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Rory: Have you heard about Singles Day in China?罗瑞:你听说过中国的光棍节吗?Abidemi: No, Im not really sure. Can you explain what that is about?阿比德米:没有,我不知道那是什么。你能解释一下吗?Rory: So this is a new holiday that has been created for single people.罗瑞:这是一个为单身人群创造的新节日。Abidemi: Wow!阿比德米:哇哦!Rory: And so on this day people dont buy presents for somebody else. They buy presents for themselves. They are celebrating being single, and its been a huge success. Like the Internet sales have gone through the roof. So I guess companies just look for a time of year where there is maybe no holiday at the moment and try to create a new holiday.罗瑞:在这一天人们不会送其他人礼物,而是给自己买礼物。他们庆祝单身,这个节日取得了巨大的成功。这一天的网络销量暴涨。我想这是商家瞄准了一年中没有任何节日的时间,然后创造了一个新节日。Abidemi: Thats an interesting idea. It sounds like something you would do normally anyway, right. We always shop for ourselves, so but, wow!阿比德米:这是一个不错的想法。听起来像是人们平常就会做的事。我们经常给自己买东西,哇哦!Rory: I heard actually that Mothers Day — this might be an urban myth — but it was created by the Hallmark Card Company in America because there was a gap in the year that people werent buying cards and so they created this Mothers Day. Everyones got a mother.罗瑞:这可能是一个都市传说,我听说母亲节是美国霍尔马克卡片公司创设的,因为一年中有段时间人们不会买卡片,所以他们创设了母亲节。毕竟所有人都有母亲。Abidemi: Thats true.阿比德米:没错。Rory: And if they create this Mothers Day, everyones going to feel obliged to buy a card from them for their mother.罗瑞:他们创设母亲节以后,所有人都会觉得自己有义务去给母亲买张贺卡。Abidemi: Thats true.阿比德米:是的。Rory: And now its ... I dont know if its true.罗瑞:所以……我不知道这是不是事实。Abidemi: But I say its true because I think its a huge hit in a lot of countries actually, and its sping more and more to different countries every year, so these companies are definitely on to something. They know what theyre doing.阿比德米:我认为是这样,因为母亲节在许多国家非常受欢迎,每年都有越来越多的国家庆祝母亲节,这些公司一定是有想法的。他们知道他们在做什么。Rory: Right. So what should we do? I cant boycott Christmas cause I love Christmas too much, but maybe we could boycott some of these other days.罗瑞:没错。那我们应该怎么办?我不能抵制圣诞节,因为我非常喜欢圣诞节,不过也许我们可以抵制其他节日。Abidemi: Maybe, or just celebrate it in a way thats less commercialized. I guess we dont always have to buy big things. What about quality time? Spending time with family, with friends and just appreciating them in different ways than we would just think of just shopping or gifts or presents.阿比德米:也许吧,或许我们可以用不太商业化的方式进行庆祝。我认为我们不用总是买那些大件物品。享受美好时光怎么样?和家人、朋友一起度过美好的时光,用不同的方式感谢他们,而不是我们只会想到的购物或是送礼物。Rory: Yeah.罗瑞:对。Abidemi: Material things.阿比德米:那些物质上的东西。Rory: Thats a nice idea.罗瑞:这是个不错的主意。Abidemi: Yeah. I think so. Well save us some money, definitely, right?阿比德米:嗯,我是这样认为的。这样我们还可以省钱,对吧? 译文属 /201705/511286今天我们要讲的美国习惯用语是:over the moon. Over是在上面的意思,moon是月亮的意思。over the moon连在一起,不是登月,而是高兴万分的意思。不管遇到什么好事,比如说是涨工资、生宝宝、或是自己持的球队赢了比赛的冠军,都可以说over the moon, 来表达兴奋的心情。下面我们来看一个例子。这名男子多年来一直暗恋一名女友,让我们看看什么能让他over the moon:例句-1:You can imagine how nervous I was when I finally told her how I felt. I didnt know what to expect. She could have gotten angry or acted like I was joking or even felt sorry for me. But, when she said she felt the same way, I was just over the moon.