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大堡礁珊瑚白化现象持续 35%珊瑚死亡 --31 :8:6 来源: 澳大利亚科学家表示,澳洲大堡礁北部和中部的珊瑚至少有35%已被珊瑚白化现象摧毁 At least 35% of corals in the northern and central parts of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef have been destroyed by bleaching, Australian scientists say.澳大利亚科学家表示,澳洲大堡礁北部和中部的珊瑚至少有35%已被珊瑚白化现象摧毁The experts from James Cook University (JCU) say it is the most extreme case of mass bleaching they have ever measured at the World Heritage Site.詹姆斯库克大学的专家表示,这是他们在大堡礁测量中发现的最严重的白化现象大堡礁已被列入世界自然遗产名录Bleaching occurs when warmer water causes coral to weaken and lose the colourful algae that provide oxygen and nutrients.海水温度变暖,导致为珊瑚提供氧气和营养来源的共生藻死亡或离开,仅剩下透明的珊瑚虫的现象,就是珊瑚白化It has been linked to climate change.珊瑚白化与气候变化有关"We found on average, that 35% of the corals are now dead or dying on 8 reefs that we surveyed along the northern and central sections of the Great Barrier Reef, between Townsville and Papua New Guinea," Professor Terry Hughes, the head of the ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies at JCU, said in a statement.詹姆斯库克大学ARC珊瑚卓越研究中心主任休斯表示,“根据我们对汤斯维尔和巴布亚新几内亚之间的大堡礁北部和中部8种珊瑚的调查,我们发现,平均来讲,35%的珊瑚现在已死亡或正在死亡”"This year is the third time in 18 years that the Great Barrier Reef has experienced mass bleaching due to global warming, and the current event is much more extreme than we’ve measured bee.”“由于全球变暖,这已是大堡礁在过去18年来第三次出现大规模的珊瑚白化现象目前的状况比我们以前所了解的更为极端”"We’re rapidly running out of time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."“减少温室气体排放,我们所剩时间已经不多了”The scientists warned that the recovery of coral cover is expected to take a decade or longer, but it would take much longer to regain the largest and oldest corals that have died.科学家警告说,大堡礁珊瑚恢复生机大概需要十年或更长时间不过,对那些已死亡的最大和最老的珊瑚群来说,恢复生机要花费更长的时间Their study was released after months of intensive aerial and underwater surveys.科学家进行了航拍及水下调查,长达数月的集中研究后,他们发布了这项结果Mass coral bleaching大规模珊瑚白化现象Coral bleaching is caused by rising water temperatures resulting from two natural warm currents珊瑚白化是由于两个自然暖洋流汇聚导致水温升高而发生It is exacerbated by man-made climate change, as the oceans are absorbing about 93% of the increase in the Earth’s heat.人类导致的气候变化令珊瑚白化情况更加糟糕,因为地球增加的热量的93%被大洋所吸收Bleaching happens when corals under stress drive out the algae known as zooxanthellae that give them colour海水变暖令珊瑚感到压力,导致为珊瑚提供色素的藻类被排走,从而使珊瑚白化If normal conditions return, the corals can recover, but it can take decades, and if the stress continues the corals can die如果正常环境得以恢复,珊瑚会恢复生长,但这得花上数十年时间;如果珊瑚生长的压力持续,珊瑚就会死亡The current worldwide bleaching episode is predicted to be the worst on record.据预测,目前的大堡礁珊瑚白化现象将是有史以来最糟糕的奥巴马终于换掉黑莓手机,依旧让人抓狂 -- ::00 来源: 虽然花费了一段时间,但奥巴马总统终于换掉了他的黑莓手机然而奥巴马说,他现在使用的手机和小孩的玩具手机差不多 It took a while, but President Obama has finally gotten rid of his BlackBerry. However, he says he’s now using something akin to a child’s play phone.虽然花费了一段时间,但奥巴马总统终于换掉了他的黑莓手机然而奥巴马说,他现在使用的手机和小孩的玩具手机差不多Yes, that may well sound like an upgrade to some folks, but it seems much of the new phone’s functionality has been removed over security concerns.在一些人认为这意味着奥巴马的手机升级了,但是出于安全方面的考虑,新手机的一些功能被取消了It’s not clear which handset he’s now using, but in a recent appearance on the The Tonight Show, Obama joked about the conversation he had with his security aides when he was handed his new smartphone earlier this year.我们尚不清楚奥巴马现在用的是什么手机,但是最近在出席《今夜秀的时候,奥巴马拿今年早些时候得到新手机时与安全助理的对话开玩笑“I was the first president to have a BlackBerry, and so years passed and no one else has BlackBerrys,” Obama told Jimmy Fallon. “Then finally this year they said ‘Good news Mr. President, we’re going to give you a state-of-the-art smartphone instead of a BlackBerry.’ I thought, ‘Alright, this is cool. I’m excited, and I get the thing and they’re like, ‘Mr. President, security reasons, it doesn’t take pictures, you can’t text, the phone doesn’t work, you can’t play your music on it.’”“我是第一个使用黑莓手机的美国总统这么多年过去了,没有其他人使用黑莓手机,”奥巴马告诉吉米·法伦“今年,他们终于对我说‘总统先生,有一个好消息要告诉您您可以换掉黑莓手机,我们将给您一部最先进的智能手机’我想‘好啊,太棒了我很激动,我终于可以用和他们一样的手机了’但是,他们告诉我‘总统先生,出于安全原因,这部手机不能拍照,不能输入文字,不能对外通话,也不能播放音乐’”Much fuss was made about Obama being the first “high-tech president” when he entered office with his beloved BlackBerry in . At that time, the mobile device was still hugely popular, with the company, then called Research In Motion, enjoying more than 55 percentof the U.S. smartphone market.作为第一位“爱好高科技”的总统,奥巴马在年上任时得到了一部心爱的黑莓手机,这在当时引起一番轰动那时候,黑莓手机还很受欢迎,黑莓公司在美国智能手机市场的占有率超过55%Although iPhone and Android handsets grew rapidly in popularity after thanks to their touchscreens and extra functionality, Obama’s handlers decided to stick with the BlackBerry its more reliable security features, though even then the president’s phone was modified to make it even more secure. Then in the White House revealed it was testing Android phones’ security with a view to using them, while just a few months ago reports confirmed that many White House aides are aly using iPhones.年之后,苹果和安卓手机的触摸屏和额外功能迅速受到人们的青睐虽然总统的手机经过处理后更加安全,但是由于黑莓手机更可靠的安全特性,奥巴马的安保人员决定继续使用黑莓手机年,白宫透露正在监测使用安卓手机的安全性但是几个月之后的报告实,白宫的很多助理们已经在用苹果手机了As Obama, if he really is using a smartphone with barely any functionality, the good news is he only has a few months left in office. At which point he’ll be able to get any darn phone he likes.对奥巴马来说,如果真的要用一部几乎没有任何功能的智能手机,好消息是他还有几个月就要卸任了到那时候,奥巴马就能使用任何自己喜欢的手机了百度拟转变“商业模式” -- ::38 来源:chinadaily 在国家网信办会同国家工商总局、国家卫生计生委联合成立的调查组公布调查结果后,百度公司高层先后两天接连做出回应并表态:“将重新审视公司产品的商业模式,强调今后不惜牺牲收入”A smartphone with an Android operating system and the Baidu Browser application is seen in this picture illustration taken February , . [PhotoAgencies]请看相关报道:The head of Baidu Inc has pledged to shift the company's business from a search-oriented model to one based on artificial intelligence, after a recent government probe on its core search business.政府部门对百度的核心搜索业务调查结束后,百度公司高层表示要将现在的以搜索为主的商业模式转向以人工智能为主的模式Baidu CEO Li Yanhong said in an internal letter on Tuesday that the shift will allow the company to develop such areas as voice search, automatic translation and driverless vehicles.百度首席执行官李彦宏在一封内部信中表示,此次转型后,公司将发展语音搜索、自动翻译以及无人驾驶汽车等领域的业务商业模式(business model)简单说来,就是一个公司靠什么来挣钱百度作为国内的搜索引擎巨头(search engine giant),其商业模式自然就是以搜索为主(search-oriented model),其中,竞价排名(paid listing)为其带来了不少收入此次调查后,李彦宏表示:“重新审视公司产品的商业模式,是否因过度变现而影响用户体验(damage user experience),对于不尊重用户体验的行为要彻底整改我们要建立起用户体验审核的一票否决制度(veto system),由专门的部门负责监督,违背用户体验原则的做法,一票否决(the department will have the final say to veto any behavior that is not in line with a good user experience),任何人都不许干涉”此外,对于商业推广结果,改变过去以价格为主的排序机制,改为以信誉度为主、价格为辅的排序机制(a new listing system that does not fully depend on the advertising price, but also considers advertisers' "reputation")其他整改措施还包括:对商业推广信息逐条加注醒目标识(place clear disclaimers on advertisements),并予以风险提示;严格限制商业推广信息比例,每页面不得超过30%(restrict the proportion of sponsored search results to 30 percent per web page);设亿元保障基金,先行赔付网民因推广信息遭受的损失(establish a 1 billion yuan fund to compensate netizens cheated by false promotions)(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)

