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上海瑞金医院纹眉多少钱黄浦区第九人民医院做去眼袋手术价格费用静安区人民医院去除狐臭多少钱 But I want to encourage you to reject these cynics who say that technology is flattening your experience of the world Please dont let anyone make you think that youre any less somehow shallow 不过我劝你们别听这些讽世者的别听他们说什么 科技正在毁灭你们的真实世界体验有些人仅仅因为你喜欢经常更新状态Because you like to update your status on a regular basis The people who say that technology has disconnected you are wrong but so are the people who say that technology has automatically connected you 就说你变得有些浅薄 别听他们的认为科技让你们疏于联系的论调是错误的相反 认为科技自动让人联系起来的论调也是错误的Technology is just a tool Its a powerful tool but its just a tool 科技只是一个工具它是一个强有力的工具但仍然只是工具Deep human connection is very different Its not a tool 人之间深入的联系非常独特它不是工具Its not a means to the end It is the end Its the purpose of a meaningful life 它不是实现目的的手段而是目的本身它是有意义的生活的目标And it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity In his famous speech ;Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution; Martin Luther King Jr. Said 它能激发这些最美妙的行为 爱 慷慨 人性在着名演讲《在大变革中保持清醒》中马丁.路德.金说Through our scientific and technological genius we have made of this world a neighborhood and yet we have not had the ethical commitment to make of it a brotherhood 通过我们的科学和技术天赋;我们让这个世界变为邻里;但我们仍然缺少让世界充满手足之情的伦理担当Now with 50 years of hindsight I think its fair to say that Dr. King was a little premature in calling the worlds a neighborhood 根据50年后的后见之明我想 金牧师那时就将世界看作邻里未免有些为时过早Back then Americans lumped whole continents into something they called the Third World as if what defined people on the other side of the planet 在当时美国把世界上大面积的土地都笼统归为第三世界让人觉得似乎地球另一端的民众201608/457718新东方最新英语口语学习词典K部分 /200707/15336上海玫瑰医疗整形美容医院打瘦脸针多少钱

上海割双眼皮多少钱This distinction between victim and empowered is imaginary.受害者和掌权者的区别是虚假的。It exists purely to discredit sex workers and make it easy to ignore us.它的存在只是为了败坏性工作者的名声,让社会更加轻易的无视我们。No doubt many of you work for a living. Well, sex work is work, too.在座各位为谋生而工作。性工作也是工作。Just like you, some of us like our jobs, some of us hate them.就像各位一样,有些人热爱自己的工作,有些人憎恨它。Ultimately, most of us have mixed feelings.最终我们中大多数人对这份工作都怀着复杂的感情。But how we feel about our work isnt the point.但是我们对工作是什么感情并不是重点。And how others feel about our work certainly isnt.别人怎么看我们的工作也不是重点。Whats important is that we have the right to work safely and on our own terms.重要的是我们有权利根据我们自己的主张安全的工作。Sex workers are real people.性工作者也是人。Weve had complicated experiences and complicated responses to those experiences.我们有复杂的经历和对那些经历复杂的反应。But our demands are not complicated.但是我们的要求并不复杂。You can ask expensive escorts in New York City,你可以问在纽约的高级陪护,brothel workers in Cambodia, street workers in South Africa柬埔寨的,南非的站街工作者,and every girl on the roster at my old job in Soho, and they will all tell you the same thing.和我以前工作过的伦敦苏活区里每一个名单上的女孩,他们都会告诉你同样的事情。You can speak to millions of sex workers and countless sex work-led organizations.你可以问千千万万个性工作者和不计其数的性工作领导机构。We want full decriminalization and labor rights as workers.我们需要完全的无罪化,和其他工作者一样的劳动者权益。Im just one sex worker on the stage today, but Im bringing a message from all over the world. Thank you.今天我只是一个站在台上的性工作者,但是我带来了全世界的声音。谢谢。201609/466805上海曙光医院西院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱 And it wont matter whether theyre black kids or brown kids or white kids.无论是黑人孩子 白人孩子 棕色人种孩子.Or native American kids.还是美国原住民孩子.Because hell understand what theyre going through.因为他理解他们所经历的不幸.And hell be fighting for them.他将为他们而战.Hell be in their corner.他会和他们站在一起.Thats leadership.这就是领导力.Thats a Morehouse man right there.这就是一个莫尔豪斯人.Thats what weve come to expect from you Morehouse.这就是我对你们莫尔豪斯人的期望.A legacy of leaders.领袖的传承.Not just in our black community, but for the entire American community.不只是对黑人群体 更是对整个美国社会.To recognize the burdens you carry with you.你们要意识到身上的重担.But to resist the temptation to use them as excuses.同时也要避免总想着拿它当借口.To transform the way we think about manhood.转变我们对男性责任的认识.And set higher standards for ourselves and for others.为我们自己和他人设立更高标准.To be successful, but also to understand that each of us has.成功是一方面 但还应理解我们每个人.Responsibilities not just to ourselves.不仅对我们自己负有责任.But to one another and to future generations.还对相互以及子孙后代负有责任.Men who refuse to be afraid.男人不应当害怕.Members of the class of 2013, you are heirs to a great legacy.2013届毕业生 你们是伟大遗产的继承人.You have within you that same courage and that same strength.你们体内流淌着相同的勇气和力量.The same resolve as the men who came before you.你们拥有和前人一样的决心.Thats what being a Morehouse man is all about.这就是莫尔豪斯人所应有的.Thats what being an American is all about.这就是作为美国人所应有的.Success may not come quickly or easily.成功没有捷径 成功无法轻易获得.But if you strive to do whats right.但如果你努力做正确的事情.If you work harder and dream bigger.如果你为更大的梦想而努力.If you set an example in your own lives and do your part to Help meet the challenges of our time, then I!m confident that.如果你用自己的行动树立榜样, 并以实际行动迎接当今的挑战.Together, we will continue the never ending task of perfecting our union.我将很确信 我们会永不止步地完善我们的联盟.Congratulations, class of 2013.祝贺你们 2013届毕业生.God bless you.愿上帝保佑你们.God bless Morehouse.愿上帝保佑莫尔豪斯.And god bless the united states of America.愿上帝保佑美利坚合众国.201605/443093上海做韩式开眼角哪家好

