him by ing es. But not the positive quarts. Only what can be viewed as negative.And they wonder why we dont trust our media.我终于见了主流媒体的伎俩了。他们把自己的观点置于观众脑子里。中国本来没什么负面的东西要去说我们的总统,所以记者借引用之名代他说了那些坏话。就这样他们还搞不明白我们为什么不信主流媒体。like an adult talks with a child成年人哄小孩的即视感。I didnt understand before why China always dont care about others countries .. they always do what best for china even if that mean other people get killed .. but when i a few books of their history for the last 100 .. i dont blame them for what they doing now, they build their country from zero for soooo many years, no one helped them, so they dont feel that they should help others .. and i they dont have that feeling for people who is in war ..我之前不理解为什么中国不关心其他国家..他们总是做对自己有利的事,即使这意味着别人的死.但当我读了一些有关他们近百年的历史以..我就不再责怪他们的所作所为了,他们花了这么长时间从零开始建立他们的国家,没人帮助他们,所以他们也不觉得他们应该帮助其他人..所以他们也无法对处在战争中的人们有同理. /201702/491485上海市皮肤病医院光子脱毛多少钱

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