美国玉米乙醇航空燃料 你的下一次航班可能就用它 -- :33: 来源: 周二,美国阿拉斯加航空进行了两次特殊的载客飞行,飞行使用了新型燃料——航空煤油和玉米制造的生物燃料的混合体 Fancy a corn-powered flight?玉米还能制成燃料供飞机飞行呀?Alaska Air (ALK) carried paying passengers on two flights Tuesday using a mix of jet fuel and a biofuel made from corn.星期二,阿拉斯加航空(ALK)的两个商业航班都使用了喷气燃料和由玉米制造的生物燃料混合而成的燃料The airline said the flights were the first ever to use fuel based on alcohol made from fermented corn. Both departed from Seattle -- one flew to San Francisco, the other to Washington D.C.该航空公司说,这两个航班是首次采用由发酵玉米制成的醇基航空燃料的商业航班两架飞机都从西雅图起飞,一架飞到了旧金山,另一架去了华盛顿The biofuel was developed by Colorado-based Gevo (GEVO). The production process is similar to that used to make ethanol -- the type of alcohol used in alcoholic beverages.这次航班采用的醇基航空燃料是由科罗拉多州的Gevo公司开发的制作过程与制取乙醇(一种用在酒水饮料中的酒精)的过程相似Gevo said it buys field corn directly from farmers in South Dakota. It separates the nutritional protein animal feed and then converts the starch to isobutanol, a kind of alcohol that is then converted to jet fuel.Gevo公司表示,他们直接从南达科他州的农场买来玉米,接着将营养蛋白分离出来作为动物饲料,再把淀粉发酵成异丁醇——乙醇的一种,最后异丁醇会被转化为飞机燃料Jet fuel derived from isobutanol was only approved use on commercial flights by U.S. regulators in March.美国监管机构在三月份表示,由异丁醇转化成的生物燃料只能用于商业航班Other aviation biofuels have been tested bee. The first commercial flight powered by a mixture of conventional fuel and biofuel took place in .此前,也测试过其他的航空生物燃烧第一次使用常规燃料和生物燃料混合物的飞行是在年But airlines have been reluctant to adopt alternative fuels because they’re expensive. At the same time, the price of oil has been falling, making conventional fuels cheaper the carriers.但是,一直以来航空公司都排斥采用替代燃料,因为它成本高昂与此同时,原油价格一直在下跌,使得传统燃料的价格更为低廉Depending on the type, biofuel can cost between a third more and three times more than conventional fuel, according to RDC Aviation Economics.根据RDC航空经济学分析,依据品种差异,生物燃料价格比传统燃料高出三分之一甚至三倍不等Gevo said its new fuel could address those concerns because it can be derived from other, cheaper inputs such as sugar or waste wood.Gevo公司称,他们的新的料可以解决这些问题,因为他们可以使用较为廉价的原材料如糖,乃至下脚料来生产燃料"Gevo’s jet fuel product is an important step ward, in that it has the potential to be scalable and cost effective, without sacrificing permance," said Joseph Sprague, Alaska Airlines’ senior vice president.阿拉斯加航空资深副总裁斯普拉格表示:“Gevo的飞机燃油产品是一个重大的进展,拥有强大的成本节约前景,同时不会对引擎性能造成损失”The airline estimated the % biofuel blend it used the two flights reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.该公司估计,他们在两次飞行当中使用了%的生物燃料,减少了50%的温室气体排放

流水的首相铁打的猫:英国“首席捕鼠官”拉里将留在唐宁街号 -- 18::53 来源: 日前辞职的英国首相卡梅伦搬出了唐宁街号,但是“首席捕鼠官”——喵星人拉里得以留在这里继续履行使命 LONDON — Outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron has one day to pack up his belongings and leave Downing Street, making way his successor, Theresa May. But he won’t be packing everything into the blue vans spotted outside the residence: Officials say Larry the Cat will be allowed to stay.伦敦报道——即将离任的英国首相大卫·卡梅伦有一天时间来收拾东西并离开唐宁街号,给他的继任者——特雷莎·梅让出地方但他并没有把所有东西打包放到住处外面的蓝色面包车里:官员称,“首席捕鼠官”拉里将被允许留在这里“Larry is staying. He’s very much the Downing Street cat, not the Camerons’ personal cat. He is a Downing Street legend,” said a spokesman the Cabinet Office.“拉里会留下来的它当然是属于唐宁街的,而不是卡梅伦个人的猫它是唐宁街的一个传说”内阁办公室的一名发言人说Larry has been Number ’s resident cat since . He was brought in after a black rat was seen scurrying outside of Downing Street during a live broadcast on the B.自年以来,拉里一直住在唐宁街号在英国广播公司的一次直播中,画面拍到了一只黑色的老鼠在唐宁街号外面乱窜,之后拉里就被带到了这里Although known as the “chief mouser,” Larry’s work ethic has previously been called into question. Cameron once said that the brown and white tabby cat was happy just sitting on the chair in the hallway and “doesn’t get up and get out much.”虽然被称为“首席捕鼠官”,但是拉里的工作热情在以前饱受质疑卡梅伦曾经说过,这只棕色和白色相间的虎纹花猫很喜欢坐在走廊的椅子上,“并不起身,也不出去”On Tuesday, all eyes were on May, who has yet to confirm who will be in her top leadership team, which is expected to include a minister who will oversee Britain’s exit from the European Union.周二,所有的目光都集中在梅首相身上,她尚未确认她的高层领导团队名单,可能会包括一名专门负责英国“脱欧”相关事宜的大臣Larry the Cat also appeared to be eyeballing his new owner on her way into Downing Street.