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雅思口语900句是在众多雅思阅读词汇中浓缩出来的精华,都是在历年雅思考试中出现且多次考过的,不得不记,不得不学!所有的单词都配有发音,每天更新五句话,天天前进一小步,雅思口语一大步!生来像父母(2)1. I want to talk about my mother because I think we are very similar.我想谈谈我的母亲。因为我认为我非常像她。2. To be frank, my father and I do not look alike but we are extremely similar in our personality.坦率的讲,我在外表上不太像我父亲,但是我在性格上同我父亲非常相像。3. I guess my brother and I are alike not only in appearance but also in hobbies.我和我哥不仅外表相似,而且有着共同的兴趣和爱好。4. We have the same hobbies and in our spare time we often play badminton together.我们有着共同的兴趣和爱好,而且在业余时间,我们常一起出去打羽毛球。 /200604/6619新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson5:Job Hunting找工作61. I've got a job interview today. 我今天要参加一个工作面试。62. Are you hiring right now? 你们现在招人吗?63. Are you taking applications? 你们现在招聘吗?64. I've applied to six companies so far. 目前为止,我已经向六家公司递交了应聘申请。65. He’s looking for a job with better pay. 他在找一份薪水更高的工作。66. Do you have any experience in this field? 在这个领域你有工作经验吗?67. Where did you last work? 你最后的工作在哪?68. What was your last job? 你最后一份工作是什么?69. Do you work well with other people? 你能和别人和谐共事吗?70. I really need this job. 我真的很需要这份工作。71. I graduated at the top of my class from Harvard Law School. I concentrated#61557; in business law. 我从哈佛法学院毕业,是班上的第一名。我专攻商法。72. Your business has a very good reputation for rewarding its employees that work hard and well. 贵公司对工作努力、业绩卓越的雇员总是给予嘉奖,因此得到了很好的声誉。73. I am very responsible and will work long hours to make sure that my work is done on time and correctly. 我有责任心,为了按时、正确地完成工作愿意加班。74. I believe that you are just the kind of person we would like to hire. 我相信你就是我们想要雇用的这种人。75. Direct eye contact reassures the person that you are confident and honest#61561;. 直接的目光接触让人相信你的自信和诚实。【生词解读】1. concentrate vi. 全神贯注;全力以赴 2. reputation n. 好名声,声望;信誉 3. reassure vt.使放心,使消除疑虑;向......再保 4. confident a. 确信的;有信心的,自信的5. honest a. 诚实的;正直的 /200901/17171/200612/9846

That#39;s a road.I heard a vehicle up ahead,and it#39;s coming this way.那里有条路 我能听到汽车引擎的声音 有车开过来了Let#39;s take a ride out of here! Come on!搭个顺风车走吧 跟上As a loading truck can moving fast,I gonna try to cut it off.货运卡车开得都很快 我要把它拦下来I can make it.No time to stick up my thumb,还来得及 没时间招手示意了In Alaska, I set out to sail a raft.I#39;m heading toward the shiping land.在阿拉斯加 我独自驾着小筏 准备前往锚地If you see a vessel,you need to get its attention fast.如果看到船只的话 你必须尽快引起他们的注意I boarded a iceberg,and use my raft to make a signal fire.HELP我跳上了一块浮冰 用小筏的材料燃起了烽火 救命That can be the best sight of the world for the survivor.看到救援船朝自己驶来You see that rescure ship turns towards us.Help!绝对是求生者眼中最美的风景了 救命As the boat apporach to start to roll over us,随着渔船隆隆的像我们靠近suddenly seem to dwarf me and the crew on our small fragile iceberg.它朝我们所在的脆弱浮冰碾了过来I got to be a hundred percent confident making this jump to not end up crushed between this and the ice.如果没有万全的把握 我绝不会跳过去 否则我就会被 这艘船和浮冰 挤得粉碎But we were so low at the water the captain lost sight of us behind the deck.但是由于我们所在位置太低 船长无法从舰桥确定我们的位置He was runing blind,and then we collided.Just!他几乎是靠直觉在驾驶 然后撞上了浮冰 太悬了I safely abord,but that was close.Maybe too close.我最终平安获救 但这次真的很悬 实在是太悬了The vessel was kinda hit the side of the iceburg.渔船撞到了浮冰的侧面And I was standing on this burg corner,I just gonna caught it我正好就站在那个角上 我当时正准备去抓那个梯子Kinda of have a second either way,and I would be in the drink如果还有第二次机会的话 我一定会做出别的选择and probably not take that situation between big fishing vessel and iceburg.绝不会再站在那艘大渔船 和这块儿浮冰之间了 Article/201606/449623

The UN refugee agency said more than 700 migrants trying to reach Europe are feared to have died in three Mediterranean Sea shipwrecks south of Italy over the past few days.联合国难民署称,过去几天里在意大利南部700多名试图进入欧洲的移民在三起地中海沉船事故中恐遇难。On Sunday a spokeswoman for UNHCR said that an estimated 100 people were missing from a smugglers#39; boat which capsized Wednesday.周日,联合国难民署的一位女发言人称,周三一艘走私船翻沉,大约100人失踪。She said about 550 other migrants and refugees are missing from a smuggling boat that capsized Thursday morning. 她说,周四早上一艘走私船沉没,另有550名移民和难民失踪。The boat departed the western Libyan port of Sabratha a day earlier. 一天前,船从利比亚西部港口塞卜拉泰开出。According to refugees who saw the boat sink, the boat didn#39;t have an engine and was being towed by another packed smuggling boat before it capsized. 据见到过船沉没的难民说,船没有引擎,沉没前被另一艘拥挤的偷渡船拖着。It was carrying about 670 people.About 25 people from the capsized boat managed to reach the first boat and survive. 它载着大约670人。沉船上的约25人设法到达第一艘船并且获救。79 others were rescued by international patrol boats. 15 bodies were recovered.79人被国际巡逻艇救出。15具尸体被找到。Italian police have corroborated the account of the Thursday but came up with different numbers.意大利警方已经实了周四的报告,但出现不同的数据。译文属。 /201605/446624

洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 16暂无文本 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200603/5512

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