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Anti-corruption protests in India印度的反腐败抗议I, the people吾即万民An anti-graft crusader steamrolls ahapless government一位反腐改革者施压一个不幸的政府Aug 27th 2011 | DELHI | from the print editionSQUELCHING barefoot in the sludge atRamlila Maidan, a park in central Delhi, a middle-aged man praises the people’slove for his guru, Anna Hazare. His eyes shine with zeal and hunger. His legs have cramp from fasting, for over a week, beside his 74-year-old leader. Sowhat? We train our bodies to go without food for 30 days, he says. To loseflesh is to gain energy.赤脚穿行于德里市中心Ramlila Maiden兰姆力拉广场公园的淤泥中,一位中年男子表达着对他心目中的领袖安纳·哈扎尔的爱戴之情。他的眼神闪烁着和饥饿。一周多来追随其74岁领袖,他的双腿因绝食而痉挛。这又怎样呢?他说,30天来我们绝食来训练我们的身体。牺牲肉身来获取精力。Mr Hazare, who has himself lost 6kg, isprone on a platform nearby, framed by a huge poster of Mahatma Gandhi, whosemethods he has adopted. A bank of television cameras and a devoted crowd, tensof thousands strong, watch him intently, day and night, cheering and chantingin a sea of mud. Groups of uniformed schoolboys march about, flourishing theIndian tricolour. Young men sport white Gandhi caps with “I am Anna” penned onthe sides.哈扎尔先生本人,已经减轻了6公斤体重,仰卧于附近的一座平台之上,背景是一副巨型的甘地画像,他正沿用着甘地的方式。无数的摄像机,数万名忠实的群众,日夜不分的专心的看着他,在一片泥海中不时发出喝和颂扬之声。一群群着装统一的学生挥舞着印度三色旗游行示威。年轻人头戴侧面写有“我是安纳”字样的甘地式帽子。Trade is brisk in Hazare rosettes,headbands, T-shirts, and badges. Five rupees (10 cents) gets three swipes ofpaint—saffron, white, green—on your cheek. Even police X-ray gates have“corruption-free India” scrawled on them. Dozens of cities have their ownmarches and protests. The country’s thicket of excitable cable-news networksreports on nothing else.与哈扎尔有关的玫瑰花饰、头带、T恤和徽章生意兴隆。5个卢比(10美分)就可以在你脸上画上橘黄、白、绿三色条。甚至警察的x射线安检门都涂上了“印度远离腐败”。数十个城市都有自己的游行和抗议。该国容易亢奋的有线新闻网团体除此之外什么都不予关注。201108/151385US Treasury Secretary Defends Bailout, Calls for Reform保尔森呼吁改革全球金融体制 U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has defended his handling of the 0 billion financial bailout package. Paulson spoke Thursday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, he called for cautious reforms in the U.S. and global financial systems. 美国财政部长保尔森为他处理7千亿美元救市计划的方式进行辩护。保尔森星期四在加州锡米谷里根总统图书馆发表讲话时呼吁对美国和全球金融体制进行谨慎的改革。Paulson said the current financial crisis had many causes, including government inaction and mistaken actions, outdated U.S. and global regulatory systems, and too much risk-taking by financial institutions. He says his first priority has been to stabilize the system. He says the next will be to reform it.  保尔森指出,目前的金融危机是许多因素造成的,其中包括政府的不作为和错误行为,美国和全球的监管制度过时,以及金融机构风险投资太多。保尔森说,他的优先重点一直是稳定金融体系,接下去将是改造这个体系。"This debate offers great opportunities and great peril. The events of the last year have exposed excesses and flaws that are, to put it mildly, humbling. If we do not correctly diagnose the causes and instead act in haste and implement more rather than better regulations, we can do long-term harm," he said. 保尔森说:“这次辩论带来了巨大的机会和巨大的风险。过去一年发生的事情暴露出的无度和缺陷,客气点说,让人羞愧。如果我们不正确地诊断出原因,反而仓促行事,进行更多而不是更好的监管,我们就会造成长期的伤害。”Paulson says recovery will take time, and a new regulatory framework cannot be developed while the financial situation is unfolding. 保尔森指出,复苏需要时间,在金融局势尚不明朗的时候,不能规划出新的监管机制。The treasury secretary faced sharp criticism over his handling of the bailout when he appeared Tuesday before the House of Representative Financial Services Committee. The 0 billion escue plan initially focused on buying bad debt from banks that were left with nearly worthless securities after the housing market collapsed. Paulson said a worsening situation called for a change of strategy, and he started making cash infusions into financial companies, with the government taking an equity share, in order to get the institutions lending again. 7千亿美元的救市计划最初的重点是收购那些在房市崩溃之后变得几乎一文不值的不良资产和坏帐。保尔森说,由于情况不断恶化,需要改变策略。他开始向金融机构注资,让政府掌控部分股份,以便使金融机构能够继续发放贷款。He says international bodies such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and regional development banks should reform their governing boards to make them more accountable, streamlined and effective.  保尔森认为,世界、国际货币基金组织以及地区发展等国际机构应当改革自己的管理层,使之更负责,更精练,更有效。"Similarly, the IMF and the World Bank need to accord dynamic emerging market economies greater representation and participation in their daily operations," he said. 保尔森说:“同样,国际货币基金组织和世界在日常运作中应当让富有活力的新兴市场经济更多参与,享有更多的发言权。”Paulson urged cooperation among Democrats and Republicans in Congress and among world leaders, as they work through the crisis. He says future reforms must be consistent with free trade and open investment. 保尔森敦促国会民主党人和共和党人以及世界各国领导人在处理危机的过程中进行合作。他说,未来的改革必须符合自由贸易和开放投资的原则。