拉里也见了它的新主人入主唐宁街Despite assurances that he won’t be evicted, it seems as there are still turf wars to be fought. He was recently caught on film by the B’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg in a late night showdown with Palmerston, the eign Office’s cat.尽管已经保不会被驱逐,拉里似乎还要打地盘争夺战最近,英国广播公司政治编辑劳拉·库恩斯伯格拍到它和外交部养的猫帕默斯顿在深夜里大打出手But Larry also seemed keen to make a good impression on his new owner. A parody set up in his name recently tweeted: "Does anyone know a good cat groomer available tomorrow? I need to make a good impression on someone on Wednesday."但拉里似乎也热衷于给他的新主人留下好印象一个用它的名字建立的恶搞帐户最近发推说:“谁认识好一点的、明天能预约的猫咪美容师?我需要在周三给某人留下好印象”一家之言:脱欧派学者盛赞公投为“独立日” -- :5:55 来源: 自由与独立是民主国家一直不懈追求的目标,“我可以不同意你的观点,但我誓死捍卫你说话的权利”这一精神也源远流长卡梅伦是反对脱欧的一方,但是他在辞职演说中仍旧表示:此次公投是这个伟大的国家进行的一次伟大的民主活动,无论结果如何,都是人民的选择,他相信英国人民有能力决定自己的事物,人民的意愿应该得到尊重事物都有两面性,有持的一方,就一定有反对的一方,无关乎对错,只是每个人都有表达自己意愿的权利这篇文章是来自一位脱欧派学者,直抒胸臆的表达了他在面对脱欧成功时的感受和想法,也让我们可以从个体角度去了解一下脱欧的理由 A glorious dawn breaks on what will go down in history as Independence Day the ed Kingdom.一个辉煌的黎明到来,(这一天)将作为不列颠王国的独立日被载入史册!We can now sing Rule Britannia at the Last Night of the Proms without hypocrisy: “Britons never, never, never shall be slaves!”.我们现在可以毫不虚伪地在舞会上高唱《不列颠万岁:“不列颠人永远都不会被奴役!”We can again commemorate without embarrassment the dead of the terrible wars in which millions died to preserve our freedom and independence from overseas control that was again being imposed by the monstrous, anti-democratic, hopelessly corrupt and economically inept European Union.为摆脱海外国家的控制、维护我们的自由和独立,数百万人为此而捐躯但是欧盟却又将这些枷锁强加在不列颠之上,他们非常可怕、反对民主、无可救药地腐败、在经济上毫无作为而现在,我们可以再次纪念在这些可怕战争中死去的人,毫不窘迫Goodbye, Brussels! Hello, World! The world’s fifth biggest economy is now free to make its own trading arrangements with the 0 countries (which include the fastest growing the most successful) and the market of 7 billion people outside the EU’s largely ex-growth states and 500 million people (huge numbers of them unemployed in the southern states because of the stupidity of a common currency such disparate economies). Anyone with the slightest knowledge of British history knows that our wealth, prosperity and success came from the wider world outside Europe, whereas involvement in Europe has always meant disaster. We shall no longer be sucked willy-nilly into “ever closer union” with a hotchpotch of states of such disparate types ruled by an unelected bureaucracy and stifled with red tape.别了,欧盟!你好,世界!世界第五大经济体现在自由了,它将自由地和全球0多个国家(既有增长最快的国家,也有发展最成功的国家)制定它自己的贸易协议英国将走向全球70亿人口的大市场,而不仅仅只是已经停滞不前的个欧盟国家和5亿人口的小市场(因为他们妄图在如此不同的经济体之间实行愚蠢的货币一体化政策,欧盟南部的许多国家都遭受着严重的失业率)任何一个对英国历史有点了解的人都知道,我们的财富、我们的繁荣和我们的成功来自于欧盟之外更加广阔的世界,而留在欧盟则意味着数之不尽的灾难我们不应再被沉沦到这个“有史以来最紧密的联盟”之中而无可奈何,他们把这么多如此不同的国家像大杂烩一样挤在一起,统治者盛行一套未经民选的官僚体系,充斥着令人窒息的繁文缛节How I love to think of the champagne staying the fridge among the corridors of undemocratic power in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. I wish I could have seen the smug smiles being wiped off the fat faces of the Five Presidents of the EU (whom no-one elected and hardly anyone can name) and the other “slithy toves” of the European Commission and all the other stifling EU institutions that have multiplied like so many uncontrollably malignant cells. How those Kommissars would have laughed and sneered if the British people had not had the guts to challenge the pusillanimity and self-seeking euro-ambitions of so many of their own politicians and the lack of intelligence of so many of the so-called intelligentsia! How those pompous Eurocrats were looking ward to saying an automatic “non” and “nein” to any proposals we may have had rem of the EU (just as they have done without exception in the past)! God bless democracy and the wisdom of the British people who have voted to save it ( of course the totally ineffective European Parliament is simply a transparent facade that is a mockery of democracy and another huge waste of money).