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  • People are now making more career changes than ever before. Our careers expert will advise you on the factors to consider when moving into a new line of work. This short tutorial will teach you the exact steps you need to take to change your career.现代社会的人们比以前更频繁地更换职业。我们的职业专家向你介绍更换职业时应该考虑哪些因素。这个短片将教给你准备更换职业时应该遵循哪些步骤。Step 1: Why do you want to change?1.为何要改变职业Think about the reason you want to make a career change. Perhaps you#39;ve never been satisfied with your job? Maybe you were pressured into it by your family, and you have always harboured secret ambitions in another direction? If you#39;re no longer fulfilled by your job, a new challenge could be just what you need. Or maybe your ambition is to run you own business and be your own boss. Although this will take great commitment and hard work, it could give you the kind of freedom you really want.考虑一下你想要更换职业的原因。或许你从来都不满意自己的工作?或许是迫于家庭压力,还是你一直有志于其他行业?如果你对现在的工作不满足,你或许需要新的挑战。或许你的理想是经营自己的公司,自己做老板。尽管这需要坚持和努力,却可以让你拥有自由。Step 2: Finding your new job2.寻找新工作Once you know what line of work you want to change to, consider whether you have the necessary skills for it. You may have to get some additional training or education before you can start work in your chosen field. It can also help to gain some unpaid experience in the form of volunteering or an internship.一旦知道自己想从事哪个行业,考虑一下自己是否拥有这个行业必需的技能。进入你选择的新领域之前,你或许需要进行一些培训或教育。你还可以通过志愿或实习的方式来获得一些无报酬的工作经验。It#39;s important to do lots of research into your new line of work. Find out how active the jobs market is in that industry,and how the recruitment process usually works.要对你即将进入的行业做大量调查研究,这是非常重要的。查看一些这个行业的就业状况,招募程序通常是怎样的。Talk to as many people as you can. Use your network of family and friends to gather information, and remember that networking is not something that#39;s just done at stuffy business events.尽量和比较多的人讨论一下。通过你的家人和朋友网来收集信息,记住,社交网络并不是只有进行繁琐的商务活动时才用的到。Get advice on the best way to market yourself in your job hunt. It#39;s important that your CV and interview skills are as good as possible, so it might be a good idea to speak to a careers adviser.求职过程中寻找能够推销自己的最佳方法。你的简历和面试技巧都必须尽量做到最好,所以,你可以向职业顾问咨询。You#39;ll also need to consider whether to quit your old job before starting your search. Jobhunting can be a long process, so you#39;ll need to have enough money saved up to live on while you search.你还应该考虑一下是否应该在找新工作之前辞掉原来的工作。求职是一个漫长的过程,所以你需要存够足够的钱来应付找新工作期间的费用。Step 3: Your new career3.你的新职业When you#39;ve found the job you want in your new line of work, bear in mind that it will take some time for you to adapt. In some cases you will have to start from the very bottom of the ladder again, and this will take some getting used to. You may also have to take a salary cut to get into some types of jobs.进入新的领域之后,你要记住,你需要一段时间来适应。在某些情况下,你需要从最底层开始,你必须慢慢习惯。在某些工作岗位,你的薪水可能会很低。Once you#39;re in your new career, keep setting new goals for yourself, so that you feel stretched and challenged. Re-evaluate your career regularly, and remember that a new career is one of the most rewarding changes you can make to your life. Good luck!开始新的职业后,一定要为自己设立新的目标,这样才会有挑战性。经常重新评估自己的职业。记住,新的职业是你为自己的生活做出的最有回报的改变。祝你好运!Thanks for watching How To Change Your Career感谢收看“怎样改变自己的职业”视频节目。 Article/201210/205635
