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Germany said it believed that U.S. intelligence agencies may be spying on Chancellor Angela Merkels cellphone, an intrusion that could escalate the international furor over U.S. data surveillance and complicate Washingtons relationship with one of its staunchest allies. 德国说,该国相信美国情报机构可能在监听该国总理默克Angela Merkel)的手机。美国的这一做法可能令国际上因美国数据监控引发的喧嚣升级,并令美国与其最坚定盟友之一的关系复杂化Ms. Merkel spoke by phone with President Barack Obama on Wednesday and made clear that such surveillance among allies would be fully unacceptable and a grave breach of trust, her spokesman said in a statement released late Wednesday in Berlin. 默克尔的发言人在柏林周三晚间发表的一则声明中说,默克尔周三通过电话与美国总统奥巴Barack Obama)交谈,明确表示盟国之间这样的监控行为“完全不可接受”,是对互信的严重践踏Mr. Obama assured the German leader that the U.S. isnt monitoring her communications and wont in the future, a White House spokesman said. He wouldnt say whether it had occurred in the past. 白宫的一名发言人说,奥巴马向默克尔保,美国并没有在监听她与外界的通讯,未来也不会这么做。这名发言人不愿说明这种监听行为过去是否发生过The uproar in Berlin is the latest sign that the National Security Agency scandal has the potential to continue to inflict damage on Washingtons relationships with overseas partners. Earlier this week, Mr. Obama called French President Francois Hollande, who expressed his deep disapproval over reports that the NSA was collecting data on tens of millions French phone calls and messages. Reports of U.S. spying on Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff as well as Mexicos Enrique Pena Nieto during his successful presidential campaign have aly strained the U.S. relationship with Latin America. 在柏林引发的这场骚动是最新的一个迹象,显示美国国家安全局(National Security Agency)丑闻可能继续给华盛顿与海外合作伙伴之间的关系造成损害。本周早些时候,奥巴马致电法国总统奥朗Francois Hollande),奥朗德对有报道指美国国安局收集数千万法国电话和短信记录表示强烈不满。还有报道说,美国也在针对巴西总统罗塞Dilma Rousseff)从事间谍活动,并在墨西哥总统涅托(Enrique Pena Nieto)参加总统选举过程中对其进行间谍活动,相关报道已经令美国与拉丁美洲的关系承压The German governments sharply worded statement came after it looked into an inquiry from the weekly Der Spiegel, the magazine reported. Der Spiegel said U.S. spies may have specifically targeted Ms. Merkels cellphone -- as opposed to having just intercepted her communications as part of a broader dragnet. 德国《明镜(Der Spiegel) 周刊报道,德国政府在发表措辞严厉的声明之前审读了该周刊的一项调查。《明镜》说,美国间谍可能已经特定把默克尔的手机作为目标,而不是作为更广泛行动的一部分仅仅对她的通讯实施拦截German intelligence followed up on the information and determined it may be true, according to the magazine, leading to the tense phone call with the White House. 该周刊说,德国情报机构跟进了这一信息,发现这种情况可能是真的,因此才发生了言辞激烈地致电白宫的事情There was no information as to how Ms. Merkels phone was monitored or what information the U.S. gleaned. 至于默克尔的手机是如何被监听的,或是美国得到了什么信息,目前尚无相关信息If true, the allegations would present Washington with an even more serious diplomatic challenge that could affect a range of economic and security issues. 上述指控如果属实,华盛顿将面临一个更加严重的外交挑战,可能对一系列经济和安全问题造成影响Germany, a member of the Group of Seven leading economies and the dominant economic force in Europe, is a crucial partner for the U.S. on a range of international issues, from combating the euro-zone crisis to negotiating a trans-Atlantic free-trade agreement. 德国是由经济发达国家组成的七国集团的成员,也是欧洲处于主导地位的经济力量,在从应对欧元区危机到泛大西洋自由贸易协定谈判的一系列国际问题上都是美国至关重要的伙伴Ms. Merkel has played an important role in talks over global hot spots like Syria and Iran, and Germany is home to the U.S. militarys most important bases in Europe. In 2011, Mr. Obama hosted Ms. Merkel in Washington for a state dinner. 在有关叙利亚和伊朗等全球热点地区的谈判方面,默克尔一直扮演着重要角色,而且美国在欧洲最重要的军事基地就位于德国001年,奥巴马曾在华盛顿设国宴招待默克尔Given the depth of the relationship between the two countries and Germanys long-standing support of the U.S., it is unclear why U.S. intelligence might target her. Mr. Obama said over the summer, as allegations about NSA spying first surfaced, that he could simply call Ms. Merkel if he needed to know what she was thinking. 