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黄浦区妇幼保健医院切眼袋手术多少钱青浦区人民中医院绣眉手术价格费用上海华东医院做双眼皮多少钱 With the world buzzing over Apple’s reveal this month of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, it’s hard to believe that this multi-trillion-dollar tech giant was once a small computer startup.如今,全世界都在谈论苹果公司(Apple)刚推出的iPhone 6和苹果手表(Apple Watch),人们很难相信,这家价值数万亿美元的科技巨头曾经也只是一家很小的初创电脑公司。For many entrepreneurs, the epic trajectory of Apple AAPL -0.87% — or Facebook FB -1.63% or Twitter TWTR 0.07% , for that matter — serves as evidence that the consumer space is where you go to launch a winning startup.对于许多创业者们而言,苹果、Facebook或Twitter的发展轨迹,明消费者市场才是创业的蓝海。But that doesn’t always hold true. By foregoing the potentials of selling to business (as opposed to consumers), entrepreneurs are missing out on a world of opportunities — and lucrative ones at that.但这一点并非始终都是正确的。如果放弃与公司做生意(与消费者市场相反)的潜力,创业者们将错失大量有利可图的好机遇。As a board member at 1871, Chicago’s entrepreneurial hub for startups, I see a lot of startups and know what B2C companies can learn from B2B startups, including Fieldglass, MarkITx and Eved.作为芝加哥创业务组织1871的董事会成员,笔者接触过许多初创企业,因此很清楚B2C(企业对消费者)公司可以从B2B(企业对企业)初创公司学到什么,包括人力资源管理公司Fieldglass、在线企业硬件交易平台MarkITx和会议与活动在线交易市场Eved。The B2B space is rife with potential; by integrating new technologies into traditional businesses, entrepreneurs can dramatically improve efficiencies, uncover new markets, solve longstanding problems and, in some cases, disrupt entire industries. Indeed, an increasing number of B2B startups are experiencing rapid growth while achieving enviable profit margins.B2B领域有巨大的潜力;通过将新技术整合到传统业务当中,创业者们可以显著提高效率,开发新市场,解决长期存在的问题,在某些情况下,甚至会颠覆整个行业。事实上,越来越多的B2B初创公司正在经历快速增长,同时获取了令人艳羡的利润。Take Fieldglass, for example. Once a small startup, the Chicago-based software company is now the biggest vendor management system (VMS) provider in the world. In May, it was reportedly acquired by SAP for more than billion, one of the largest sales of a privately held tech company in recent years.以Fieldglass为例。这家芝加哥软件公司最初规模很小,如今已成为全世界最大的供应商管理系统(VMS)提供商。据报道,该公司在今年五月被SAP公司以超过10亿美元的价格收购,这是近几年规模最大的私人科技公司交易。Or consider MarkITx, an online marketplace to trade enterprise IT hardware, which earned a million valuation after only eight months of operations. After speaking with its co-founder Frank Muscarello, the company’s revenues are up 300 percent this year compared to last.再比如企业IT硬件在线交易平台MarkITx,公司成立仅8个月,市值便已经达到1,200万美元。笔者从公司联合创始人弗兰克o姆斯卡莱罗那里了解到,公司今年的收入同比增长了300%。To launch the next great startup, here are six lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from B2B companies about how to launch the next great startup:要创建下一家伟大的初创公司,创业者们应该从B2B公司学会以下六条经验:Target your first customers wisely明智地确定第一批客户Many B2B businesses design their products and services around their initial clients, making it critically important to take a strategic approach to recruiting those first customers. Talia Mashiach, founder and CEO of Eved, went after large firms like Dell when her company was still in its early stages. She then designed Eved’s platform and online marketplace to address those customers’ needs and provide visibility into their meeting and the total amount spent on an event. That set the stage for the recruitment of other large-scale firms and helped her stock her online marketplace with more than 5,000 companies.