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Iran said it carried out two more ballistic missile tests Wednesday, a day after the ed States criticized a round of tests that Iran described as a show of its ;deterrent power.;伊朗表示,星期三又进行了两次弹道导弹试射。一天前,美国指责伊朗试射导弹,而伊朗声称此举是为展示“威慑力量”。Iranian media said two Qadr H missiles were fired Wednesday at targets 1,400 kilometers away.伊朗媒体说,伊朗星期三向位于1400公里以外的靶标发射了两枚Qadr H导弹。The U.S. State Department said Tuesday it planned to ask the U.N. Security Council to review the situation and ;press for an appropriate response.;美国国务院星期二说,准备要求联合国安理会审查有关局势,并做出适当的反应。But spokesman John Kirby acknowledged that the missile tests are not prohibited by Irans agreement with six world powers to curb its nuclear program. That deal was meant to address concerns that Iran was working on nuclear weapons, which it has always denied.但发言人柯比承认,伊朗与世强国签订的核协议并不禁止伊朗进行此类导弹试射。签订伊朗核协议是为了消除对伊朗发展核武器的担忧,而伊朗始终不承认自己研制核武器。The agreement brought a new U.N. Security Council resolution that calls on Iran to not ;undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.;伊朗核协议签订后,联合国安理会通过了一项决议案,要求伊朗不得从事与可携带核武器的弹道导弹有关的任何活动,包括利用弹道导弹技术进行发射。来 /201603/431089。

Donald Trump seems to have brought the techniques of Twitter to the construction of his government. 唐纳特朗Donald Trump)似乎将Twitter手法引入了他的政府建设。Trolling on Twitter is defined as making a deliberately offensive online posting with the aim of upsetting someone. Twitter上的恶意挑衅被定义为故意在线发布攻击性的帖子,目的是让某人不高兴。In this spirit, Mr Trump has placed a climate-change denier in charge of environmental protection, an opponent of the minimum wage as labour secretary, a conspiracy theorist in charge of the National Security Council and a protectionist at the commerce department. 本着这种精神,特朗普让一名不承认气候变化的人负责环保事务,让反对最低工资的人担任劳工部长,让阴谋论者执掌国家安全委员会,让保护主义者担任商务部长。The pièce de résistance could be the appointment of Rex Tillerson, a recipient of the Kremlin’s Order of Friendship, as secretary of state.最出格的是可能是将克里姆林宫友谊勋章得主雷克斯.蒂勒Rex Tillerson)任命为国务卿(译者注:特朗普已任命蒂勒森出任国务卿)。The incredulity and alarm that Mr Trump’s appointments have caused in the Washington establishment are compounded by his disdain for the government’s own experts. 特朗普任命的人选引起了华盛顿建制派的错愕和震惊,更严重的是,他轻视政府自己的专家。Mr Trump took a controversial phone call from the president of Taiwan without consulting the state department. 特朗普在没有征询美国国务院的情况下就与台湾总统进行了有争议的电话交谈。Now he has ridiculed the CIA for suggesting that Russia meddled in the US presidential election.现在,他又嘲讽美国中央情报局(CIA)关于俄罗斯干预美国总统选举的说法。Mr Trump’s appointments, tweets and phone calls, however, cannot yet do more than hint at future changes in America’s approach to the world. 然而,特朗普的人事任命、推文和电话除了暗示美国对外政策的未来变化之外,尚不能说明太多问题。The real shifts can only happen after the new president is actually sworn into office on January 20. 真正的转变只可能发生0170日新总统真正就任以后。For now, it is much easier to identify five big choices that face him, than to predict eventual outcomes.就目前而言,梳理他面临大选择,远比预测最终结局容易得多。Russia: Both Mr Trump’s rhetoric and his early appointments indicate a strong desire for a rapprochement with Russia. 俄罗斯:特朗普的言辞和他的初步人事任命表明,他强烈希望与俄罗斯和解。The Kremlin clearly hopes that the US will lift the economic sanctions imposed on Russia after its annexation of Crimea. 