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三门峡包皮过长医院哪里最好三门峡郑大男科医院有泌尿科吗三门峡妇幼保健医院前列腺炎多少钱 Leaders社论精粹Ariel Sharon阿里埃勒·沙龙He may be missed也许会有人怀念他Israel needed—and still needs—a man like Ariel Sharon to bludgeon a path to peace以色列曾经需要—现在依旧需要—像阿里埃勒·沙龙那样的人去为和平开路HOW strange that a man widely reviled for most of his adult life as a warmonger, even by many of his fellow Israelis, might have been the one to bring about a lasting peace between Jews and Arabs—and a proper state for Palestine—had he survived in fair health for another five years or so as prime minister.一个人被视为好战分子,广受批评,甚至许多批评来自他的以色列同胞,但如果他能健康地作为总理多撑5年,就最有可能为犹太人和阿拉伯人带来持久和平,这是多不可思议啊。Ariel Sharon, who died on January 11th after lying in a coma for eight years following a stroke that struck him down at the height of his political powers, was a man of moral as well as physical courage.阿里埃勒·沙龙正处于政治权利巅峰时,中风突然来袭,陷入昏迷8年之后,他于1月11日去世。He was a man of vision, too—an example to the current prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu.沙龙道德高尚,无所畏惧,他还富有远见卓识,是现任总理本雅明·内塔尼亚胡之榜样。For many years Mr Sharon saw Israelas a fortress to be defended so ferociously that no Arab could hope to destroy it.在许多年里,沙龙都视以色列为堡垒,要坚决捍卫,不给阿拉伯人任何摧毁堡垒的希望。When, as prime minister, he dramatically changed tack by deciding to evacuate the Gaza Strip, evicting thousands of Jewish settlers for whom he had previously been the doughtiest champion, he faced down Israels hard right.在总理任上,沙龙的路线大幅改变,压住了以色列的强硬右翼势力,决定疏散加沙地带,让几千犹太定居者从加沙撤出,这些犹太定居者之前曾视沙龙为最坚定的领袖。It was an act of courage as well as pragmatism.这一举动既需要勇气,又要有务实精神。At the time he sought to persuade the outraged settlers and their influential lobby that he would not then proceed to wrest the West Bankfrom their grip, handing it back to the Palestinians as the basis of their state.沙龙当时试图说愤怒的定居者及其势力强大的说客团,称他不会将约旦河西岸从他们手中拿走,让巴勒斯坦人作为建国的基础。But he might well have changed his mind on this score, too.但沙龙在这一事上可能也改变了主意。The dilemma Mr Sharon had the courage to confront in 2005 is the same one that Mr Netanyahu keep on running away from.2005年沙龙有勇气去直面困境,但内塔尼亚胡却一直在逃避这种困境。If Israelis to remain a democracy, it cannot indefinitely occupy theWest Bankwhile also denying the Palestinians full political rights in a Greater Israel.如果以色列依然要以民主国家的形式存在,它就不能一直占着约旦河西岸,同时又否认巴勒斯坦人在大以色列中具有完全政治权利。Yet a Palestinian majority—and the demography is heading that way—would mean the end ofIsraelas a predominantly Jewish state.然而,如果巴勒斯坦人成为多数—在人口分布上也正逐渐如此—就意味着以色列不再是一个犹太人为主的国家。If Israel wants to remain both Jewish and a democracy, the only workable alternative is to give the Palestinians a state of their own, thereby accepting that Israel must vacate most of that hallowed land on the West Bank. Giving upGazawas the first step.如果以色列既要保持犹太性质,又要实行民主,唯一可行的方案是给巴勒斯坦人一个自己的国家,因此也就需要以色列清空多数约旦河西岸被视为神圣的土地。放弃加沙是第一步。What Mr Sharon would have done, nobody knows for certain.没人能确切知道,如果沙龙仍在,他会怎么做。Ehud Olmert, who succeeded Mr Sharon at the head of the party he founded, came tantalisingly close to clinching a deal on theWest Bank.接替沙龙成为其所创党派首脑的埃胡德·奥尔默特几乎就促成了关于约旦河西岸的协议。