上海市中西医结合医院做隆鼻手术多少钱By stopping this regulation, we are able to save American companies and workers millions and millions of dollars in job-killing compliance costs.通过终结这样的条例,我们能为美国的企业和员工,在就业合规成本上节省数百万美元。But to truly succeed as a country, we must realize the full potential of women in our economy.但一个国家真正实现成功,我们必须让妇女在我们经济中发挥出全部潜力。That is why I was thrilled to host the White Houses womens business leaders roundtable - very exciting, great women.因此,我怀着兴奋的心情在白宫举办商界妇女领袖圆桌会议--她们都是令人兴奋伟大的女性。As President, I am committed to ensuring that women entrepreneurs have equal access to the capital, markets, and networks of support that they need,作为总统,我承诺确保女性企业家在她们需要的资金,市场和网络持上能得到公平的机会。and I mean really need.我是说真正需要的。And its going to happen.这就将实现。This is a priority for my Administration.这是我政府的优先事项。I campaigned on helping women in the workforce, and we are going to deliver on that promise, believe me.我曾为职业女性而战,我们将实现这样的承诺,相信我。In fact, as part of my first official meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week,实际上,我本周首次与加拿大总理贾斯汀·特鲁多官方会谈的内容之一就是,we announced the creation of the joint ed States-Canada Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.我们宣布建立美加联合理事会,为女性企业家和商界领袖发展而努力。201702/493708 So they got very interested in producing convulsions, measured types of convulsions.所以他们对诱发抽搐很感兴趣,控制抽搐的程度。And they thought, ;Well, weve got electricity, well plug somebody into the wall.他们认为,“我们有电源,我们可以把身体通电试试看。That always makes hair stand up and people shake a lot.;这样通电后体验者人头发竖起,身体颤动。”So, they tried it on a few pigs, and none of the pigs were killed.于是,他们在猪身上做了几次试验,没有一头猪被电死。So, they went to the police and they said,然后他们去找警察说,;We know that at the Rome railroad station,“我们知道在罗马火车站there are all these lost souls wandering around, muttering gibberish.很多无家可归之人四处流浪,成天疯疯癫癫,Can you bring one of them to us?;你们能带来一个给我们做实验吗?”Someone who is, as the Italians say, ;cagoots.;这就是意大利人常说的“脑袋秀逗”,“短路了”So they found this ;cagoots; guy, a 39-year-old man who was really hopelessly schizophrenic,于是他们找到了这样一个”脑袋秀逗“的人,一个39岁的重度精神分裂男患者who was known, had been known for months, to be literally defecating on himself,众人都知道他已经好几个月了,他在自己身上大小便,talking nothing that made any sense, and they brought him into the hospital.整天胡言乱语,他被送到医院。So these three psychiatrists, after about two or three weeks of observation,接下来这三个精神病专家经过2-3周的观察,laid him down on a table, connected his temples to a very small source of current.让他平躺到一个桌子上,把他的太阳穴用非常微弱的电流连接起来。They thought, ;Well, well try 55 volts, two-tenths of a second.他们想“我们先试55伏特,2/10秒。Thats not going to do anything terrible to him.;这不会对他造成伤害。”So they did that.然后他们就尝试了。Well, I have the following from a firsthand observer, who told me this about 35 years ago,下面是我从一个第一手观察者处获得的,他在35年前告诉我的,when I was thinking about these things for some research project of mine.当时我正在思考电疗这些事情,我有些研究项目,He said, ;This fellow; -- remember, he wasnt even put to sleep --他说,“这家伙”——记着,甚至没法让他入睡——;after this major grand mal convulsion, sat right up, looked at these three fellas and said,“在这次癫痫大发作以后,立刻坐起来,盯着三个专家说,What the fuck are you assholes trying to do? ;“你们他妈的想对我做什么?”If I could only say that in Italian.如果我能用意大利语说这个就好了。Well, they were happy as could be, because he hadnt said a rational word in the weeks of observation.专家们很高兴,因为这个流浪汉在过去几周观察期间,从未说过如此清醒符合逻辑的话。So they plugged him in again, and this time they used 110 volts for half a second.于是,他们又给他通电,这次,他们用110伏特,持续半秒。And to their amazement, after it was over, he began speaking like he was perfectly well.让他们吃惊的是,经过这次尝试,流浪汉开始说话,完全跟正常人一样了。He relapsed a little bit, they gave him a series of treatments, and he was essentially cured.他偶尔复发,专家继续进行一系列的治疗,他基本上被治愈了。But of course, having schizophrenia, within a few months, it returned.当然,他有精神分裂症,几个月内又患病了。But they wrote a paper about this,但是专家们针对这个试验完成了篇报告,and everybody in the Western world began using electricity to convulse people who were either schizophrenic or severely depressed.然后西方医疗界开始使用电击疗法诱发病人抽搐,以治疗精神分裂症或者严重抑郁症。201604/434898上海鼻孔朝天治疗浦东新做双眼皮埋线多少钱



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