克里姆林宫显然希望,美国将会解除在俄罗斯吞并克里米亚之后对其实施的经济制裁。Mr Trump could also make common cause with Vladimir Putin in Syria, by dropping America’s insistence on the removal of Bashar al-Assad.特朗普也可能放弃美国要求巴沙阿萨Bashar al-Assad)下台的立场,从而与弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)在叙利亚问题上携手合作。But making these changes will be very controversial. 但做出这些改变将会引起极大争议。Russia’s intervention on behalf of Mr Trump during the election, combined with the expected appointment of Mr Tillerson, have excited lurid speculation about the real nature of Mr Trump’s relationship with Russia. 俄罗斯在美国大选期间进行有利于特朗普的干预,再加上对蒂勒森的任命,激发了人们对于特朗普与俄罗斯之间究竟存在什么关系的骇人猜测。Even without conspiracy theories, there will be considerable resistance by influential members of congress including prominent Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to a Trump-Putin love-in.即便没有阴谋论,有影响力的国会重量级人物——包括约麦凯John McCain)和林格雷厄姆(Lindsey Graham)等知名共和党人——也会坚决阻止特朗普和普京结盟。Europe: While Mr Trump has been extravagant in his praise of Mr Putin, he has been open in his contempt for Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, describing her refugee policies as insane. 欧洲:在对普京赞不绝口的同时,特朗普公开蔑视德国总理安格默克Angela Merkel),形容她的难民政策疯了。There is now fear in the French and German governments that Mr Trump may seek to help the European far-right by supporting Marine Le Pen in the French presidential elections in May, or the Alternative for Germany in the country’s elections in September. 法国和德国政府现在担心,特朗普可能寻求帮助欧洲极右势力,在明月的法国总统大选中持马琳.勒庞(Marine Le Pen),或者在明年9月的德国选举中持德国新选择Alternative for Germany)。In that case, both the Kremlin and the White House would be working towards the defeat of the German chancellor. 那种情况意味着克里姆林宫和白宫联手推动默克尔败选。Such a scenario sounds unthinkable. 这听起来不堪设想。But Mr Trump has also described the Nato alliance as obsolete. 但特朗普还曾经形容北NATO)过时。Any genuine attempt to weaken Nato, or to undermine the governments of European allies would, however, encounter fierce resistance in Congress and the media, and could undermine his presidency.然而,如果特朗普真的尝试削弱北约或者削弱欧洲盟友的政府,他会遭到美国国会和媒体的激烈抵制,这可能削弱他作为总统的地位。Iran: Reversing US policy on Iran would be much easier for Mr Trump. 伊朗:对特朗普来说,扭转美国对伊政策要容易得多。Republicans in Congress share his disdain for Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. 和他一样,国会中的共和党人也不喜欢巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)与伊朗达成的核协议。Some of Mr Trump’s key appointees including General Michael Flynn, his national security adviser are particularly noted for their hostility towards Iran. 特朗普任命的一些关键人选——包括其国家安全顾问迈克弗林(Michael Flynn)——对伊朗尤其反感。Ripping up the nuclear deal could put the US on the road to a war with Iran. 撕毁核协议可能让美国走上与伊朗开战之路。Some of Mr Trump’s advisers may want precisely that outcome. 这可能正是特朗普的一些幕僚想要的结果。But it is less clear that the president-elect, who claims to have opposed the Iraq war, really has an appetite for another conflict in the Middle East.但目前不太清楚的是,号称反对伊拉克战争的当选总统,是否真的有胃口再卷入一场中东冲突。The Middle East and terrorism: Beyond Iran, the new president will face a series of conflicts, from Syria to Iraq and Afghanistan. 中东和恐怖主义:除了伊朗以外,新总统将会面临一系列冲突,从叙利亚、伊拉克,到阿富汗。Mr Trump has consistently advocated a much more ferocious approach to the war on radical Islamic terrorism. 