Looking at other comparably bloodstained conflicts, the most durable peace deals tend to be reached by seasoned warriors rather than doe-eyed pacifists.参照其它流血冲突,最持久的和平协议多由经验丰富的战士促成,而不是由天真的和平主义者。Can Bibi match Arik?内塔尼亚胡能及沙龙否?Mr Netanyahu, an artful populist serving his third stint as prime minister, is neither warrior nor pacifist.内塔尼亚胡是精明的民粹派,现在是其第三任总理任期,他既非战士,也不是和平主义者。In theory, he has accepted that only a proper Palestinian state will secureIsraels future, but he has failed to show the enthusiasm and flexibility needed to achieve it.理论上,他接受只有建立正常的巴勒斯坦国才能保以色列的未来安全这样的观点,但是他没有实现这一目标所需的热情和灵活性。The settlements keep expanding.定居点的范围还在扩大。Even now, withAmericas secretary of state, John Kerry, as mediator, the Likud party led by Mr Netanyahu has yet officially to accept the idea of a two-state solution.即使是现在,在美国国务卿约翰·克里的斡旋下,内塔尼亚胡领导的利库德集团也没有正式结束双国家方案。And he has other excuses.内塔尼亚胡还有其他理由。Like Mr Sharon, he is boxed in by powerful extremists in his ruling coalition; the head of one of his main partner-parties is dead against it.跟沙龙一样,他在执政联盟内有来自强势的极端主义者的压力,他其中一个主要合作政党的首脑就坚决反对两国方案。The Palestinians are weak and divided.巴勒斯坦人处弱势,而且四分五裂。Israel, in comparison with its turbulent Arab neighbours, is prosperous, stable and—in the short run, anyway—secure.以色列,与其动乱不息的阿拉伯邻居相比,则显得繁荣稳定,而且,至少是在短期,安全。So why should Mr Netanyahu bother to give in to those tiresome Palestinians—and risk being tossed out of office by an angry alliance driven by the West Bank settlers?所以,为什么内塔尼亚胡得向那些烦人的巴勒斯坦人让步?约旦河西岸定居者推波助澜之下,自己则有被怒气冲冲的盟友们赶下台的风险。The answer is that doing anything else is merely playing for time.就是,做其他任何事都只是拖延时间。The moment to strike a deal is when you possess most of the cards.促成协议的最佳时机是你手上牌最多的时候。Mr Sharon understood that. He forced his way down a path towards peace, even if it meant losing old comrades and picking up new ones on the way.沙龙就懂这一点。他强势推进通往和平的道路,即使这意味着这失去同志的持,以及要在途中争取新同志。If Mr Netanyahu wants to be mourned in the same way, he should dwell on that.如果内塔尼亚胡想被以同样的方式铭记,他就应该以此为鉴。 201401/274242三门峡看梅毒最好的医院

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三门峡治疗阳痿费用 Science and technology科学技术Safe driving安全行驶Keep your mind on the road时刻看路Hands-free texting is more distracting to drivers than using a mobile phone语音发短信比手机通話更容易让驾驶人分心CARS, to paraphrase some in Americas gun lobby, do not kill people.套用美国步协会的说法,汽车不会杀人。People kill people.人杀人。And among the people more likely than others to kill people are those distracted by their use of mobile phones and other portable electronic devices while they are driving.在人群中,那些在开车时,使用手机或者其他便携式电子设备的人,比其他人更容易杀人。Actually holding a phone to your ear while driving is illegal in many places.事实上在许多地方,开车的时候将手机放在耳朵上是违法的。But not having both hands on the wheel is only part of the problem.但是没有把双手放在方向盘上仅仅只是一部分问题。Another part, probably more serious, is the dissipation of attention involved.另一部分,可能更加严重,是注意力不集中。If further evidence of this were needed, it has just been provided in a study published by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, in Washington,如果需要更多的据,这可以由在华盛顿特区的美国汽车协会的交通安全基金会发表的一份研究报告提供。