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Any party that costs 0,000 will likely turn heads. But when you throw the party in a country lacking food and water, it will probably get criticism, too. 任何派对花费80万美元可能会引人注目。当发生在一个缺少食物和水的国家时,可能也会引发评判。Thats the case with Zimbabwes President Robert Mugabe, whose 92nd birthday bash came with a hefty price tag, despite the countrys drought thats considered a ;state of disaster.;这就是津巴布韦总统罗伯特·穆加贝价格不菲的九十二岁生日庆典,尽管国家遭遇干旱,被认为是“灾难性的”。In a speech during the celebration, he said the government would continue to work to resolve the food shortage. 在庆祝演讲中,他表示政府将继续致力于解决食品短缺问题。Mugabe, dubbed the worlds oldest leader, has been Zimbabwes president for the past 36 years and is known for residing during Zimbabwes independence from Britain. 穆加贝,被称为世界上年龄最大的领导人,在过去的36年里一直担任津巴布韦的总统,并居住在津巴布韦从英国独立期间。But some blame him for the food crisis, tying it to the economy, which took a major hit while he was in office. Only 25 percent of the countrys main food products — maize — survived this season because of little water. 但也有人指责粮食危机,执政期间经济上遭到重大打击。本季节因为雨水缺乏,只有百分之25的国家的主要食品-玉米-得以存活。The country has been offered aid, but Mugabe is adamant on not taking donations from pro-gay rights countries. 该国一直接受援助,但穆加贝坚持不接纳持同性恋国家的捐助。As he gets older, people are looking for who will replace him as head of state — like his vice president. Or who knows, maybe one of the hundreds of thousands of other guests at the party. 当他变老的时候,人们在寻找谁将取代他担任国家元首,像国家副总统。谁知道呢,也许是在党的成千上万的其他客人之一。译文属。201602/428641Russia says it has stepped up airstrikes against ISIL militants after the Kremlin accepted that it was a bomb that brought down a Russian airliner over Egypt last month killing all 224 people on board.俄罗斯表示,克林姆林宫确定上个月造成224人遇难的客机坠毁事件系炸弹引起,已加强对ISIL武装分子的打击。President Vladimir Putin visited the Russian Defence Ministry’s command centre on Tuesday evening and told his military to cooperate with France.星期二晚上,总统普京弗访问俄罗斯国防指挥中心,并告诉军方与法国合作。Very soon a French navy fleet, headed by an aircraft carrier, will arrive in your area of operation. You need to establish a direct contact with the French and work with them as allies.不久由航母领航的法国海军舰队将到达行动区域。你们需要与法国建立直接联系,并与他们成为盟友。Putin has vowed to hunt down those responsible for the bombing of its airliner over Sinai.Until Tuesday Russia had played down the assertion from other Western countries that the plane was destroyed by an explosion.普金誓言追捕西奈客机爆炸事件负责人。直至周二俄罗斯对西方国家认为飞机是被炸毁的主张轻描淡写。But at a news conference in Sharm-al-Sheik, the Egyptian government was still hesitating to say there was anything wrong with its security procedures.但在Sharm-al-Sheik新闻发布会上,埃及政府还在不愿承认安全程序有什么不对。When we discover that there was a security lapse we’ll take the necessary measures. However up until now there is no evidence there was any lapse in travel procedures or security inspections.当我们发现安全失效,我们将采取必要措施。然而,到现在为止还没有据表明旅行程序或安全检查有任何错误。But Egypt did say it would work with Russia to combat terrorism and increase international cooperation on the issue. As far as its own investigation is concerned it said it still had not reached a conclusion.但埃及表示将与俄罗斯合作打击恐怖主义,并在这一问题上加大国际合作。就其本身调查而言还没有得出结论。译文属。 /201511/410631栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201510/399282