一想到那些布鲁塞尔、斯特拉斯堡和卢森堡的不民主权利机构,我就欣喜若狂,他们企图控制英国的野心最终不能得逞我多么希望能够看见那些洋洋自得的微笑从欧盟五总统的肥脸上被抹去(他们不是经过民选上台的,选民们几乎叫不出他们的名字),我多么希望能够看见欧委会的“寄生虫”和所有像恶性细胞一样繁殖的、令人窒息的欧盟机构也不再称心如意如果不列颠人民没有勇气,来挑战他们的胆怯、来挑战如此多英国政治家们追私逐利的欧洲野心、来挑战如此多所谓知识分子们所缺少的知识的话,欧盟的那些专员们要怎样的讥讽、嘲笑我们啊!对于我们提出的一切改革欧盟的建议,这些自命不凡的欧盟官员们都会自动地说“不”(他们过去就是这样做的,从来没有例外)!上帝保佑民主,上帝保佑英国人民投票选择拯救民主的智慧(当然,完全无效率的欧洲议会只不过是一个毫无内涵的组织,他们是对民主的愚弄,是对金钱的又一次巨大浪费)The EU “Jabberwock” is slain as far as the ed Kingdom is concerned. We no longer have to fear losing the remainder of our sovereignty; or being dragooned into a European army in which we could have seen British troops led into battle from the rear by the Duke of Plaza Toro; or being subject to the sinister, Machiavellian ECJ (European Court of Justice), which has such midable powers to negate all our domestic as well as international legislation; or continuing subjection to agricultural and fisheries policies created to support the interests of the most incompetent farmers in Europe and the most rapacious fishing nations; or paying huge net amounts to Brussels and begging to have some returned to us; or being unable to make our own trading arrangements as even tiny economies Singapore and Switzerland can do; or having to neglect our Commonwealth colleagues; or having to accept migrants from anywhere in the EU instead of being able to control our own borders and take whom we wish from anywhere in the world according to their capacity to make a healthy contribution to British economy and society. These matters go to the very heart of freedom.从不列颠的角度来看,欧盟的“贾巴沃克(废话)”被杀死了我们不必再担忧失去我们剩下的主权;或者被硬逼加入欧洲军队,从而使得不列颠军人在欧洲狂人的饲养下与敌人战斗;或者屈于阴险、善于玩弄权术的欧洲法院,它具有强大的力量来否定我们所有的国内以及国际立法;或者继续臣于这些农业和渔业政策,来持整个欧洲最无能的农场主和最贪婪的国的利益;或者给欧盟付巨额款项,然后摇尾乞怜希望能够有所返还;或者在新加坡和瑞士这样的小国都能独立自主的情况下,不列颠无法制定我们自己的贸易协定;或者不得不对英联邦国家见死不救;或者不得不接收来自欧盟任何地方的移民,我们不能控制我们自己的边境,从而根据移民能够对英国经济和社会做出良好贡献的能力,来决定我们希望接收的移民,不管他来自全世界哪一个地方这些事务正是自由的核心精神I had faith in the wisdom of the British people and it was justified. My champagne will be opened today. I shall drink to the future with confidence and immense relief. “Now, God be thanked who has matched us with his hour!”我对不列颠人民的智慧有信心,而事实明的确如此我今天要大肆庆祝一番我老怀安慰,将带着自信一路饮酒直到不列颠的未来“现在,感谢上帝庇佑我们取得胜利!”男子将搁浅小海豚抱回大海 -- 19:7: 来源: 诺德搭救搁浅海豚的视频被上传至“脸书”网,目前已有1.3万粉丝,浏览次数达到00万次,转发次数达5万次,诺德瞬间成为了人们心目中的英雄 Kayaking instructor Naude Dreyer was driving along a beach on Tuesday morning when he spotted something moving on the sand.星期二早上,皮划艇教练诺德·德雷尔在一个海滩划船时,发现海滩上好像有什么东西As he got close to it, he realised it was a young Benguela dolphin. The animal had washed on Paaltjies Beach near the Namibian city of Walvis Bay.待他走近,他发现是一只小本格拉海豚这只小动物在纳米比亚市的沃尔维斯海湾沙滩附近搁浅“He was moving a bit and I immediately knew he was alive ... and immediately stopped to help him out," he told Fairfax Media.他告诉费尔法克斯媒体,“它动了一下,我一下意识到它还活着,我马上停下来帮助它”"I was just doing what was the right thing to do. I couldn’t leave him there."“我只是做了正确的事我不能把它留在那里”As his passenger filmed him, Mr Dreyer picked up the dolphin, walked into the sea, and gently lowered it into the waves where it swam off to safety.从皮划艇上乘客的录像可以看到,诺德·德雷尔抱起小海豚,走到水里,温柔地把它放到能安全游走的地方"I was really happy,” he said. “I really wasn’t sure at first it was going to happen or not.”他说,“我真的很开心一开始我真的不能确定这会发生”"You never know why these guys are on the beach; they’ve been quite active in the area quite lately and I think they were playing just too close to the waves and a bigger wave came and pushed him out [of the water]."