他说:你可以想象,我向她表白的时候心里有多紧张。我不知道她会有什么样的反应。她可能会生气、也可能会觉得我是在开玩笑,甚至可能会同情我。可是她竟然说,她也喜欢我,这简直让我喜出望外。这个片段不由得让我们想起爱情影片的最后一幕。在生活中,最大的快乐往往会在最意想不到的时刻出现。******Over the moon这个习惯用语来源于一个古老的童谣。童谣: Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle/The cow jumped over the moon./The little dog laughed to see such fun/ And the dish ran away with the spoon.这个童谣本身并没有什么具体意思,但是童谣里的over the moon却被作为习惯用语,一直沿用至今。在下面这个例子中,一名老人回忆他第一次被提升的时候说,例句-2:It was two weeks after I married your mother. We were living in a tiny apartment and we had no idea how we were going to afford a family. So when I heard I was being promoted to sales manager, I was just over the moon.他说:当时我娶你妈妈刚刚两个星期,我们住在一个小小的公寓里,不知道怎么能养得起孩子。因此,当我听说自己被提升为销售经理时,简直高兴极了。这让我想起自己当年申请来美国留学,又考,又考GRE,还要申请奖学金,最后得到入学通知和奖学金时,恐怕也只有over the moon 才能形容了。最让人高兴的事情,往往是付出努力最多,最终有所收获的事情。 /201503/362215

Todd: So what island do you live on?托德:你住在哪个岛上?CleAnn: I live in Trinidad, on the island of Trinidad. Im happy that I live in Trinidad, Im very proud of it because Trinidad is beautiful. Although its not known for beaches, we have a lot of wetlands like swamps and natural savannah. I think we are the only island in the Caribbean that has savannah. People usually think that an island is too small to have savannah cause...we have savannah in Trinidad, mangrove forests also. They are also an important part of the ecosystem. But if you meet somebody from Tobago, they will tell you that they are from Tobago and maybe not necessarily from Trinidad and Tobago because they are extremely proud.科勒安:我住在特里尼达岛。我很高兴我住在特立尼达岛,我对此非常自豪,因为特立尼达非常漂亮。虽然特立尼达的海滩并不出名,不过我们有很多湿地、沼泽和稀树草原。我想我们是加勒比地区唯一拥有稀树草原的岛屿。人们通常认为岛屿非常小,所以不可能有稀树草原,不过我们特立尼达岛有稀树草原,还有红树林。这些都是生态系统的重要组成部分。如果你遇到多巴哥人,他们会告诉你他们来自多巴哥,而不一定会告诉你他们来自特立尼达和多巴哥,因为他们对自己的岛屿无比自豪。Todd: Yeah.托德:好。CleAnn: Because Tobago, although were one country, they have somewhat of a unique history in that in the colonial days when we were colonized by pretty much everyone from the British, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese — Tobago has a very strong Dutch history also. So actually most of the whites who live in Tobago are still of a Dutch or German ancestry. So they are very proud that they have something unique that sets them apart from Trinidad and actually the accent is different. You may not be able to tell the difference but we in Trinidad can hear when somebody is from Tobago.科勒安:虽然我们是一个国家,但是多巴哥的殖民历史和我们不同,我们特立尼达曾被英国、西班牙、法国、荷兰和葡萄牙殖民,多巴哥也有经历过荷兰的殖民。所以现在大部分在多巴哥生活的白人都有荷兰或德国血统。他们对此非常自豪,他们有同特立尼达区分开来的独特之处,而且他们的口音也不一样。你们可能听不出来口音的不同,不过我们特立尼达人能分辨出谁是来自多巴哥的。Todd: Oh, interesting.托德:哦,真有意思。CleAnn: Its very distinct, yes.科勒安:对,非常不同。Todd: And now but the official language is English, right?托德:不过官方语言是英语,对吧?CleAnn: English is... We speak English. But now in schools French is being taught compulsory I think for at least the first two to three years depending on which school you go to and Spanish.科勒安:不过现在法语是学校的必修课,我想这要看各学校的安排,不过至少前两三年也要学习法语,而且也会学习西班牙语。Todd: And actually, Im sorry, its not even an official language, its the native language, correct?