When it comes to household versatility, baking soda is king. Here are just some of the many cleaning uses for sodium bicarbonate.在家居用途方面,小苏打就是王者。下面是小苏打的几种清洁用途。You Will Need你需要Baking soda小苏打Water水A sponge海绵A vacuum吸尘器Salt盐White vinegar白醋Laundry detergent洗衣粉A cotton swab棉花棒A toothbrush牙刷A bowl碗Steps步骤STEP 1 Remove stains1.去污Get rid of stains on countertops, sinks, bathtubs, and any nonporous surface you can think of with a paste of three parts baking soda to one part water. Apply the paste to a damp sponge, scrub away, and rinse.三份小苏打和一份水混合制成膏体,清除厨房工作台面,水槽,浴缸和任何你能想到的无孔的表面的污渍。把膏体涂在湿润的海绵上,擦拭,清洗。Baking soda works well on metallic surfaces, like chrome or stainless steel. It won’t scratch the surface, but it’s abrasive enough to remove residue and leave the metal shining.小苏打用在金属表面效果也很好,比如铬合金和不锈钢。不会刮花表面,但是其研磨作用足以清除污垢残余,散发出金属的光。STEP 2 Reduce odors2.除异味An open box of baking soda in the refrigerator or a cupboard will absorb odors and excess moisture. A sprinkle in shoes and socks helps reduce foot odor. To combat a stinky carpet, drizzle with dry baking soda and vacuum it up after 15 minutes.在冰箱或衣柜中放一盒开盖的小苏打可以吸收异味和潮湿。在鞋袜里洒一点小苏打可以除脚臭。如果地毯有异味,可以先撒一些小苏打,15分钟后用吸尘器清洁。Using a bowl instead of an open container is more effective because more baking soda is exposed.用碗比用开口的容器更有效果,因为碗的开口比较大,容易使更多小苏打暴露在空气中。STEP 3 Deter ants3.防蚂蚁Ant infestation? Sprinkling equal parts baking soda and salt near high-traffic ant areas will keep them in their place.蚂蚁横行?在蚂蚁出没的通道上撒等量的小苏打和盐,会让他们不敢前来。STEP 4 Unclog drains4.疏通下水道Pour half a cup of baking soda into a clogged drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Let the solution bubble for a few minutes, and then flush it down with plenty of hot water. This method won’t clear heavy-duty clogs, but it works well for minor ones.向堵塞的下水道中倒入一杯小苏打,然后倒入一杯白醋。让溶液反应几分钟,然后用足够的热水冲洗。这种方法不能清理堵塞严重的下水道,但是对于轻微的堵塞非常有效。STEP 5 Keep laundry bright5.保持衣物鲜亮Add a half-cup of baking soda to a load of wash along with your regular detergent. It helps keep clothes brighter, longer.向衣中倒入半杯小苏打和普通洗衣粉。可以让衣物更长时间保持鲜亮。STEP 6 Wash brushes and combs6.清洗刷子和梳子To remove oil and dirt from hairbrushes and combs, first remove excess hair; then soak in a tall container of warm water with a teaspoon of baking soda.要清洁发刷和梳子上的油和污垢,首先除掉脱落的头发,然后浸泡在装有温水和一茶匙小苏打的较高的容器中。STEP 7 Reduce bug-bite itch7.缓解蚊虫叮咬瘙痒To reduce itching, mix baking soda with just enough water to make a paste, and apply it with a cotton swab to the bug bite. The paste can also help relieve a painful sunburn.要缓解瘙痒,将小苏打和足够的水混合制成膏体,然后用棉花棒涂在叮咬处。膏体还可以缓解阳光晒伤。STEP 8 Whiten your teeth8.美白牙齿Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda onto a wet toothbrush to clean and whiten your teeth naturally. Practice this method sparingly, as it will wear down your enamel if used too often.向湿润的牙刷上撒少量小苏打,可以天然清洁和美白牙齿。偶尔使用这种方法,经常使用会损坏牙釉质。In 2007, a company unveiled a process that converts harmful carbon dioxide emissions from smokestacks into consumer-grade baking soda.2007年,一家公司披露了一种程序,可以将烟窗中的有害二氧化碳转化为消费者使用级别的小苏打。 视频听力译文由。201503/366993

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