“你不知道这些家伙为何会在沙滩上最近它们在这片区域非常活跃,我想它们应该是在玩耍时离波浪太近了,然后一个大浪打过来它就被冲到了这儿”Later that day he posted the on the Facebook page of his business, Pelican Point Kayaking, saying: “On our way back from tour this morning, we came across this juvenile male Benguela Dolphin, still alive on the beach.”那天晚些时候,诺德将搭救搁浅海豚的视频上传至他的项目Pelican Point Kayaking的脸书网主页上,配文是,“今天早上我们返程时,在海滩上遇到了这只小本格拉雄性海豚,它还活着”“It’s not clear how he ended up on there in the first place. After a quick assessment and measurements, I attempted to get him swimming again.“目前尚不清楚它是怎么搁浅在那儿的在迅速评估和判断后,我决定把它放回海里”“I was not very hopeful, but as soon as he got into water and realized where he was he took off like a bullet. Nice. I’ll do a drive past the same area again later just to make sure he hasn’t returned again.”“开始我并不抱有太大希望,但它一回到海里,意识到它置身何处时,它就像子弹一样游走了真好!为了确认它没有再返回,下回我还得去那个区域划一次”By the next morning the had been viewed more than two million times, with many commenters praising his actions. When some questioned whether he should have alerted animal rescue authorities rather than dealing with it himself, Mr Dreyer replied: "There’s no real authorities around here, regarding that. It’ll take a long time authorities to get there, and he would definitely not have made it.第二天早上,这个视频的点击量已达0万次,很多网友为诺德的行为点赞同时也有网友质疑他应当通知动物救援机构而不是自己处理,对此,诺德回应,“这儿附近没有这样的机构要等到他们来估计需要很久,小海豚可能等不了那么长的时间”"He’s right next to the beach, it was in my capacity to put him back in the sea, so I wasn’t going to leave him there.”“它就在海滩边,把它放回到大海是我力所能及的事所以我不想对它置之不理”

开学寄语——就由着他们吧 --01 :8:6 来源: 圣地亚哥州立大学去年在其Facebook和Twitter官方账号上向即将来报名的新生发布了一段文字:假如你的妈妈想帮你收拾床铺,就让她收拾吧;假如你的爸爸要跟整个楼层的同学打招呼,就让他打吧;如果他们时刻拿着相机,想要记录下你这两天的每一个举动,就让他们尽情拍吧以下为全文:Attention Freshmen who are moving in tomorrow: A little request ... When your mom wants to unpack all of your clothes and make your bed - Let her. When your dad wants to introduce himself to all the people on your floor - Let him. When they want to take pictures of every move you make this weekend - Let them. If they embarrass you or act crazy - Let them. As you start the new chapter of your life, they are also starting the new chapter of theirs. And believe it or not, this is probably more difficult them than it is you. So let them treat you like their "baby" one last time.明天入学的新生们注意了:一点小要求你妈想帮你收拾衣,收拾床铺的话,就随她吧你爸想跟整个楼层的同学都打招呼,就随他吧他们想把你这周末的一举一动都用相机拍下来,就由着他们吧如果他们让你有些尴尬,有些疯狂的举动,由着他们吧当你展开生命的新篇章时,他们也开始了人生新的阶段不管你信不信,这个阶段对他们来说要更困难一些所以,就让他们最后一次把你当“宝宝”照顾吧开学了,自然还是要跟大家分享一些相关的词汇的大一 freshman大二 sophomore大三 junior大四 senior本科生 undergraduate研究生 postgraduate士生 PhD student开学典礼 opening ceremony春季学期 spring semester秋季学期 fall semester注册、报到 register必修课 compulsory course选修课 optional course学分 credit奖学金 scholarship英国首相被7年级女孩提问难倒 围观是什么问题? -- ::31 来源:   So far David Cameron has been grilled by the finest journalistic minds including the B’s mer grand inquisitor Jeremy Paxman on this general election campaign. But it took a question from a Year 7 called Reema, who is from Sald, Greater Manchester, on the B’s children’s television programme Newsround to leave the Prime Minister unable to find answer.  目前为止,英国首相大卫·卡梅伦回答过最杰出的新闻工作者的提问,包括最厉害的前B记者杰瑞米·帕克斯曼在总统大选上的提问但在B儿童电视节目Newsround上,大曼切斯特郡索尔福德市的7年级学生瑞玛的一个问题却难倒了首相大人   The question was: “If you could pick one politician apart from yourself to win who would it be and why?” Mr Cameron, shifting uncomtably, answered: “Wow. If I could pick politician? Would they have to be living or dead?”  问题是:“如果让你选一位除你自己以外的政治家当选首相,你会选谁?为什么?”卡梅伦先生不安地挪动了一下身体,回答道:“哇,要我选一位政治家?活着的还是死去的?”  