考虑到两国之间非常深远的关系,而且长期以来德国都是美国的持者,美国情报机构为什么会以默克尔为目标,原因尚不明了。奥巴马在夏季的时候说,如果想要知道默克尔在想什么,只需要简单地给她打个电话就行了。当时有关美国国安局从事间谍行为的指控刚刚浮出水面But Ms. Merkel conceivably may have been targeted for advance knowledge of Germanys positions before a major summit, or to understand Germanys relations with countries like Iran and Russia, said James Lewis, a former State Department official who is now a technology-policy specialist at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. 但前国务院官员刘易斯(James Lewis)说,但可以想见的是,美国针对默克尔,是为了在一个重要峰会之前提起获知德国的立场,或是了解德国与伊朗和俄罗斯等国间的关系。刘易斯现在是美国战略与国际研究中心(Center for Strategic and International Studies)技术与公共政策项目负责人The Germans are basically running Europe now, he said. What are the Germans thinking about the European crisis? Are the Germans going to stop bailing out the Greeks? 他说,目前基本上是由德国人掌管着欧洲。德国人对欧洲危机有何想法?德国人是否会停止救助希腊The new revelations come ahead of a European Union summit on Thursday, where leaders are expected to discuss ways to protect personal data in the wake of previous disclosures about the NSAs surveillance programs. Demands for stronger protections and guarantees from the U.S. that it wont violate European privacy laws will have even more urgency following the disclosures about Ms. Merkel. 此事恰逢周四欧European Union)峰会前夕。预计与会领导人在得知了美国国家安全局的监控项目后,将讨论该如何保护个人信息。在默克尔遭美国监视一事曝光后,将更加迫切地需要加强个人信息的保护,让美国保它不会违反欧洲有关隐私权的法律Ms. Merkel, despite an uproar in Germany over NSA surveillance over the summer, had appeared willing to give the U.S. the benefit of the doubt. Asked in a news conference July 19 whether she ever had the uncomfortable feeling that the big brother from America might be listening in while she talked on the phone, Ms. Merkel answered simply: No. 尽管今年夏季德国国内对美国国家安全局的监控项目大为不满,但默克尔似乎愿意姑且相信美国9日,在一个新闻发布会上,有记者问她是否曾感到不安,觉得美国老大哥可能在窃听她的电话,默克尔只是回答说,“没有”On Wednesday night, the tone in Berlin changed sharply. 周三晚间,柏林的态度大变The government has received information that the mobile phone of the chancellor may be under surveillance by U.S. agencies, said Ms. Merkels spokesman, Steffen Seibert. We have made an urgent inquiry to our American partners and have asked for an immediate and comprehensive explanation. 默克尔的发言人赛贝特(Steffen Seibert)说,政府已掌握了相关情报,情报显示首相的手机可能受到美国机构的监控。我们已向美方提出紧急质询,要求其立即做出详细解释In her call with Mr. Obama, Ms. Merkel said she unequivocally deplores such practices and sees them as completely unacceptable, according to Mr. Seibert. The spokesman said Ms. Merkel expected U.S. agencies to explain their overall surveillance practices against Germany, questions that the German government asked months ago. 据赛贝特说,默克尔在与奥巴马的通话中,强烈谴责这样的做法,认为这种做法完全无法接受。赛贝特说,默克尔希望美国机构就其对德国的全盘监控计划做出解释,德国政府数月前就已提出了这样的要求Ms. Merkel is known as a frequent texter, sometimes sending and receiving missives in public. 众所周知,默克尔经常发短信,有时甚至公开收发短信When the NSA scandal first broke in Germany over the summer, with reports that the U.S. was spying on Germans, opposition parties tried to use U.S. surveillance as a campaign issue against Ms. Merkel. 今年夏天美国国家安全局监控丑闻首次在德国曝光,当时有报道说美国在监视德国人,反对党曾试图在选战中利用美国的监控项目打击默克尔But she resisted calls to take drastic action against the U.S. -- such as shelving talks on the free-trade agreement -- and underscored the importance of international cooperation in collecting intelligence. 但她顶住了德国国内要求对美国采取激烈行动――比如搁置围绕自由贸易协议的谈判――的呼声,强调国际合作对情报收集的重要性Germanys highly unusual statement and strong words came after Der Spiegel contacted the government about a related story it was working on, the publication reported on its website. 