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Russia has begun recruiting cosmonauts for a new spacecraft that will go to the moon.俄罗斯开始招募航天员以期在登月竞赛中击败中美。Russias space corporation Roscosmos has declared an open contest for a team who will pilot the Federatsiya spacecraft to the Moon.俄罗斯的航天公司俄罗斯航天局宣布了一个公开竞争,将挑选一队伍驾驶Federatsiya飞船到月球The sextion begins today and it will last till the end of the year said Roscosmos First Deputy CEO Aleksandr Ivanov told a news conference.“该活动从今天开始,将持续到今年年底”俄罗斯航天局第一副总裁亚历山大·伊万诺夫在记者会上说道。来 /201703/498598

Bad file organizationA: Where’s the James’s file, Christine?B: I had it right here a minute ago, Mr. Emory. Umm. Just a minute…A: Christine, I know you’re new here and there’s a lot to learn, but you are going to have to learn to keep your work in better order. We can’t afford to lose an important document.B: Yes, sir. I apologize for that. Here’s the file you were looking for, Mr. Emory.文件管理混乱A:詹姆斯的档案在哪里,克莉丝汀?B:一分钟以前还在这里,埃默里先生。嗯。请稍等一会……A:克莉丝汀,我知道你是新来的,而且有很多新东西得学,但你必须要学会使你的工作更有条理。我们丢不起任何重要文件。B:是的,先生。我为此道歉。这是您要找的文件,埃默里先生。 /02/61767

Today’s Business English News podcast comes from an article on the recent positive statements by the CEO of Infosys on the future of India’s economy.今天的商务英语播客来自Infosys总裁对印度未来经济的积极。India’s economy has long been overshadowed by the rapid rise of China and SE Asia. More recently though, attention has started to turn to India, who’s strong economic growth and skilled workforce have spurred interest. Many economists are now predicting steady growth at 8% per year with India set to become a 1 trillion dollar economy by 2008.印度的经济长时间依赖由于中国和东亚国家经济的迅速发展而相形逊色。尽管如此,国际关注现在转向印度,印度的经济增长迅猛,技术工人促进了利润的增长。许多经济学家现在预测印度每年8%的增长速度到2008年时会达到一万亿美元。We use this article to look at some of the English words and expressions you can use to talk about economic trends and human resources. 通过这篇文章来看下用来谈论经济趋势和人力资源的词语和表达。 /201101/123366

陈豪工作的公司里有一个公用的厨房,里面有冰箱,咖啡壶,微波炉等供工作人员使用。还有美籍华人Mary刚走进厨房,看见陈豪有点不知所措的样子。(Office ambience)M: Hey, Chen Hao, what happened?C: Someone ate my lunch! 早上我买了一盒土豆沙拉放在冰箱里。现在没了!M:Gone? Did you have your name on it?C:Write your name on the box?是不是自己的饭还不知道呀?M:外面买的饭,盒子看起来都差不多不少。If you don't have your name on it, 别人拿错是很有可能的呀!C:那倒是。不过,发生了今天的事, I don't think I'll ever forget to put my name on my lunch.M:不过这冰箱确实是个大问题。 Sometimes people bring their lunch, and later decide to go out to eat and forget about their food in the frig until it starts to smell.C:是呀,有两次我看到有东西都发霉了。I just have to throw them out. 得了,别说了,真恶心。I have to find some lunch.M:See you later.C:Hi, Mary, y to go home? Can I walk with you?M:Sure. By the way, did you find out who ate your lunch?C:Oh, yes, I did. It was all a mistake. Brian太忙,让William给他带个沙拉回来放在冰箱里。Brian 去冰箱拿沙拉的时候William还没有回来。他以为我的沙拉就是William替他买的,所以就吃了。M:原来如此。 But we do need to remind people to observe simple kitchen courtesies.C:Simple kitchen courtesies? 厨房里还有礼貌呀?M:当然有呀!For example, if you drink the last cup of coffee, you should fix a new pot for others.C:我同意。有两次,我想喝咖啡,可是到了厨房看见的是空咖啡壶。I have to make a new pot and wait for a long time to get the coffee y。M: Also, it's just good manners to clean up after yourself such as wiping off the counter and throwing away the trash.C:噢,擦桌面和扔垃圾!这我倒是没有想到,因为在家里这些不是我妈,就是我做的。不过,Next time, I should pay more attention to it.M:You also have to remember: keep the refrigerator clean -- put your name on your food and throw away any unwanted food; make a new pot of coffee when you drink the last cup. Throw away the trash, and clean the counter.C:Thank you, Mary. /04/67960

职场社交英语 Lesson 35:他会改变主意的SCENE③ B ?吉娜到了自己的隔间【他会改变主意的】Zina: He's going to change his mind. The 1) reinforcements will be here first thing tomorrow.吉娜: 他会改变主意的。救火队明天一大早就会来。Dave: Are you serious? How? How did you 2) manage that?戴夫: 你是认真的吗?怎么?你是怎么办到的?Zina: I worked a little deal with Vikam.吉娜: 我跟“维康”做了点小交易。Dave: The 3) venture capitalists? When have you had time to talk to them?戴夫: 投资方?你哪来的时间跟他们说?Zina: We had breakfast this morning.吉娜: 我们今天吃了早饭。Dave: Geez. Does Vince know about this?戴夫: 天啊。文斯知道这档事吗?语言详解A: Why do you look so serious? 你怎么一副正经八百的样子?B: I'm thinking! Don't bother me! 我在想事情!别烦我!【first thing tomorrow 明天赶办】 当他人有事情交代的时候,为了表明自己不会拖延,会尽速办理,你就可以用上这句短语first thing tomorrow,好让对方安心。当然由于事情的轻重缓急有所不同,赶办的时间也可以视情况而代换,好比first thing in the morning“一早赶办”,first thing Monday“周一赶办”等等。 A: When are you going to start working on this project? 你何时会开始进行这个计划?B: I'll get to it first thing tomorrow. 我赶明天就马上进行。 A: Let's send a fax to our Hong Kong office first thing Monday. 让我们在星期一尽速发一份传真给我们香港办事处。B: I'll surely do that. 我一定照办。 1) reinforcements (n.) 增援,救兵2) manage (v.) 得以做到3) venture capitalist 提供创业投资的投资方 /200602/4251

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