特朗普一再主张在打击激进伊斯兰恐怖主义的战争中采取猛烈得多的手段。But his advisers disagree about what that might mean. 但他的顾问们对这一表述的涵义意见分歧。Some advocate much deeper American military and political involvement in the Middle East. 一些人主张大幅深化美国在中东的军事和政治介入。Others argue that such a policy would be counterproductive and are urging a much narrower concentration on counterterrorism.另一些人则认为此类政策适得其反,他们敦促缩小关注面,聚焦于反恐。China: Over the long run, the most important international issue facing the US is how to handle the rise of China. 中国:长期而言,美国面临的最重要的国际问题是如何应对中国的崛起。Mr Trump’s early moves have signalled the possibility of a radical change in America’s approach and a sharp rise in tensions with Beijing. 特朗普的初步动作表明,美国的策略可能发生根本改变,美中关系可能大幅加剧紧张。Mr Trump has talked of imposing punitive tariffs on Chinese exports. 特朗普谈到对中国输美产品征收惩罚性关税。His phone call with President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan reversed decades of US foreign policy and was a direct affront to Beijing.他与台湾总统蔡英Tsai Ing-wen)的通话逆转了几十年的美国外交政策,并直接冒犯了北京方面。Mr Trump has also endorsed significant expansion in the US Navy, which could signal a more aggressive American rejection of Beijing’s ambitions in the South China Sea. 特朗普还赞成显著扩充美国海军,这可能表明美国将更加强悍地抵制北京方面在南中国海的雄心。If there is a broader strategic thrust to Mr Trump’s thinking, it could be to split the informal alliance between Russia and China and instead form a Washington-Moscow axis.如果说特朗普的战略思维有什么整体的战略方向,那可能是瓦解俄罗斯和中国之间的非正式联盟,转而打造一个美俄轴心。But Mr Trump’s attitude to foreign policy smacks more of chaotic improvisation than strategic thinking. 但是,特朗普对外交政策的态度更像是混乱的即兴发挥,而不像是战略思维。The biggest questions about his approach may have more to do with process than policy. 关于其策略的最大问题可能在更大程度上关乎过程,而非政策。In a normal US administration, foreign policy shifts are debated between key departments of government and implemented after talks with allies; in the Trump administration, they are as likely to emerge from a 3am tweet.在一个正常的美国行政当局,要改变外交政策得首先在关键政府部门之间展开辩论,然后在与盟友磋商后实施;在特朗普政府,外交政策的改变可能在凌晨3点的推文中宣布。来 /201612/483985。

WASHINGTON The day started early. 华盛顿——那一天,我早早起床。Four of us from the Washington bureau were part of a team set to interview President-elect Donald J. 来自华盛顿分社的我们四个人是一个团队的成员,要在午餐期间采访候任总统唐纳#8226;J#8226;特朗Donald J. Trump)。Trump over lunch at The New York Times headquarters in Manhattan. 采访地点定在位于曼哈顿的《纽约时报》总部。Our first step? Get to New York.我们的第一步?当然是去纽约了。Our plan was easy: Take Amtrak’s 8 a.m. Acela, the high speed train from D.C. to New York Penn Station, and walk eight blocks up 8th Avenue to the Times building. 我们的计划很简单:搭乘美铁(Amtrak)早上8点从华盛顿特区开往纽约宾夕法尼亚站的高铁阿西乐(Acela),再沿着第八大道步行八个街区到达时报大厦。The train was scheduled to arrive shortly before 11 a.m., well ahead of the 1 p.m. start to the luncheon interview. 火车计划于上1点之前到站,远早于下点开始的午餐采访。We planned to strategize on the train about potential questions and follow-ups for Mr Trump, and could write on our laptops if other news broke that morning.针对可能会向特朗普提出的问题及需要跟进的内容,我们打算在车上制定好策略。如果上午出现其他突发新闻,我们也能在笔记本电脑上写稿。Then Mr Trump tweeted at 6:16 a.m.:结果,特朗普早上66分发了一条推文:Donald J. Trump(@realDonaldTrump):I cancelled todays meeting with the failing @nytimes when the terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment. 