DC. David Strayer and his colleagues at the University of Utah, the studys authors, looked at exactly how distracting various mental activities are to drivers.犹他州的大卫·斯特雷耶和他的同事,这份研究报告的作者,清楚地看到了精神活动是如何使驾驶员分心。In a world where cars are often fitted with hands-free electronic devices, what they found is worrying.在一个汽车配备了免提式电子设备的世界里,这就是他们所担心的事情。Dr Strayer divided 102 volunteers into three groups.斯特雷耶士将102名志愿者分为了三组。Each participant performed eight tasks under the scrutiny of his team and while wearing an electrode-laden hat to record what is known as their Event-Related Brain Potentials.每一位参与者要在他的队伍的监督下完成八个任务,并且是戴了一个用于记录大脑的事件相关电位的,布满电极的帽子。The eight tasks were: doing nothing; listening to the radio; listening to an audio book; conversing with a passenger; calling a friend using a hand-held phone; calling a friend using a hands-free phone; using speech to send a text message; and, as an example of a difficult task few people engage in behind the wheel, verifying a set of mathematical equations while memorising nouns interjected between the maths problems.这八个任务是:什么都不做;听广播;听音频书;与一位乘客交谈;用一个手持式电话呼叫一位朋友;使用免提式电话呼叫一位朋友;用语音发送一条短信;作为一个困难的任务的一个例子,少数人加入这个团体;当熟记插入到这些算术问题中的名词时,明一系列算术等式。The first group of volunteers performed these tasks sitting at a computer.第一组人在电脑前完成这些任务。The second sat in simulators resembling the interior of a car, and followed another car on a screen.第二组坐在一个汽车模拟器里,在屏幕上他的前方有一辆车。The third drove real cars.第三组开真正的车。Besides their ERPs, the volunteers reaction times were assessed, their level of concentration was tested by studying their responses to lights shone in the periphery of their visual fields, and their subjective views of which tasks demanded most attention were recorded.除了他们的大脑的事件相关电位外,他们的反应时间也会被评估,他们的集中程度也会通过研究他们对视野边缘的灯光闪烁的反应进行测试,还有他们对哪种任务更加需要集中精力的判断也被记录下来。Dr Strayer then consolidated these various results into a single number that represented the overall mental distraction a task created.斯特雷耶士将这些不同的结果结合在一起形成一个单独的数字,用于表示一个任务所产生的综合精神分散。Doing nothing provided a baseline value of 1.0 and juggling maths and word-memory provided an upper bound of 5.0.什么都不做的情况设为基础值-1.0,然后尽量使用数学和字存储器产生一个更高的范围-5.0。As might be expected, listening to the radio or to a book were the least distracting activities.可能像预期的那样,听广播或者音频书是是最不容易使人分心的活动。Talking to a passenger and talking on the phone were intermediate.与一位乘客交谈和打电话是中等程度。The most distracting, at 3.06, was hands-free texting.最使人分心的活动的分数为3.06,是语音发短信。On a scale where 5.0 is the most distracted it is possible to be, that is worryingly high.在某种程度上,可能存在最使人分心的,程度为5.0的活动,那么3.06就相当高。In attention to the road is not the only cause of traffic accidents, but it is an important one.不集中注意力观察道路情况不是造成交通事故的唯一的原因, 但是它是最重要的。In America, various studies have suggested that it contributes to between a quarter and a half of accidents.在美国,许多研究表明这种情况所造成的交通事故的比率在1/4到1/2之间。Those who think that hands-free texting is low on the list of potential driving hazards might therefore wish to think again.那些认为语音发短信所造成的风险很小的人可能要因此重新考虑一下。 /201311/264215三门峡郑大医院皮肤科灵宝市割痔疮多少钱




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