在德国发表不同寻常的声明、措辞严厉地表态之前,据《明镜》周刊在其网站上报道说,该周刊曾就正在做的一项相关报道联系过政府Der Spiegel didnt say what sources its research was based on, but the magazine has published a series of articles in recent months based on documents from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Der Spiegel said there was evidence that Ms. Merkel may have been a target for years for U.S. intelligence agencies. It didnt publish documents or other evidence to back up those claims. 《明镜》周刊没有透露其调查是基于什么消息来源,但该周刊近几个月根据前美国国家安全局承包商雇员斯诺登(Edward Snowden)提供的文件发表了一系列文章。《明镜》周刊说,有据显示,多年来默克尔可能一直是美国情报机构的目标。该周刊没有公布文件或其他据来持自己的说法The White House said Mr. Obama assured Ms. Merkel in the call that the U.S. is not monitoring and will not monitor her communications. The ed States greatly values our close cooperation with Germany on a broad range of shared security challenges, White House spokesman Jay Carney said. 白宫说,奥巴马在通话中向默克尔保,美国现在没有监控,以后也不会监控她的通讯。白宫发言人卡Jay Carney)说,美国极其重视美德在各种共同的安全挑战问题上的密切合作While not usually discussed in public, it is well known within intelligence circles that allies spy on each other. 尽管通常不会公开讨论这个问题,但情报圈里都知道盟友之间会互相监控Washingtons assurances on Wednesday didnt appear to be entirely convincing. 华盛顿周三向德国做出的保似乎并不能够令人完全信Between close friends and partners, as Germany and the ed States have been for decades, such surveillance of the communications of heads of government cannot exist, Mr. Seibert said. This would be a grave breach of trust. 赛贝特说,在亲密朋友和伙伴之间,正如德国和美国几十年来的关系一样,不能存在这类监控政府首脑通讯的做法。这将严重违背对方的信任 /201310/261949Having People Cleaned in Designated Time要求在特定时间打扫Housekeeping.may I come in?客房部的,我能进来吗?Coma in please.请进Good moming,sir,May l do your room now?早上好,先生,我现在能打扫房间吗?How long will it take?需要多长时间呢?Your room will be raady in half an hour.半个小时就可以了Well.would you please come back fifteen minutes late? We are to visit the Tower.嗯,你能不能分钟后再打扫呢?我们要去参观塔Of course,sir.Have a good day.当然可以,祝你们今天开心 36679Is Tom in?Tom在吗?No he is at work now.不,他现在在上班May I have his office phone number please?你可以告诉我他办公室的号码吗?Sure, it 9当然,9 90

How would you like your steak?您的牛排要几分熟?Im glad you enjoy it. Ill tell the chef.您爱吃我很高兴,我会转告厨师的Waiter, please bring me another k.务员,请再拿一只叉子给我It very delicious.它的味道很好Your main dish is y.Shall I serve it now or after a while?您的主菜已经好了,我是现在上,还是等会儿再上?What would you like to go with your steak?您的牛排配什么菜呢?Would you like steak or fish?您喜欢牛排还是鱼? the main course, Id like to have a veal cutlet with beans.我要的主菜是炸小牛排和青豆I like roast mutton more than the other dishes.我最喜欢烤羊肉Im on a diet. I dont want any meat, but vegetable salad instead.我正在节食不想吃肉,只要蔬菜色拉 15It is a common aspiration for people to own their own home. Housing tops the list of livelihood issues that are of public concern. I believe that housing issues should be tackled through planning and supply. We need to provide more public housing and assist low-income groups to secure flats.安居乐业是市民的心愿,房屋是社会最关切的问题。我深信:要从规划和供应入手,加建公屋,协助基层上楼。Public-housing resources should be allocated in a fair and reasonable way to increase circulation.We need to increase land supply appropriately to maintain a stable property market and assist middle-income families to buy their own homes.公平合理分配公共房屋资源,增加流通;适当增加土地供应,促进楼市稳定发展,协助中产置业。To enhance the sense of belonging in our society and promote social mobility, we will also encourage home purchase. We will formulate a long-term housing strategy, improve district planning and set up a land reserve to respond swiftly to changes in market. This will enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong and improve the quality of life for our people.鼓励自置居所,提升市民的归属感,促进向上流动。我们必须制定长远房屋策略,完善地区规划,建立土地储备,迅速回应市场和社会对土地需求的变化,以提升香港的竞争力,并且逐步提高香港人的生活素质。