He continued: “If I thought someone else should win the election I would not be standing myself, so I can’t really answer the question about who else I would like to win. There are lots of candidates around the country I am very enthusiastic about. I am afraid it is too difficult to say I would like someone else to win other than me or I wouldn’t be here, and I am quite keen on winning.”  他又继续说道:“如果我认为有别的什么人应该当选,那么如今当首相的就不会是我了,所以我无法真正回答这个问题全国有很多候选人我都很看好恐怕很难说我想让除我之外的谁当选,否则今天我不会在这儿,因为我十分渴望赢得大选”  As Mr Cameron got up to leave he said: “Top question – it is the best one I have been asked all election campaign.”  卡梅伦起身准备离开时说道:“很棒的提问——这是我被问过的关于大选的一个最难回答的问题”  Vocabulary  grill:盘问,究问  inquisitor:提问者欧洲杯:德国队0-不敌法国,无缘冠军 -- :: 来源: 在对阵德国队的比赛中,东道主法国队以-0的成绩胜出,挺进欧洲杯决赛,将和葡萄牙队一决雌雄 Antoine Griezmann, the tournament’s top scorer, made the decisive contributions in each half to set up a final against Portugal at the Stade de France on Sunday.在这场比赛中,本届欧洲杯顶级射手安托瓦内·格里兹曼在上下场的比赛中各打进一球,从而使得法国队赢得比赛,将于本周日在法兰西体育场迎战葡萄牙队Griezmann scored from the penalty spot right on half-time when Germany’s Bastian Schweinsteiger was penalised handball by Italian referee Nicola Rizzoli in an aerial challenge with Patrice Evra.德国球员施魏因施泰格在和法国球员帕特莱斯·埃夫拉空中相遇时手球犯规,意大利裁判尼古拉·尼佐里判法国队点球机会,格里兹曼在中场时从罚球点往右打门,进球得分France held out against German pressure bee Griezmann settled the destination of a pulsating semi-final with 18 minutes left when he turned in from close range after keeper Manuel Neuer could only half-clear Paul Pogba’s cross.在格里兹曼结束这场紧张刺激的半决赛比赛之前,法国队顶住了来自德国队的压力当时距离比赛结束还有18分钟,格里兹曼近距离射门得分,而德国队门将诺伊尔仅仅只能够半防住保罗·格巴的传球Joshua Kimmich then hit the woodwork Germany and also saw a header brilliantly saved by France keeper Hugo Lloris - but there was no way back the World Cup holders.德国队方面,约书亚·金米奇一脚射门击中了门柱,后来又曾头球打门,但是却被法国门将洛里斯成功扑救,世界冠军德国队无力回天France made a slow start to Euro but there was a real sense inside Marseille’s vast Stade Velodrome that Didier Deschamps’ team are now being carried towards the finishing line in Paris on Sunday by a national tide of emotion.在欧洲杯的比赛中,法国队到后来才渐入佳境但是马赛维洛德罗姆球场的这场比赛真正意义非凡,法国队进入了最终决赛,将于本周日在巴黎迎战葡萄牙,这一壮举激起了法国国内汹涌澎湃的民主自豪感It was, of course, during a friendly between France and Germany at the Stade de France, which will stage Sunday’s Euro final, that the first explosions were heard on the night of the Paris attacks in November in which 0 people died and hundreds of others were wounded. Fourteen players who started that night were in the line-ups that took to the field here in Marseille.去年月,法国队和德国队球员在法兰西体育场(周日的决赛将在这里举行)开展了一场友谊赛,而那天晚上发生的巴黎袭击事件最先受到冲击的就是这里,第一次爆炸就发生在不远处,该次袭击事件最终共造成0人死亡,另有数百人受伤而那天晚上在现场的名球员今天就在马赛的这场比赛中The atmosphere inside the Stade Velodrome was electric after a day of searing temperatures and the togetherness now felt between France’s players and their supporters was summed up in one moment in the second half.在经过了一天的高温天气后,维洛德罗姆球场内空气弥漫着令人激动的味道,法国球员们合作亲密区间,法国球迷们在下半场某一时刻沸腾到了极点Germany were applying pressure in an attempt to claw back a 1-0 deficit when the whole ground erupted into a rousing chorus of national anthem La Marseillaise to urge their team on.当时德国队顶住压力,试图扳平1-0落后的局面,而全场的法国球迷们热烈地高唱国歌马赛曲来给法国球员加油鼓劲One more task remains against Portugal on Sunday - the whole of France expects.本周日葡萄牙还将有一场硬仗--他们的对手是整个法国

迪拜出炉世界第一间3D打印建筑 -- ::31 来源: 本周,迪拜开放了世界首个3D打印办公室建筑,这个办公室只有一层楼,占地面积50平方米,使用了一台6x36x米的巨型打印机建造,仅耗时天 The world’s first functional 3D printed building was inaugurated in Dubai by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, vice-president and prime minister of the ed Arab Emirates (UAE) and ruler of Dubai, Dubai daily Gulfnews reported on Tuesday.据迪拜《海湾时报星期二报道,阿联酋的实际统治者、副总统兼总理谢赫?穆罕默德主持了世界上首个功能完善的3D打印建筑的开幕礼The 3D printed building is an office space covering up to 50 square metres, with its exterior design reflecting "the most innovative ms of the future workplace," said the report.