唐纳#8226;J#8226;特朗Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump):我取消了今天和失败的@nytimes的会面,因为他们在最后一刻更改了会议相关条款。Not nice.这可不太奀?A flurry of emails ensued. 一连串的电子邮件接踵而至。Really? Is this fake news? It matters for what outfit I choose, wrote Julie Hirschfeld Davis, a fellow White House correspondent.是真的吗?是不是假新闻?这关系到我选什么衣,另一名白宫记者朱#8226;赫希菲尔#8226;戴维Julie Hirschfeld Davis)写道。At least he had the good manners to do it before we got on the train! wrote Mark Landler, another member of our White House team.至少他是礼貌地在我们上火车之前这么做的!我们白宫团队的另一名成员马#8226;兰德Mark Landler)写道。Eventually, there was a decision. 最后,我们做出了决定。We would all cancel our train tickets and regroup at the bureau, two blocks from the White House. 所有人都把火车票退掉,在距离白宫两个街区的分社碰面That proved to be a fateful move.) Dean says meeting definitely canceled, Elisabeth Bumiller, the Washington bureau chief, emailed.(事后明,这是一个灾难性的举动。)迪恩(指时报执行主编迪恩#8226;巴奎[Dean Baquet]——编注)说会议明确取消,华盛顿分社社长伊丽莎#8226;巴米Elisabeth Bumiller)在电子邮件里说。Elisabeth and I got to the bureau early and turned our attention to a morning television appearance 伊丽莎白和我早早到了分社,并把注意力放在了特朗普的一名高级顾问亮相的一档早间电视节目上。One of Mr Trump’s senior advisers suggesting that the president-elect no longer wanted to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton, a change from his heated rhetoric during the campaign. 这名顾问称,候任总统不再希望起诉希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)。这有别于特朗普在竞选期间的激烈言辞。Mark and Julie worked from home, shifting to what passes for a traditional workday in the postelection period.在家办公的马克和朱莉也转移了注意力,以为这是大选结束后一个平淡无奇的工作日。And then, at 9:13 a.m., came an email from our publisher’s executive assistant: Updated Invitation: It’s still happening. 然后,上3分,我们出版人的行政助理发来了一封电子邮件:最新邀请:仍按计划进行。Arthur Sulzberger Jr., The Times’s publisher, had apparently contacted Mr Trump’s office and convinced him to reconsider. 时报的出版人小阿#8226;苏兹伯格(Arthur Sulzberger Jr.)似乎联系了特朗普的办公室,并说他重新考虑。Mr Trump later tweeted (at 10:40 a.m.): The meeting with the @nytimes is back on.后来,特朗普(上00分)发推文说:恢复与《纽约时报》的会面。What followed was a logistical nightmare: How could we get from Washington to New York in time to meet with Mr Trump? I logged onto the American Airlines website to no avail; the site wouldn’t book a flight with less than an hour before departure. 接下来的事情,是一场组织安排上的噩梦:我们怎么才能及时从华盛顿赶到纽约,与特朗普见面?我登陆美国航空公American Airlines)的网站,但因网站不提供起飞前一小时内的订票务而一无所获。Mark had similar trouble. 马克遇到的难题类似。Julie, though, had better luck: She called our travel service and got a seat on a plane, and was soon in a cab to Reagan National Airport.不过朱莉的运气好一些:她给我们的旅行社打电话,买到了一张机票,很快便坐上了开往里根国际机场的出租车。Elisabeth and I jumped into a cab at 9:30 as Nicholas Fandos, the bureau’s intrepid clerk, called the travel service to book us tickets on the 10 a.m. Acela, which was scheduled to get into New York at 12:48 p.m. 90分,分社勇敢无畏的员工尼古拉#8226;凡多Nicholas Fandos)打电话给旅行社,为伊丽莎白和我订到了上午10点发车、预计于中午128分抵达纽约的车票后,我们匆匆上了一辆出租车。A cab ride later, and with minutes to spare, we boarded the train. 0美元打车到车站后,离发车只剩下几分钟。我们上了车。Julie made her flight thanks to a 40-minute delay at the airport. 多亏机场出现0分钟的延误,朱莉也赶上了飞机。Mark, who lives further out in Chevy Chase, got stuck in Washington.