Families are our pillars and a key element for social stability. We need to foster family harmony and support the underprivileged. It is our social responsibility to ensure that the elderly are honoured for their special place in the family, loved in the way they have loved us and respected for their life-long contributions. Special attention should be given to those who need financial assistance to meet their basic needs.家庭是每个人的柱,是社会稳定的重要元素。我们要建立和谐家庭,援弱势社群;同时要宣扬敬老、爱老、护老精神,实现“老有所依、老有所养、老有所居”,尤其着重照顾贫困长者的经济需要。Young people represent the future of our society. Youth policy should be formulated from a developmental perspective, creating a favourable environment for new generations to unleash their potential, vitality and creativity.青少年是香港的未来,我们要从发展的角度,制定青少年政策,让每个新一代的香港人都能发挥潜力、活力和创造力。As a generally affluent society, Hong Kong has all the necessary prerequisites to satisfy the basic needs of the people. Everyone in our community should be able to share in the fruits of our economic development.香港社会整体富裕,所有市民都应享有基本生活保障,也应享有经济发展的得益。I will set up the Commission on Poverty as early as possible to review, study and systematically address the issues relating to poverty among the elderly, the working poor, cross-generational poverty, poverty affecting new immigrants and ethnic minorities, and regional poverty.我将尽快设立“扶贫委员会”,全面检视、研究和系统地处理老年、在职、跨代、新移民、少数族裔和区域性贫穷等问题。We will also actively promote twin-track provision of medical services by the public and private sectors, so that medical services are accessible to all, regardless of wealth.我们也要积极推动公私营医疗的双轨发展,让香港人不论贫富,都病有所医。The 7 million Hong Kong people are one family. We will work to make Hong Kong a more livable city. We will encourage energy saving and pollution reduction. We will also further promote awareness of greening and conservation and play a role in protecting our natural environment.七百万香港人是一家,我会将香港建设成宜居的城市,推动市民节能减排,加强绿色和保育意识,同时保护香港的自然美景。The Government remains committed to respecting the freedom of religion. We will also endeavour to enhance our cultural literacy and encourage creativity.在非物质生活方面,政府将一如以往尊重宗教自由,进一步提升文化素质,鼓励创意。来 /201207/189160

Taiwans government said it has increased security on its flights to Beijing after receiving an anonymous call last Tuesday about an alleged terrorist plot targeting Beijings main airport.台湾政府称,上周二有一个匿名电话说北京主要机场可能成为恐怖分子策划袭击的目标,随后台湾加强了对飞往北京航班的安检。Tsai Der-sheng, director-general of Taiwans National Security Bureau, said Monday that the bureau had relayed the information to China on March 4, but cautioned against linking the incident with missing Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared early Saturday morning.台湾国安局局长蔡得胜周一说,该局已于3日将相关信息转告大陆方面。但他告诫说,不应将马来西亚航空(Malaysia Airlines, 简称:马航)飞往北京70航班失联事件与这一匿名电话联系起来。马70航班在上周六凌晨失去了通讯联络Taiwan has aly alerted China regarding the information, Mr. Tsai said. We believe this incident doesnt have a high correlation with the missing Malaysian aircraft.蔡得胜说,台湾已经就相关信息对大陆发出了警报。他说,台湾相信这起事件与马航失联客机并无较高的相关性。Taiwans Aviation Police Bureau added it could not confirm the veracity of the anonymous call, but it had increased security for luggage and flights leaving for Beijing. This was the first bomb threat call the bureau has received in more than a year, it said.台湾航警局(Aviation Police Bureau)说,无法实匿名电话的真实性,但该局已经加强了对飞往北京航班和运往北京行李的安检。航警局称,这是该局在一年多来接到的首个有关炸弹威胁的电话。Taiwans China Airlines Ltd. had received a phone call in the afternoon of March 4 from a person who said he was a member of a French counterterrorism group, Taiwans Aviation Police Bureau told The Wall Street Journal Monday. The caller said his group wasnt able to get in touch with authorities in Beijing, and that it had received information that an East Turkestan terrorist group planned to bomb the Beijing Capital International Airport. East Turkestan is the name for the proposed independent state sought by separatists in Chinas northwest Xinjiang province.