据悉,这间3D打印办公室占地面积为50平米,其外观设计反映了“未来办公空间的最先进的理念”Innovative features adopted in the office building to reduce energy consumption include window shades protection from direct sunlight and keeping the building cool.办公大楼采用了创新技术以减少能耗,比如设计了百叶窗避免阳光直射,保持室内凉爽The latest technology was used in inmation systems management in the building, said the report, and the design offers space exhibitions and workshops as well as other events.报道说,大楼的信息系统管理也运用了最先进的技术,其设计提供了展示空间,工作室以及其他活动场所A 3D printer measuring feet high, 0 feet long and 0 feet wide was used to print the building. The printer uses an automated robotic arm in the printing process.一台高英尺,长0英尺,宽0英尺的打印机打印出了该建筑打印过程还使用了自动化机器人手臂The office building, located in the Business Bay area, only has one ground floor, surrounded by a small park.这座办公楼只有一层楼,位于商务湾区,被一个小公园环绕The design was conceived with the aim of shifting the traditional work environment in order to improve innovation and communication in the workplace.其设计宗旨是改变传统的工作环境,以提高在工作场所的创新和沟通The 3D printed office building was constructed using a special mixture of cement and a set of building materials designed and made in the UAE and the ed States.这座3D打印办公楼是用水泥和一系列建筑材料的特殊混合物所建成这些材料是在阿联酋和美国设计生产出来的The building materials underwent a range of tests in China and Britain to ensure their reliability, and the arc shape adopted the building is safety purposes as it ensures the building’s stability.为了确保其可靠性,这些建筑材料在中国和英国进行了一系列测试,并且,建筑所采用的弧度也是出于安全考虑,它保了大楼的稳定性小女孩因妈妈生弟弟患上“同胞竞争障碍” -- ::7 来源:chinadaily 浙江湖州一个岁的小女孩原本活泼可爱,成绩优异,但是,在妈妈生了弟弟以后,却经常抱怨头痛,吃不下饭想吐,人也变得孤僻了父母带到医院一查,拍各种片子都是正常的,最后医生诊断这名小女孩患上了“同胞竞争障碍”请看相关报道:Suspecting the daughter may have caught encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain with similar symptoms, the worried parents then brought her to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine treatment. Medical checks excluded encephalitis and doctors finally determined the girl's symptoms are the result of a sibling rivalry disorder.因为怀疑女儿患上了脑炎(脑炎的症状与之相似),忧心忡忡的父母将女儿带到浙江大学医学院附属第二医院治疗医学检查排除了脑炎的可能性,医生最终诊断小女孩的症状是“同胞竞争障碍”引起的“同胞竞争障碍”英文表达是sibling rivalry disorder,所谓同胞竞争障碍,是指通常在年龄稍小的弟弟出生之后,发生的某种程度的情感紊乱(emotional disturbance)程度轻重和表现形式个体存在很大差异,还可能出现焦虑,抑郁等精神症状这个岁小女孩出现头痛、呕吐和精神萎靡(suffered from headaches, vomiting and low spirits)等症状,是典型的“同胞竞争障碍”的症状据报道,这个小女孩原本活泼可爱(happy and active),成绩优异(enjoyed good academic scores),在班里还是班长(class monitor),但是因为父母有了二宝之后,对她的关注少了,忽略了她的情感需求,导致她患上了同胞竞争障碍专家建议打算生二胎的父母要注意大宝的心理,不要高估了孩子的心理承受能力(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮)7月全面推进资源税改 森林开征税 -- 1:3: 来源:chinadaily 根据党中央、国务院决策部署,财政部、国家税务总局5月日联合对外发文,宣布自年7月1日起我国全面推进资源税改革,这是继5月1日营改增试点全面推开后,我国推出的又一重大税制改革 China is set to expand rem of resource taxes across the board from July 1. 自起,我国先后实施了原油、天然气、煤炭、稀土、钨、钼6个品目资源税从价计征改革,并全面清理相关收费基金而此次税改,将全面推开从价计征方式,只有对于少数经营分散、多现金交易且难以控管的粘土、砂石等矿产品,仍实行从量定额计征 The expansion will see a resource tax levied on most mineral products based on price instead of quantity. Since , China has experimented with taxes based on price instead of quantity in six mineral products: coal, gas, molybdenum, oil, rare earth and tungsten. 根据《关于全面推进资源税改革的通知,我国将开展水资源税改革试点工作,并率先在河北试点,条件成熟后推广到全国;并授权地方政府对森林、草场、滩涂等,凡具备征税条件的可上报国务院批准后征收资源税 A pilot on water resource taxation in north China's Hebei Province is expected to expand to wood, pasture and tidal flats in the future. 财政部称,此次改革将全部资源品目矿产资源补偿费费率降为零,停征价格调节基金,取缔地方针对矿产资源违规设立的收费基金项目,有效减轻企业负担 At the same time, authorities will cut certain fees on minerals to reduce tax burdens. 我国资源税开征于198年,对在中国境内从事原油、天然气、煤炭等矿产资源开采的单位和个人征收 China introduced resource taxes in 198, mainly targeting businesses in oil, natural gas and coal.

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