  • At a glance概览Serves: 4份数:4Preparation Time: 15 minutes; Cooking Time: 30 minutes; Total Time: 45 minutes准备15分钟,烹饪30分钟,总计:45分钟。Oven Temperature: 150° c - 300° f烤箱温度:150摄氏度,或者300华氏度You Will Need所需材料:#8226;250 g white sugar250克白糖#8226;200 g plain white flour250克淀粉#8226;120 g butter120克黄油#8226;1 clove or cinnamon stick1根丁香或者肉桂棒#8226;4 large cooking apples4只苹果#8226;1 wooden spoon木勺#8226;1 pan with lid带盖平底锅#8226;1 bowl1只碗#8226;1 shallow oven proof serving dish1只浅盘Step 1: Peel the apples1.苹果削皮Firstly, peel and core the apples and roughly dice them into chunks.第一步给苹果削皮,然后切成块。Step 2: Cook the apples2.烹饪苹果Put the apple chunks into a pan, add three quarters of the sugar, the cinnamon stick or clove and cover.把苹果块放在平底锅中,加入3/4的糖,肉桂,然后盖上锅盖。Step 3: Stew the apples3.炖苹果Allow to stew gently for half an hour, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. Keep checking as they can easily burn at the beginning.炖半小时,间或用木勺搅拌一番,要时常查看因为前期苹果容易烧糊。Step 4: Check the apples4.查看苹果Check that the fruit is cooked by mashing it a bit with the wooden spoon. The apples should be soft but not puréed.用木勺检验苹果是否烂熟,苹果应该是软而不烂的。Step 5: Allow to cool5.冷却Put the apples into the serving dish and allow to cool.把苹果放在盘子里,然后慢慢冷却。Step 6: Make the crumble6.制作酥皮苹果点心Mix the white flour, remaining sugar and the butter with your fingers in a bowl until it becomes like a bcrumb consistency.把淀粉,剩余白糖和黄油一起放入碗中,用手和面,直到成面包面点状。Step 7: Preheat the oven7.烤箱预热Set the temperature of the oven to 150ordm;C (300ordm;F/ gas mark 2).把烤箱温度设置到150摄氏度(华氏300度)。Step 8: Add the crumble topping8.用面点装饰Cover the stewed apples with the crumble topping, without pressing down.把面点放在苹果上,但不要大力压上去。Step 9: Cook the apple crumble9.烤Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until the crumble is golden brown and crunchy.烘烤30分钟左右,或者直到苹果上的面点变成松脆的金黄色。Step 10: Serve10.享用Spoon a helping of apple crumble into a dish and serve with cream or ice cream.用勺子取一份苹果酥,装进盘子,然后加上奶油或者冰激凌配食。Thanks for watching How To Make Apple Crumble谢谢收看本期“制作苹果酥”节目。 Article/201208/196720
  • You can still warm someone#39;s heart on Valentine#39;s Day without spending a lot of money.不需花太多钱,你也可以在情人节这一天温暖对方的心。Step 1 Create a night of romance1.打造浪漫之夜Surprise your loved one with a night of romance. Share a candlelit dinner, give each other massages, and draw a warm bubble bath.安排浪漫的夜晚,给对方一个惊喜。共享烛光晚餐,互相给对方,或者享受温暖的泡泡浴。Step 2 Snuggle2.依偎Snuggle on the sofa, make some popcorn, and watch your favorite romantic movie.依偎在沙发里,做一些爆米花,观看最喜欢的浪漫影片。Turn off your cellphones to avoid any interruptions.关掉手机,避免任何干扰。Step 3 Create a night of entertainment3.之夜Create a night of entertainment. Play board games by yourselves, or invite some friends over.安排之夜。两人打牌,或者邀请一些朋友加入。Step 4 Cook together4.一起煮饭Cook a meal together that you will both enjoy. Don#39;t forget the dessert!一起煮一道两人都喜欢的大餐。不要忘记甜品!Step 5 Spend time together5.一起度过美好时光Spend some time strolling down memory lane by digging out old photos. You#39;ll be guaranteed to crack a smile.两人一起看一下老照片,回忆过去的美好时光。你们一定会不由自主地露出甜美的微笑。Step 6 Go for a walk6.漫步Go for a romantic walk at your local park or beach. Pack a picnic lunch filled with sandwiches, fruit, and something to drink.在附近的公园或沙发里浪漫地散步。打包野餐,多带一些三明治,水果和饮料。Find a quiet place so you can be alone.找一个安静的地方,这样你们可以独处。Step 7 Show up with a rose7.送上玫瑰Show up at your Valentine#39;s door with a single rose and a smile. Now enjoy Valentine#39;s Day and the money you saved.手持一朵玫瑰,面带微笑出现在情人的门前。现在可以尽情享受情人节的快乐了,同时也没有浪费很多钱。 Article/201302/224864
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