住在更远的切维蔡斯的马克则被困在了华盛顿。Our plans for polishing our interview approach fell by the wayside. 我们完善采访方式的计划被扔至一边。Elisabeth and I prioritized 10 questions and emailed them to Julie and to Maggie Haberman, our New York-based White House correspondent, who managed to print them out just before the interview started.伊丽莎白和我确定0个问题的优先顺序,并通过电子邮件把它们发给了朱莉和本报驻纽约的白宫记者玛#8226;哈伯Maggie Haberman)。哈伯曼赶在采访开始的前一刻将它们打印了出来。The Acela pulled into Penn Station a few minutes late, arriving at 12:55 p.m. 阿西乐抵达宾夕法尼亚站的时间是中25分,晚了几分钟。We bounded up the escalators, across the plaza to Eighth Avenue and 33rd Street and started jogging. 我们跳上自动扶梯,穿过通往第八大道3街的广场,并开始小跑。By the time we reached 36th street, a cab pulled up to let someone off. 跑到36街时,一辆出租车停车下客。Elisabeth and I jumped in, hoping that it might be faster. 伊丽莎白和我跳上出租车,希望这样或许能更快一些。It wasn’t. 但事与愿违。At 39th Street, as the interview with Mr Trump started, we handed over another bill, jumped out and started running again.9街时,因为对特朗普的采访已经开始了,我们递给司机20美元后下了车,又开始跑了起来。At the Times building, the elevators were crowded and slow. 到了时报大楼,电梯拥挤不堪,运行速度缓慢。After a maddening ride to the 16th floor (and a quick screening by the Secret Service), Elisabeth and I entered the boardroom, about eight minutes late.搭乘令人抓狂的电梯上6层(并迅速通过特勤局[Secret Service]的检查)后,伊丽莎白和我在迟到大约八分钟后走进了董事会会议室。Meanwhile, Julie was having her own delays. 与此同时,朱莉那边也出现了延误。After landing on time at La Guardia Airport, she hopped into a cab, bound for the office. 按时在拉瓜迪亚机场落地后,她迅速坐上一辆出租车往办公室赶。That worked until traffic perhaps made even worse than usual because of Mr Trump’s motorcade ground to a halt at 37th Street, along with Julie’s cab.起初一切顺利,直到包括她乘坐的出租车在内的车流7街停住不动了。或许是因为特朗普的车队的原因,当时的交通甚至比平时更糟糕。She arrived at the interview a few minutes after Elisabeth and me, but in time to ask Mr Trump about Stephen K. Bannon, the president-elect’s choice for chief White House strategist. 她比伊丽莎白和我晚几分钟到达采访现场,还是赶上了向特朗普提问,问题是关于被他选为白宫首席策略师的史蒂#8226;K#8226;班农(Stephen K. Bannon)的。I apologize for my delayed flight, she told the president-elect.抱歉,我的航班晚点了,她对候任总统说。After the lunch, and Mr Trump’s departure, Julie, Elisabeth and I hunkered down in the boardroom to write. 吃完午饭,且特朗普也离开后,朱莉、伊丽莎白和我趴在董事会会议室的桌子上开始写稿。Initially, the sp of food (salmon, beef tenderloin, frisée salad, barley salad with dried fruit) remained, but it was quickly cleaned up and taken away.起初,桌上摊开的吃的(三文鱼、牛里脊、生菜沙拉和水果干大麦沙拉)还在,但很快,它们就被清理走了。Shortly after 7:30 p.m., stories mostly finished, the three of us packed up and headed for the third-floor newsroom to check in. 晚上70分刚过,报道基本写好了。我们三个收拾好东西,去三楼的编辑部报到。Dean Baquet, the paper’s executive editor, had a few small thoughts, most of which were fairly painless. 报社的执行主编迪#8226;巴奎(Dean Baquet)有一些小想法,大部分都很轻松。Editors checked es in the story against the interview transcript, which was finally completed.编辑们对照着终于完工的采访文字记录检查了报道中的引语。Elisabeth ran for the 9 p.m. train back to Washington, where she needed to catch a flight in the morning. 伊丽莎白赶去乘坐晚上9点的火车回华盛顿,因为她第二天早上还要赶一趟从华盛顿起飞的航班。Julie and I booked rooms at a nearby hotel and bought tickets on Wednesday’s 9 a.m. train.朱莉和我在附近一家宾馆订了房间,并买好了周三上午9点的火车票。Another eventful transition day done.过渡时期精多变的一天又过去了。来 /201611/480013。