许多B2B公司往往会围绕最初客户来设计产品与务,因此通过战略方法吸引第一批客户就变得至关重要。Eved成立之初,公司创始人兼CEO塔利亚o弥赛亚追逐的目标是戴尔(Dell)等大公司。后来,她设计了Eved平台和在线市场,以解决这些客户的需求,使客户可以直观了解会议和活动的总开。而这为吸引其他大公司奠定了基础,帮助她将客户增加到5,000多家公司。Long-term value of customers is critical客户的长期价值至关重要Generally speaking, B2B companies have longer sales cycles than B2C firms. However, most B2B customers are long-term customers and, in the end, companies can extract greater value from them. After Jai Shekhawat founded Fieldglass in 1999, it took him more than a year to land his first customers, which included Verizon VZ -0.80% , AIGAIG -3.34% , GlaxoSmithKline GSK -1.33% and Johnson amp; Johnson JNJ -2.36% . But he held on to them, and now each spend billions on contract labor annually. To date, Fieldglass boasts a customer retention rate of more than 99%.一般而言,B2B公司的销售周期比B2C公司更长。但大多数B2B客户都是长期客户,最终,B2B公司可以从客户获取更多价值。1999年,贾伊o谢卡瓦特成立Fieldglass,他花了超过一年时间才找到第一批客户,其中包括威瑞森(Verizon)、美国国际集团(AIG)、葛兰素史克(GlaxoSmithKline)和强生(Johnson amp; Johnson)。但他一直紧紧抓住这批客户,现在这些客户每年在合同雇工方面的开都达到数十亿美元。到目前为止,Fieldglass的客户保持率超过99%。To generate steady revenue, focus on opportunities to generate reoccurring revenue要获得稳定的收入,应该抓住能够产生经常性收入的机会。Prioritize customers that are most likely to use your product or service repeatedly.将最有可能重复使用公司产品或务的客户放在首位。Muscarello knew that financial companies would serve as ideal suppliers for his online exchange because they invest heavily in IT and frequently purge their inventory to make room for the latest technology. MarkITx’s first customer, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, is now on its 22nd trade since August 2013.姆斯卡莱罗深知,金融公司将是其在线交易平台的理想供应商,因为金融公司会在IT方面进行大量投入,并且经常要清理库存,为最新技术腾出空间。MarkITx的第一家客户是芝加哥商业交易所(Chicago Mercantile Exchange),从2013年8月以来已进行了22次交易。Build something that sticks开发有粘性的务或产品To develop a long-term relationship with your customers, you need to create products or services that are inherently “sticky” and provide several levels of integration within a company. MarkITx’s dashboard plugs into companies via API and provides real-time data about the mark-to-market value of their assets and the optimal time to refresh their IT infrastructure. As a result, these companies regularly check the dashboard and are more apt to use MarkITx when it comes time to sell their assets. Fieldglass takes integration a step further by staying enmeshed in its customers’ problems. It monitors, for example, changes in labor laws (in Europe alone, Shekhawat estimates that there are 25-30 changes per month) and ensures that its software immediately reflect those shifts. In turn, customers grow more dependent on Fieldglass to manage their problem for them.要与客户保持长期关系,必须创建天生具有“粘性”的产品与务,并且为同一家公司客户包含多个层级的整合务。MarkITx的仪表板可以通过应用程序接口(API)连接到客户公司,为客户提供其资产的实时市场价值数据,以及更新IT基础设施的最佳时间。结果,这些公司会经常查看仪表板,而且在需要出售资产的时候,会更倾向于使用MarkITx。通过投身客户遇到的实际困难当中,Fieldglass可以提前为客户打造整合性务。例如,公司会密切关注劳动法的变化(谢卡瓦特估计,仅在欧洲,每月便会有25-30处变化),并确保其软件能及时反映这些变化。因此,为了解决问题,客户对Fieldglass变得越来越依赖。Look for a business idea on your desk从眼前寻找商机Think about the problems your company is facing or how you might address issues in your industry. There are business ideas there — maybe not sexy ones, but solid, profitable ones. Shekhawat came up with the idea for Fieldglass after serving as a contract developer, working for a technology vendor and consulting for buyers and customers, where he witnessed the challenges of managing contract labor. That insider knowledge also enabled him to build a company that easily overshadowed the five preceding competitors (all have since gone out of business).