托德:抱歉,可以说你们不止有一个官方语言,或者说母语,对吧?CleAnn: Native language. We dont know any other language but English. Its native. And we have what we call some Creole languages which are mixtures of English and French. And in Trinidad the Creole language is called Patois and I cant speak it because its very French — shortened French words and grammar mixed in with some English...what do you call it...the structures of the sentences. Its extremely interesting if you can ever get a chance to meet someone who speaks Patois and for someone who speaks French. You will never be able to understand them even if you speak French.科勒安:母语。除了英语,我们没有其他语言。英语就是母语。我们还有一种克里奥尔语,这种语言混合了英语和法语。在特立尼达岛,克里奥尔语算方言,我不会说,因为这种语言更偏向法语,是把简写的法语词汇和法语语法同英国的句式结构混合在一起。这其实非常有意思,如果你有机会认识说克里奥尔语的人,即使你会说法语,你也无法明白他们在说什么。译文属 /201606/450100

4. Witnessing a Robbery 4.目睹一起抢劫案 A: Can you describe the robbery you saw?A:你能描述一下你看到的抢劫案吗?B: It happened right here in front of the bank.B:它正好发生在的前面。A: Can you describe the suspect?A:你能描述一下嫌疑犯吗?B: He was tall, wearing sunglasses and a Yankees baseball cap.B:他很高,戴着太阳镜和洋基队棒球帽。A: Did he have any weapons?A:他有武器吗?B: I didnt see a gun, but he had his hand in his pocket.B:我没有看到,但他把手放在口袋里。A: So he could have had a gun?A:所以他可能有一把?B: I suppose so.B:我想是这样的。A: Did you see which way the suspect went?A:你看到嫌疑犯向哪个方向走了吗?B: I was so scared, and was shaking, but I think he went towards the train station.B:我很害怕,而且在颤抖,但我想他跑向了火车站。A: Could you pick the suspect out of a lineup?A:你能在一群人中认出嫌疑犯吗?B: Only if Im sure that he cant see me. B:除非我能确定他不会看见我。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201601/423035A: Good morning, I am here to register.A: 您好,我是来报到的。B: You must be Xiao Li. Welcome.B: 你一定是小李吧,欢迎欢迎。A: When should I start my work?A: 我什么时候正式开始工作呢?B: Take it easy for a while. You should have a good rest today. Tomorrow I will take you to visit the village to get some general information.B: 别着急,你今天先好好休息休息。明天开始,我先带你到村里转转,熟悉→下这里的大概情况。A: Fine. Its my first time here. All the things I need to learn from you.A: 好的,我初来乍到的,有很多事情不懂,还请您多多指教。B: It doesnt matter. You know, the village is longing for high educated young people like you.B: 太客气了。你不知道,现在农村就需要你们这样有知识的年轻人。A: I will do my best here.A: 我会努力的。B: Ha-ha, I even dont know where you are from.B: 哈哈,我还不知道你是哪的人呢。A: My hometown is in Liaoning Province.A: 我老家在辽宁。B: Doesnt your family worry about your leaving?B: 一个人离家这么远,家里人不担心吗?A: A young man should broaden his horizon. And all my families agree to my decision as a village official. They think I can gain more practice here.A: 年轻人就应该出来见见世面。况且我家人都很赞同我选择当村官这个决定,他们认为我在这里能更好地磨炼自己。B: Well, just make yourself at home. Should you encounter any inconvenience, just tell us. We will help you out.B: 既然这样,就把这里当成自己的家吧。有什么困难直接跟我们说,我们会全力解决的。A: Thank you very much.A: 非常感谢。 /201506/379668