Vice President Joe Biden says he ;would have been the best president; if he had mounted a successful campaign in the 2016 election, but that forgoing the race was the right decision for his family.美国副总统拜登说,如果他在2016年大选中组织一次成功的竞选活动,那么他“就会成为最好的总统”。但放弃竞选是为家庭做出的正确选择。Speaking with ;Good Morning America; co-anchor Robin Roberts in an exclusive interview that aired Wednesday, Biden said he had planned to run but changed course only after his eldest son Beau died last May.在星期三播出的《早安美囀?中,主持人罗宾圠伯茨对拜登进行了独家采访,拜登说他本来要参加竞选,但去年五月他的长子逝世,就改变了计划;No one should ever seek the presidency unless theyre able to devote their whole heart and soul and passion into just doing that,; he said. ;And, Beau was my soul. I just wasnt y to be able to do that. But, so, my one regret is my Beaus not here. I dont have any other regrets.;“除非能全身心地投入,并热爱这项事业,否则谁也不应该谋求总统职位,”他说,“而且,就是我的灵魂。我只是没有准备好去做。所以,我的不在了,我感到很遗憾。但也只有这个遗憾。”For months last year the question of whether Biden would run loomed over the Democratic presidential contest. Then in October he announced that he and his family were still dealing with the grief over Beaus death and he would not seek the presidency.去年一连好几个月,拜登是否会参加竞选的疑问都笼罩着民主党的总统候选人竞争。之后,10月份他宣布不再参加总统竞选,因为他和家人还没有从去世的悲痛中走出来。Beau Biden died in May 2015 at the age of 46 after a battling brain cancer for years.拜登与脑癌抗争多年,于2015年五月去世,享年46岁。The vice presidents comments came during an interview with Roberts about his ;Cancer Moon Shot; initiative, which aims to accelerate the effort to improve treatments for cancer and to possibly find a cure.在罗伯茨的访谈中,拜登副总统谈到了他的“抗癌登月”计划,此项计划的目的是推动癌症治疗取得更大更快的进展,尽可能找到治愈方法;Its kind of bittersweet,; Biden told Roberts of his role leading the administrations fight against the disease that took his son. ;But this is -- this allows me to pour all my energies into -- doing somethin that -- hopefully will -- five years from now if -- someones diagnosed with what my Beau was diagnosed with, they -- they live.;癌症带走了他的儿子,他又是美国政府抗击癌症计划的带头人,谈及这个角色,拜登对罗伯茨说“这是种甜蜜的苦涩。但这是……我得以倾注所有的精力,来做点事,希望可以,五年以后,如果有人诊断出和我的一样的病,那么他们,他们可以活下来。”His decision last year not to run was viewed as a boost to Hillary Clintons run for the Democratic Partys nomination.人们认为,去年他放弃参加竞选的决定有利于希拉里克林顿争取民主党党内提名。Biden has not endorsed either Clinton or Sen. Bernie Sanders, her opponent in the primary, but he said he thinks Clinton will be the nominee.拜登既没有持克林顿,也没有持她最大的对手参议员伯尼儠德斯,但是他说,他觉得克林顿会成为候选人;I feel confident that Hillary will be the nominee,; Biden said, ;and I feel confident shell be the next president.;他说:“我相信希拉里会当上候选人,而且我相信她会是下一届总统。”来 /201605/443462。

Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, is set to stand down and run for office in Germany in a move that will shake up the political world in Brussels and Berlin.欧洲议会(European Parliament)议长马丁.舒尔Martin Schulz)将卸任议长一职并参加德国竞选,此举将震动欧EU)和德国的政治圈。The long-serving parliament boss will stand as an MP for the Social Democrats in North Rhine-Westphalia, opening the door for a potential run at the German chancellorship in elections next year.这位曾长期务的欧洲议会议长将以北莱威斯特法伦州社民SPD)议员的身份参选,这为在明年大选中竞选总理创造了可能。The SPD said on Thursday that Mr Schulz’s move would not change the party’s plan to choose its candidate for chancellor at an executive committee meeting at the end of January.