200811/56873Space exploration太空探索The end of the Space Age太空时代的结束Inner space is useful. Outer space is history 研究内太空才有用,让外太空研究成为历史Jun 30th 2011 | from the print edition HOW big is the Earth? Any encyclopedia will give you an answer: its equatorial diameter is 12,756km, or, for those who prefer to think that way, 7,926 miles. Ah, but then there is the atmosphere. Should that count? Perhaps the planet’s true diameter is actually nearer 13,000km, including all its air. But even that may no longer be an adequate measure. For the Earth now reaches farther still. The vacuum surrounding it buzzes with artificial satellites, forming a sort of technosphere beyond the atmosphere. Most of these satellites circle only a few hundred kilometres above the planet’s solid surface. Many, though, form a ring like Saturn’s at a distance of 36,000km, the place at which an object takes 24 hours to orbit the Earth and thus hovers continuously over the same point of the planet.地球有多大?任何一本百科全书都会给你:赤道直径是12,756公里,或者,用英里来表达7,926英里。嗯,但是大气层有多大呢?也能计算吗? 包括空气(大气层)在内,地球的直径可能接近13,000公里。甚至连这个数据也不够充分。因为现在地球的变化太大(远离平静的状态)。包围大气层的外部空间人造卫星来去匆匆,形成一个在大气层外面的所谓技术层。大部分卫星绕行高度离地球地表仅几百公里。然而,在距地球36,000公里的轨道上物体绕转地球一周的时间为24小时,这个物体飞行时持续面对的是地球上的不变的同一个点,这样许多地球同步卫星的运行会形成一个类似的土星环。Viewed this way, the Earth is quite a lot larger than the traditional textbook answer. And viewed this way, the Space Age has been a roaring success. Telecommunications, weather forecasting, agriculture, forestry and even the search for minerals have all been revolutionised. So has warfare. No power can any longer mobilise its armed forces in secret. The exact location of every building on the planet can be known. And satellite-based global-positioning systems will guide a smart bomb to that location on demand.从这个方面看,地球比传统的教科书上的回答其实要大很多。这样看来,太空时代已经有了相当的成功。电信业,天气预测,农业,林业,甚至是在矿藏搜寻方面都有了彻底变革。战争也同样如此,再也没有政府能秘密地调兵遣将。这颗星球上的每一幢建筑物的位置都能被精确掌握。基于卫星的全球定位系统能按要求指引智能炸弹到达目标。201107/143344The View ladies talking about Rihanna Rihanna was hit by her boyfriend Chris Brown, The View ladies are talking about it. Welcome back to a Day of Hot Topics on The View. Now E! Online reports that Rihanna and Chris Brown reunited in Miami this weekend and her father Ronald Fenty apparently supported her decision saying "whatever road she chooses I'm behind her". Good for him. What d'you think?You think so?Yea, I do.Well, I mean you can't just say we're gonna, you know, if you get back together with Chris, we're not gonna talk to you any more. She's a grown woman.I would, if he touches my daughter one more time, I will get his ******.He probably did. I'm sure he probably did say something like that, I mean. That's kinda like a father's kinda impetuses, his natural reaction. We don't know that he didn't say that to Chris.(But to say with, I think he probably would say...)I think he came out. He publicly, we public, you know, he publicly supported her. But I, you know, what concerns me is I would hope that, you know, he says he's going to anger management classes, that if she's gonna take him back, they both go to some classes. I would really love to see them do something for the young people. I would really love to see them do some PSAs (公益广告) about hitting people. And Rihanna, if it happens again, you'd better run for the hills, cuz...They are gonna get their stuff together first.Why can't you have a time-out from the guy though, you know, have a time-out, go anger management for a year and then we'll discuss it.I still want to hear what actually happened cuz we still don't know.But we saw the picture.That doesn't matter, seeing the picture, (You don't know what happened Sherri.)we don't... We still don't know what happens. And I find it extraordinarily interesting that it has not come out. So, there is a lot going on in this particular situation that we're not aware of, I believe.Just think, you know, the young, Sherri talked about her niece, so you think about young girls who are watching this and using this as a model. You know, you just have to, I don't know. It upsets me because I feel as though these young girls to get back with someone after he has done that to you. They are not married. They don't have a commitment. I hope they're not. I really hope they're not.(One hopes...) Go and find someone who treats you right. Don't...One hopes...Where was it? One hopes that after a period of time, she will say this is my relationship. (Yes.)This is a man I loved, I wanted, and I 've taken back with these conditions. So, this is, again, we don't know.Point is what happened actually.run for the hills: When someone really wants to get away from a situation or relationship as fast as they can, they "run for the hills."04/68169