航警局周一对《华尔街日报The Wall Street Journal)表示日下午,台湾中华航空股份有限公司(China Airlines Ltd., 简称:中华航空)收到了一位自称是法国反恐组织成员的男子的电话。这位男子在电话中称,其获得的信息表明,一个东突厥斯坦(East Turkestan, 简称:东突)恐怖组织计划对北京首都国际机场发动炸弹袭击,并称他的组织无法联系上北京主管机构。东突是中国新疆分裂势力所希望建立的独立国家名称。The bureau said the caller didnt identify himself or say which counterterrorism group he represented, or identify the organization with the bombing plans. The bureau also declined to speculate on why the caller would contact a Taiwanese airline.航警局说,打电话的人并未透露自己的身份,也未说明他代表哪个反恐组织,也没有提到具体哪个组织制定了炸弹袭击计划。另外,对于此人为什么要与一家台湾航空公司接触,航警局不愿给出推测性的说法。China Airlines on Monday confirmed it received the call on March 4 and said it had passed on the recording and information relevant to the call to Taiwans government. The airline operator, Taiwans biggest in terms of fleet size, didnt elaborate further.中华航空周一实,该公司确实日接到了这通电话。该公司表示,已将与这通电话有关的信息和记录转交给政府。该公司未作进一步置评。按机队规模排名,中华航空是台湾最大的航空公司。Taiwans Apple Daily reported Monday that the islands authorities received intelligence around March 3 that Chinas Beijing International Airport would be a target of a terrorist attack.台湾《苹果日报》周一报道称,台湾主管机构日前后得到情报,得知北京首都国际机场将成为恐怖分子袭击的目标。Security was aly heightened in China last week for the National Peoples Congress and following a stabbing attack on March 1 at the Kunming Railway Station that authorities said was planned by Xinjiang separatists.中国大陆已经在上周加强了安全措施,因为全国人大在召开,而昆明火车站也在3日发生了持刀袭击事件。有关部门说,昆明火车站袭击事件是由新疆分裂势力策划实施的。来 /201403/279300旅客自拿行李先生,您自己提这个袋子好吗A:Could you carry this bag, sir? Im afraid the contents might break.先生,您自己提这个袋子好吗?我怕里面的东西会破B: Sure, no problem.好的,没问题同类问句:Would you mind taking these bottles with you? 您介意自己拿这些瓶子吗?Could you take this camera with you, sir? 先生,您自己拿这台照相机好吗?行李延误女士,非常抱歉A: Yes. Ive been waitrig my bags to be sent up the last half hour. Where are they?是这样的,我等行李送上来至少等了半小时,行李哪里去了?B:Im very sorry to hear thiat, madam. May I have your name and room number, please? 女士,非常抱歉可以请问您的芳名及房间号码吗?同类问句:Were very sorry the delay, madam. Ill check immediately and call you back.女士,对不起,耽误了您的时间,我立刻检查并给您回电This is the Bell Captain. Your bags are on the way now. Were very sorry the inconvenience. 我是务生领班您的行李正给您送去很抱歉给您带来不便 3

Immigration照查验Kathy goes through immigration in Amsterdam. An immigration agent asks her some questions.凯西正要通过阿姆斯特丹的照查验处一名照查验官员询问她几个问题A:Good morning. Welcome to the Netherlands. May I see your passport and immigration m, please?官员:早安,欢迎来到荷兰麻烦让我看一下你的护照和入境表格,好吗?K:Of course. Here you are.凯西:没问题喏,在这儿A:Thank you. How long do you plan to stay in the Netherlands?官员:谢谢计划在荷兰停留多久?K:About three weeks. My boyfriend and I are touring Europe about two months. He has some relatives here.凯西:三个礼拜左右我和我男朋友大约要在欧洲旅行两个月他有亲戚住在这儿A:That nice. Where will you be staying?官员:那太好了你们要住在哪里呢?K:Well, were going to stay in hostels mostly in Amsterdam, but I think we may also stay in other hostels in the countryside.凯西:嗯,我们大部分的时间会住在阿姆斯特丹的青年旅社,但是我想我们也许也会住在其它乡间地区的青年旅社里A:That a good way to learn more about us Dutch here. Well, all your paperwork is in order. Would you like me to stamp a visa in your passport?官员:那倒是多了解我们荷兰人的好办法嗯,你们所有的文件都很齐全要不要我在你的护照里面盖个签章呢?K:Oh, please do! Then I can show it off when I go back.凯西:哦,欢迎之至!如此一来,我回去时就可以拿出来现一下了 5718 Finding the Way第八章 问路Part 1 Vocabulary第一部分 词汇1.landmark1.地标.lose one way.迷路3.direction3.方向.city map.市区地图5.traffic lights5.红绿灯6.block6.街区7.at the corner7.在转角8.cross the street8.穿越马路9.public restroompublic toilet9.公共厕所.on your left.在你左手边.on your right.在你右手边.go straight on.直走 3933

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