周四,德国社民党表示,舒尔茨的举动不会改变该党在明年1月底的执行委员会会议上挑选总理候选人的计划。Mr Schulz has also been widely seen as a possible successor to foreign minister, 舒尔茨还被广泛视为德国外长弗兰克-沃尔施泰因迈Frank-Walter Steinmeier)的可能继任者。Frank-Walter Steinmeier, his SPD colleague, who has been nominated by Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition as the next federal president.施泰因迈尔是舒尔茨在社民党的同僚,他已被安格默克Angela Merkel)所在的执政联盟提名为下一任德国联邦的总统。Under German political practice, the ministerial post will remain with the SPD, as the party to which it was assigned when the coalition was formed in 2013. 按照德国的政治习惯,外长一职将留在社民党,这一职位013年德国组建联合政府时被分配给了该党。Ms Merkel is understood to value Mr Schulz’s deep commitment to the EU, despite the difference in personalities between the ebullient Mr Schulz and the cautious Ms Merkel and the party tensions between her CDU/CSU bloc and the SPD.虽然热情洋溢的舒尔茨和谨慎的默克尔个性完全不同,默克尔所在的联盟CDU/CSU,基民盟与基社集团和社民党之间的关系也处于紧张状态,但是默克尔被认为非常看重舒尔茨对欧盟的尽职尽责。His decision to stand down sets the scene for a bout of political wrangling both in the EU institutions and Berlin, 舒尔茨卸任议长一职的决定,不论在欧盟机构还是在柏林都会引发一轮政治上的争论。Where the German politician will be among the top contenders to lead the centre left SPD, which is currently in coalition with Ms Merkel’s CDU.在柏林,这位德国政治家将成为中左翼社民党领导人最有力的竞争者,该党目前正与默克尔的基民盟联合执政。Mr Schulz’s move will also heap pressure on the current leader of SPD, 舒尔茨此举还会为社民党现任主席主席西格马加布里尔(Sigmar Gabriel)带来巨大压力。Sigmar Gabriel, who is expected to run as the party’s candidate for chancellor in 2017.后者预计会017年以社民党总理候选人的身份参加竞选。The SPD has been wracked for months by arguments over who should run as the candidate for chancellor against Ms Merkel who announced this week she would run for a fourth term. 数月以来,围绕谁应该作为总理候选人与默克尔竞选的争论,令社民党处于分崩离析之中。而就在本周,默克尔宣布会竞选总理的第四任期。The party has said it will announce its candidate in January.该党已经表示会在明年1月份宣布其候选人。来 /201611/480004。

The ed States and South Korea will reportedly practice preemptive military strikes to take out North Korean nuclear sites next month when they begin the largest joint exercises ever conducted by the two allied forces.美国和韩国下个月开始举行两个盟军之间有史以来最大规模的联合军演,据报将演练先发制人摧毁朝鲜核设施的军事打击能力。In the wake of North Korea’s recent nuclear test and long-range rocket launch, Washington and Seoul will focus in part on defending against attacks by weapons of mass destruction during this years annual joint exercises.继朝鲜最近进行核试验和远程火箭发射之后,华盛顿和首尔今年的年度联合军演将部分努力集中于如何抵御大规模杀伤性武器的袭击。In some scenarios being game planned by military strategists, the best defense is a good offense, one that would eliminate a North Korean missile site, nuclear facility or other strategic military target prior to an imminent attack.在军事战略家设计的某些演习状况中,最好的防守就是发动有效进攻,也就是在袭击即将来临之前,摧毁朝鲜的导弹发射场、核设施或其他军事战略目标。“These types of exercises, this type of training, considering the nature of the threat, its going to be the new normal for North Korea, unless they were to roll back their nuclear program, which I donforesee that happening anytime soon,said Northeast Asia security analyst Daniel Pinkston with Troy University in Seoul.首尔的特洛伊大学安全分析人士丹尼尔·平斯顿说:“考虑到威胁的性质,这类军演和这类训练对朝鲜来说将是新常态,除非他们废止其核计划。但我认为短期内这不会发生。”来 /201602/427476。