First quarter to be calmer The backdrop will be a massive stimulus package as long-term investors focus on long-term bargains What about early , the first quarter of ? What are your expectations for that? what it looks like? how are you advising your clients? Because it seems like we have been really sort of testing the lowest lately. we haven't seen the 700 points swings and in recent weeks like we saw just a few months ago. I mean it seems like a bit of calming. what is the bringing? Is that really a new chapter for the market?It will be a new chapter for the market. I think when we / come to January, we typically see a January effect meaning that you get a fresh batch of / 401K money, that gets largely put into marketplace that would probably happen again. We will probablly see a stabilizing of energy prices that gonna be a positive. you know, precipitated oil and energy prices have been tied to the global economic slowdown, and probably very overdown / . So I think that is gonna be another key theme as we're come to the first quarter of next year. In large part we are here a whole lot more in the February March time plan about physical stimulus. What’s gonna look like and who is gonna impact and how quickly we get that move forwardm, that's gonna be very important for the first quarter of next year, but in terms of what to tell / the investors. this is the time that you start looking at your profolio, January is always a time sort of reset. Look at your exposure every markets to see if it is appropriate, what is your the risk level is. a long-term investor is gonna see a great bargain as first step for the next year for getting any sort of recovering in this economy / the first quarter of next year. Yeh,it is gonna be time to start looking at stocks again with fresh view towards an improving economy.where do you think those good bargains are right now in early ? where should people be looking in? where should they not be looking? where you should not be looking in is consumer discretionary it is too soon for that. Maybe it’s too soon for a while. the auto industries is going to get rescue but the auto stocks are not, stay away from that. Certainly, stay away things tied/ ever/ to advertising business model. That’s gonna have a very difficult . Energy stocks will probably be a bargain lows at first half of this year. I think it's time to start looking at those and I think you gonna see a snap back rally and commodity prices , you know, these stabilizing is close to 50 dollars and it ends at 30 dollars. So probably a lot of money will be made there. Technology is gonna continue to see on-going consolidations, so continue to look at these large cap tax stocks that have a pile of cash. Certainly,look at these names that they maybe buying ./which/ We're gonna see more and more that sort of work with first quarter of next year. so your know technology honestly is not for a sight. And energy through the whole come-up plex to avoid the consumer discretionary and avoid the advertising model certainly, avoid anything that sort of related to the auto industry in any way she'll perform. All right, we're leave it there. Well thank you and appreciate your time.200812/59837

Renewable energy in the north-west美国西北部的可再生能源Tilting at windmills风能发电遇到困难Teething troubles in the clean-energy sector清洁能源领域中的问题开始出现Jun 16th 2011 | SEATTLE | from the print editionTHE melting snows of spring and early summer are justly celebrated by Aaron Copland and Walt Whitman. But they are causing a lot of trouble in the Pacific north-west, as a federal power agency pushes private wind turbines off the grid in what critics call a case of favouritism towards electricity generated by federal dams.春季夏初,冬雪融化,这正是阿隆.柯普兰的音乐和威廉.惠特曼的诗歌中所赞美的时节。但现在融化的冬雪却给太平洋西北岸地区带来了麻烦。因为一家联邦电力机构把私有企业风机发电所产生的热能并出电网,而此举被批评人士看成对联邦水电站的一次政策性偏移。The region’s wind power companies are enraged and are petitioning the regulators. Encouraged by politicians and their subsidies, they have invested hundreds of millions of dollars over the past six years on a 14-fold increase in generating capacity.But this year, as an unusually large snowmelt surges into the rivers of Oregon and Washington, the wind lobby is howling about government perfidy. “You can’t trust the guy who is running the grid,” says Robert Kahn, executive director of the Northwest amp; Intermountain Power Producers Coalition.这一下激怒了当地的风力发电公司,他们正在向政策制定者请愿。这些公司在政客鼓动和政府津贴的诱惑下,在过去的6年间投入了数以百万美元,电力产能因此翻了14倍。但在今年,随着罕见的冬雪大量融化,涌入俄勒岗州和华盛顿州的河水流域中,风能发电的游说者对政府的出尔反尔大诉苦水。西北及内陆电力联盟的执行经理,罗伯特.卡恩就抱怨道:“你没法相信管理供电网络的人。”The guy in question is the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), a venerable federal bureaucracy that markets power from 31 federal dams in the Columbia river basin. Thanks to monstrous chunks of concrete like Grand Coulee Dam, completed 70 years ago and still the largest hydroelectric facility in North America, the north-west gets more of its power from hydro than any other region of the ed States.卡恩所指的是邦纳维尔电力局,它是一所受人尊敬的联邦机构,管理着哥伦比亚河域盆地31座联邦水坝所发出电力的市场销售。70年前建造的大古力水坝,凭借其庞大坚固的建筑结构,至今仍为北美洲最大的水力发电站。而美国西北部水力发电供电量要比美国其它地区都多。201106/141906

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