美国很多居民小区都设有小区委员会,别看编制不大,权力可不小。我有个朋友Amy,她家的小区委员会管得就特别宽,从各家各户房子的颜色到院子护栏的风格,都要经过审查。Amy最近想架个篮球筐,给儿子练球用,小区委员会专门就此开会,进行了激烈的讨论。这种情况在英语里叫:run the gauntlet.Gauntlet在中文里是夹击的意思。Run the gauntlet这个习惯用语的意思就是受到很多人的批判、指责或是攻击。所以说啊,这个词用在Amy身上特别合适。她为了给儿子装个篮球架子,就要接受小区委员会的严格审批。She had to run the gauntlet.在下面的例子里,一名高中校长提出了一项看似平常的提案,结果却受到了很多人的围攻。我们听听看,这是为什么。例句-1:When I proposed that our high school eliminate soda machines in the building, I thought Id have everyones support. Instead, I was attacked by many parents and teachers for taking away the students right to choose what they wanted to drink. I never expected to run the gauntlet on that issue.这位校长说:我提议取消学校的饮料零售机。本来以为会得到大家的持,可是谁知道,却遭到了很多家长和老师的指责,说我这是剥夺学生选择饮料的权利。我从没想到会因此引火烧身。没错啊,那些饮料反正也没什么营养,取消饮料贩卖机应该是件好事,没想到在这个问题上大家也会存在争议。最近有消息说,我们当地一家小学的校长,因为觉得孩子们玩的追逐游戏T动作越来越粗暴,所以决定禁止这个游戏,结果引起了社会上很多人的指责。She is still running the gauntlet.******申请工作要经过面试。有的时候,还要经过多次筛选。让我们一起来听听下面这个年轻人的经历。例句-2:First, I had an in-depth interview with the personnel director. Then, I was asked to go over my resume with the department manager. Finally, I got questioned at length by the head of guest services. All of this so that I could get a job parking cars at a hotel! I certainly ran the gauntlet for that position.这个人说:首先是人事部主任对我进行了非常深入的面试,然后让我把简历交给部门经理,最后客人务部的负责人又仔细地询问了我的情况。这么繁琐的程序,其实我申请的就是一个在酒店停车的工作,为了这个工作,我可真是历经磨难。真是够不容易的,一定是家五星级饭店。Run the gauntlet的用法可以追溯到十七世纪上半叶,最初是军队里的一种惩罚方式,指士兵们手里拿着鞭杖,面对面站成两列,犯错误的人 从他们中间跑过去,接受士兵们的鞭打。到1661年的时候,这个习惯用语已经可以用来比喻各种形式的惩罚了。 /201505/373758我的步骤很简单,选材—重复—自嗨—对号入座。选材很重要如果你要问我相对于Two Broke Girls and The Big Bang Theory哪个更适合学口语,我肯定告诉你选Two Broke Girls。原因很简单,因为大爆炸里面的口语基本在在日常生活中用不上。所以选材,要选生活化点的。目前这几部比较火的美剧,能够马上学以致用的由“从最容易上手到一般上手”的排列顺序:Friends Modern Family Mom That70s Show,或者你足够了解美国的笑点,你可以看Broke Girls。下面我以Friends为例,跟大家分享具体实操步骤。重复很重要第一遍:(先看完)提升兴趣:从头至尾中英文字幕辅助拉通看一遍,了解剧中人物关系,故事情节发展以及美国文化及各种笑点。第二遍:(模仿对白)中英文字幕一起,每集认真看,笔记本放在一旁,在每集当中找到自己喜欢的点,抄在笔记本上,先自己跟读7遍,然后”自嗨”,即脑海里自己跟自己练习对话,培养语境。第三遍:(再猜一遍)全英文字幕,肯定会有看不懂的地方,但是不懂的地方不要马上查字典或者翻看中文字幕,快退快进上下文不停切换,练习英文猜测能力。第四遍:(重复几遍)重复第二遍,第三遍。等到步骤都完成后,就全天24/7播放,Have it in the background. 只要是醒着的就播放,让自己每天置身于那个语言环境。模仿人物个性很重要不是每次背诵模仿完语句就行了,你要找到一个关键人物,那个跟你性格很搭的人物。因为这样你才能灵活运用语调,当你想表达各种情绪时。我在这里跟大家分享《老友记》剧中6个人物的性格,请各自对号入座。My favorites are Chandler and Phoebe! How about you?我个人最爱钱德勒和菲比。你们呢? /201706/515303

4 booking room dialogue4 酒店订房 对话Steven wants to travel during the holiday, so he is calling a hotel to book a room.史蒂文假期里想去旅行,所以他正在给一个宾馆打电话预订房间。Clerk: Crown Hotel. Reservation Desk. Can I help you?职员:酒店预订处,请问您有什么需要?Steven: Yes, Id like to book a room at your hotel.史蒂文:我想在你们酒店预订一个房间。Clerk: What kind of room would you like, sir? We have single rooms, double rooms, suites and deluxe suites in our hotel.职员:你想订什么样的房间,先生?我们这里有单人间、双人间、 套间和豪华套间。Steven: Id like to book a single room with a bath from the afternoon of October 2nd to the morning of October 6th.史蒂文:我想订一个带洗澡间的单人间,使用时间是从10月2日下午到6日上午。Clerk: All right.职员:好的。Steven: What is the rate, please?史蒂文:请问房费是多少?Clerk: The current rate is 0 per night.职员:现行房费是每晚100美元。Steven: What services come with that?史蒂文:这个价格包括哪些务项目呢?Clerk: For 0 youll have a radio, a color television, a telephone and a major international newspaper delivered to your room every day.职员:这100美元包含的项目有:收音机、电、电话,还有一份重要的国际报纸送到您的房间。Steven: That sounds not bad at all. Ill take it.史蒂文:听起来还不错,就订这个吧。 /201506/382186

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