思考一下你的公司目前面临的问题,或者你会如何解决行业内的问题。商机无处不在——或许这些机遇没有那么令人兴奋,但却非常可靠且有利可图。谢卡瓦特在产生创建Fieldglass的想法之前,曾做过合同程序开发员,为一家技术供应商工作,并为买方和客户提供咨询,后来他发现了管理合同雇工所面临的挑战。对行业内情的了解,也使他创建的公司轻松打败了其他5家竞争对手(这些公司都已破产)。Know when to venture further清楚何时采取下一步行动Consider whether the work you’re doing now could parlay into something bigger. Before Eved went global in 2010, it was a local service company that grew to million in four years and landed on the Inc. 500. But Mashiach knew that there was a bigger opportunity out there. So she sold Eved’s service side, took its Ramp;D and re-launched it as a global company, with her sights set on a billion-dollar goal.思考一下,你现在的工作能否变成更大的事业。2010年,Eved进军国际市场之前,还是一家本土务公司,公司规模在4年内增长到1,000万美元,并入选Inc. 500强(Inc. 500)排行榜。但弥赛亚清楚,海外有更多机会。于是,她出售了Eved的务部门,保留了研发部,将其重新打造成一家全球性公司,她的目标是公司市值达到十亿美元。 /201410/336511静安区妇幼保健医院祛疤手术多少钱

上海市皮肤病医院整形上海市奉贤区奉城医院绣眉手术多少钱 Money really does grow on trees – at least in Australia.树上真的可以长黄金——至少在澳大利亚是如此。Scientists have found gold in the leaves of eucalyptus trees.科学家们在桉树树叶里找到了黄金。The particles are much too small to be seen with the naked eye but have been detected using a type of x-ray that is especially good at picking up trace amounts of metals and minerals.这种树叶中含有的黄金粒子十分微小,不足以凭肉眼观察到,但是科学家们通过一种专门探查微量金属和矿物的X射线仪器发现了它们。However, gold hunters shouldn’t start felling gum trees in the hope of becoming rich.但是,猎金者们大概不能通过伐木来采金致富。Study leader Mel Lintern told the Brisbane Times: ‘If you had 500 eucalyptus trees growing over a gold deposit, they would only have enough gold in there to make a wedding ring.’科研小组的领队梅尔·林特恩对记者说,“如果让500棵桉树生长在一个金矿上,这些树中收集到的金子大概足够打一枚金戒指。”The real value of the study is that nature’s own version of gold leaf could provide mine companies with an inexpensive and environmentally friendly indicator of where to drill test sites.这一研究的真正价值在于,这种自然界而非小说里出现的金叶子可以充当金属探测器,这种探测方式既环保又方便,可以告诉探勘者在哪里能开采到金子。The study by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Western Australia showed levels of the precious metal were highest in trees growing directly over gold seams, one of which was 115 feet down.这项研究成果是由澳大利亚西部的联邦科学与工业研究组织成员做出的,该研究组织发现,直接生长在金矿层上的桉树叶中的黄金含量是最高的,其中一个金矿在地下115英尺(约35米)深。The researchers believe the gold was taken up by the trees’ extensive roots from while scouring for water during times of drought.研究者们相信,树叶中含有的金子是树根在干旱时期、四处蔓生以寻找水源时被吸取到树中的。It was then transported through the tree to the leaves, where concentrations are higher than in the twigs, trunk or surface soil.被树根吸取的金子被输送到枝干和叶子中,金子在叶子中的密集度比在树枝、树干和表层土壤中都要高。The researchers said: ‘Gold is probably toxic to plants and is moved to extremities, such as leaves in order to reduce deleterious biochemical reactions.’研究者说,“对于植物来说,黄金是有毒的,因此黄金被传送至树叶等植物的末端,这样可以减少破坏性的生化反应。”Writing in the journal Nature Communications, they said it was the first time that gold had been found naturally incorporated into a living thing.这一研究成果已经在《自然通讯》期刊上发表,科学家称,这是人们首次在植物体内发现自然贮藏的黄金。 /201310/262668上海曙光医院东院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱

上海市奉贤区奉城医院祛眼袋多少钱 Calvin Ford, 29, knew as a child where he would probably wind up working as an adult. But he took his time getting there.卡尔文#8226;福特(Calvin Ford)今年29岁,当他还是一个孩子时,就知道成年后可能会到哪里工作。但他却并非一路按部就班地直奔那个工作岗位而去。He spent his first few years after college in jobs in the Northeast and in Asheville, N.C. Then his wife landed a job in Denver. It so happened that Ford Motor Co. F +2.04% had an open job there.大学毕业后的最初几年里,他在美国东北部和北卡罗来纳州的阿什维尔做过几份不同的工作。此后他妻子在丹佛得到了一份工作。非常凑巧,福特汽车公司(Ford Motor Co.)在那里也有一个工作岗位在招人。He applied, went through a standard new employee hiring process in Dearborn, Mich., and since January 2012 has been a zone sales manager based in Denver, working with Ford dealers in Wyoming and Idaho.他提交了申请,并在密歇根州的迪尔伯恩经过了标准的新员工招聘程序的筛选。自2012年1月以来,他一直在丹佛任区域销售经理一职,与福特汽车公司在怀俄明州和爱达荷州的经销商们打交道。#39;I always knew that if I went to work at Ford, it was going to be my career,#39; says Calvin Ford, a great-great grandson of the company#39;s founder.卡尔文#8226;福特是福特汽车公司创始人亨利#8226;福特(Henry Ford)的玄孙,他说,我早就知道,如果我去福特工作,就将在那里干一辈子。Calvin Ford is one of seven descendants of Henry Ford now working at the car company that bears the family name. Most are just starting their careers but a cousin, Bill Ford Jr., has been chairman since 1999 and Calvin#39;s father has spent 39 years at the company.亨利#8226;福特目前有七名继承了其姓氏的后代在福特汽车公司工作,卡尔文#8226;福特是其中之一。他们中的大多数人只是刚开始在这家公司工作,不过小比尔#8226;福特(Bill Ford Jr.)却自1999年以来一直担任该公司的董事长,而卡尔文的父亲则在福特汽车公司工作了39年。At a time when nonfamily Ford shareholders are showing signs of discontent with the Ford family#39;s effective control via supervoting stock, more members of the family than ever are now working at the auto maker, say company officials. And several more young Fords could join the ranks over the next few years, family members say.就在有迹象显示福特汽车公司的非福特家族成员股东们对福特家族通过手中有超级表决权的股票实际控制着该公司这一现状感到不满之际,据福特汽车的管理人士说,目前在该公司工作的福特家族成员多于以往任何时候。这一家族的人说,未来几年还会有几名年轻的家族成员进入福特汽车公司工作。A Ford is unlikely to run the company soon. Current Chief Executive Alan Mulally, 67, has said he plans to stay through at least 2014. Last year, the company named Mark Fields as chief operating officer, making him the likely successor.福特家族的成员不大可能很快接手这家公司的管理。该公司现任首席执行长穆拉利(Alan Mulally)今年67岁,他说自己计划在这个岗位上至少干到2014年。福特汽车公司去年任命菲尔兹(Mark Fields)担任公司的首席营运长,这使他有可能成为穆拉利的接班人。A shareholder proposal this year to abolish the separate classes of stock got 33% of total share votes─equivalent to just over half the nonfamily voting shares and the highest percentage of such proposals at Ford.今年提交的一份股东建议要求废除将福特汽车公司的股票分成不同类别的做法,这一建议在股东投票中获得了33%票数的持,相当于非福特家族成员掌握的福特汽车公司有表决权的股票中有略超过一半对这一建议投了赞成票,福特汽车公司内部此前的这一类股东建议从未得到过这么高的持率。#39;I think the [market] value would be higher if it was one share, one vote,#39; says John Chevedden, 67, of Redondo Beach, Calif., a Ford shareholder who, along with his father, supported the proposal to end the Class B super voting rights.该公司67岁的股东比奇(Redondo Beach)说,我认为如果公司的每份股票都享有相同的表决权的话,公司的市值会比现在高。比奇与他同为福特汽车公司股东的父亲都持上述终止公司的B类股票所享有的超级表决权。At Ford, which has been a publicly-listed company since 1956, descendants of the founder maintain effective control through Class B supervoting stock that gives them 40% of the common stock vote.在自1956年起一直是上市公司的福特汽车公司,该公司创始人的后代一直通过手中有超级表决权的B类股票有效地控制着这家公司,他们因手中的这类股票而享有40%的公司普通股表决权。 /201306/245708上海长海医院祛痣多少钱上海祛疤最好的医院



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